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THE WICKED SIDE OF WIZARDRYCelestial wizard Lucy wants to join the Fairy Tail a club for the most powerful wizards But instead her ambitions land her in the clutches of a gang of unsavory pirates led by a devious magician Her only hope is Natsu a strange boy she happens to meet on her travels Natsu's not your typical hero he gets motion sickness eats like a pig and his best friend is a talking cat With friends like this is Lucy better off with her enemies?

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    Three words Best Series Ever If you liked One Piece You will definitley love this Funny Actiony Awesome Better art than One Piece but still similar to the funloving series Centered around nakama or friendsfamily Hiro Mashima definitley has an imagination and is just completely awesome Long Live Fairy Tail

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    This is a wonderful book that belongs to a wonderful series It's creative how some people can use different kinds of magic like fire ice celestial and The drawings are great The characters all have their own hidden past that you'll get to read later on The characters in this series all also have their own personality The plot is great as well There are several arcs that keep you reading I enjoyed this book It is one of my favorites I would recommend it anyone who likes manga magic fantasy and action

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    Ah gotta love the masses and their love for mediocrity Fairy Tail FT is from the pilot chapterepisode an average shonen series and yet it is loved by many for being just that I guess rehashing notions from Naruto or One Piece can make a success out of anything Because just like those shonens FT has superpowers adventure and a big cast of colourful and eccentric characters that occasionally get focused upon and fleshed out Nothing we haven’t seen before but hey if it worked before why wouldn’t it work again? It is hard to analyze or criticize anything in this show without feeling like I am just stating the obvious or just describing a different shonen For to be honest there is approximately zero innovation in this work and it just walks upon the path others paved before it It can work alright but it will never stand out on its own; it will forever be just a rehash of already established formulas that have been attributed to others at least a decade earlier Oh well I might as well make some further analysis just for the heck of it The art is ok for its genre but the setting lacks characterization It doesn’t seem to stand out from the lot like others do which again makes it hard to be remembered in the long run There is no theme in the FT world and it passes by as a generic fantasy realm The character figures are again nothing memorable; most are almost counterparts of people from other shonens so again it has a problem being remembered for anything Another thing that annoyed me is how they placed as cameo Plue a creature from the same mangaka’s earlier work titled Rave Master Now what did that manage to accomplish other than annoying the average fan? Rave Master was a completely generic aimless boring and incomplete series and you can easily see they are reusing the same character archetypes from there Is that their way of telling us even clearer that they are rehashing other works INCLUDING their own? That sounds really tasteless to me I hear he was placed there to please the fans of Rave Master but I don’t believe that Who still likes that boredrome?The story is completely generic stuff and easily the weakest part of the show It plays out like some MMO game where you join a guild and take seemingly irrelevant to one another missions while at the same time leaving a few openings for character colorization and world building It all plays out uite childishly and there isn’t even an objective for anyone in this show; they just take missions and hope to find something that interests them in the process For example we know Natsu is looking for a dragon but did he actually look for him? No he is just fooling around in his guild and takes part in whatever mission comes along The scenario ends up driving the characters and not the other way around; and even that happens in a bad way since the heroes are not actively doing anything They just fool around until a villain or a mission appear out of nowhere no foreshadowing at all and just decide to take part in the whole thing for money or to save some girl That makes the protagonist and his gang completely boring since they have no goals in life to go for without some world threat standing in the way Heck they would probably be sleeping all day long if they had no obstacles Although many story elements lead to character immersion that still makes the plot being predictable early on with no interesting plot twists or memorable events Some character’s past is revealed some old enemies of him appear some sinister plan of mass destruction takes place and then the heroes storm in and win with the power of friendship Thank you very much; I have seen it all before and in a mature form The cast is eventually the meat of the show since the plot is mostly about somebody’s past creating problems in the present This way you feel like everything is revolving around them and that they are not irrelevant to the main problem of each arc Some of them count as cool and developed to pay attention to but don’t try to find unoriginal characters because you will be disappointed They are all following a rather typical demeanour but at least they do it right to the most part There is variety in personalities and powers and most have a rather basic but sufficient backdrop to work with And don’t expect for any drastic character development either since most of whatever the character learn and seem to wizen them in one arc it is immediately forgotten in the next It always was about the power of friendship To hell with strategy planning ahead or even paying attention to your injuries Just storm in and win against all odds with the almighty POWER OF FRIENDSHIP I MUST PROTECT MY FRIENDS FRIENDSHIP MAGICALLY HEALS MY GRAVE WOUNDS FRIENDSHIP BRINGS EVEN THE DEAD BACK TO LIFESo let me make clear that the series is aimed at younger teens; even younger than the target audience for Naruto or Bleach There is a lot of silliness than the usual and violence is really basic and mostly bloodless Plus no show which aims to be a bit serious would have a mascot in the form of a cheery blue flying cat named Happy So be warned that it is very hard to be excited when everything looks so easy going and silly; the boldest thing going around them is the fan service around the girls and even that is completely basic So is it a good show? No but it’s a good time killer if your expectations are low and you are not older than 15 with prior experience to other famous shonen I doubt it will leave any mark in anime history or be remembered as anything than a rehash of other works It does it right but at the same time it lacks the uniue feeling every show that aims to be loved needs It is indeed nothing but a fairy tale; shallow and for little kids who still tolerate the power of friendship is the most awesome thing ever But it can be enjoyable just for that

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    Rating 35 stars

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    Needless to say this is my favorite manga I love fairy tail from the bottom of my year In this book Lucy heartfellia is running from her past Trying to get in the best wizard guild She meets natsu a crazy powerful and reckless wizard Oh well I’m not gonna spoil any for you so read it yourself

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    This is a funny engaging and slightly unpredictable manga with familiar tropes of Shonen genre A good light and fun read

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    This is my MOST FAVORITE anime and manga of ALL TIME So much laughter laced with the thrill of excitement as each magic battle takes place Also some of the moments are really sad or beautiful that even I sometimes cried And that is the truth I love the different kinds of magic a wizard could have Also I really admire the bond between the Fairy Tail members; they have complete trust in one another and would rather give up their life instead of harming a comrade The action and suspense the author puts are awesome when you can go on but annoying when you have to wait another week to get the next chapter because this series is still going Love you Fairy Tail

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    I cannot wait to get to the second book I love Hiro Mashima's art and stories and just now I'm going to love this series A fun filled hilarious new series following wizards and a happy companion pun intended his name is happy Involving wizard guilds odd jobs and a completely different sort of magic

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    Decided to finally start this manga So far it's really good and hilarious I just really want to get to know the dark pasts of all the characters

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    I picked this one up 'cause of the title and the cover what can I say? Shallow me? grins Hey the library doesn't really offer descriptions If you pick it up at least you can read it right? The story revolves around a girl named Lucy who is a big bosomed blond well than just big bosomed; they're straining at her shirt fronts Still despite that obvious shonen trait she seems like a sweet girl one you'd like for a friend if you can deal with her excitability She is a gate wizard which means she can summon various beings from different dimensions Meeting up with a wizard known as 'Salamander' Lucy wonders why her heart is beating so fast why all the women are gathering around Salamander and wonders if she might be falling in love In rushes a young man and a cat Natsu and Happy respectively and they manage to distract Lucy from Salamander She takes them to lunch as a thank you and over the food they decide that Salamander is using a charm to sway the favoritism of women and also discover that the three of them yes Happy too are wizards Natsu and Happy explain that they are looking for a wizard named Igneel who trained Natsu to use magic Lucy lets slip that she's trying to enter into a wizarding guild to augment her skills and Natsu and Happy basically wish her good luck with that sending her on her way while they continue eating Lucy winds up reading a magazine about the Fairy Tail Guild the guild she most wants to join Fairy Tail is known for being rambunctious and obnoxious but taking on jobs that no one else will touch While she's reading Fairy Tail's most recent exploits Salamander literally pops up and asks her to join his party on his yacht and plays on Lucy's desire to enter Fairy Tail Lucy goes along with it and dresses for the party Later Natsu and Happy are wandering along the street replete with huge bellies and overhear a couple of people discussing Salamander's party Natsu and Happy overhear that Salamander is of the Fairy Tail Guild Meanwhile Lucy discovers that Salamander is pretty much the creep the reader expected him to be and while he is a wizard he's working with pirates to collect girls for slavery Natsu and Happy crash the party attempting a rescue but Salamander uses his flame magic to whip Happy and Lucy out of the sky did I mention Happy has wings sometimes? Yeah Happy's a bitpeculiar Lucy uses her gate key to summon Auarius to send Salamander's yacht back to shore while Natsu and Salamander get into a bit of a ruckus We and Lucy find out that Natsu's teacher Igneel not only was a magic user but an actual dragonand taught Natsu everything there is to know about fire magic Natsu himself is or less a human Salamander as opposed to the character Salamander who just uses fire magicallyLucy joins Natsu and Happy on their journey which takes them back to their guild Fairy Tail surely you saw it coming? and the trio are an interesting alliance Fairy Tail Guild is every bit as raucous as mentioned earlier but Natsu's soft heart gets him to accept an assignment from a young boy who's father is a guildmember Natsu Happy and Lucy head into the mountains to track down the missing father only to run into a gorilla thing that resembles that albino horned gorilla from Star Trek TOS only much larger Lucy predictably gets kidnapped and it's up to Natsu and Happy to save her In doing so they find the little boy's father and bring him back home This has all the earmarks of a cute series despite the vavavoom of the women I've yet to see a female regular character who isn't spilling out of her top The fight scenes are interesting and the magic is well done Happy the cat disturbs me on many levels his head is the same size as his body for one he walks on his hind legs and he has the appearance of a gingerbread man not to mention the wings but it being a magic world I can overlook that weirdness If you like Harry Potter you might find Fairy Tail to be a fun read