Prime Fields of FireAuthor Marko Kloos –

This is the fifth book in Kloos Frontlines series If you haven t read the others, this isn t the place to start.Frontlines, imagines an Earth that has had contact with another race and it hasn t gone well The Lankies have discovered that humans have created nice planets that only need a little tweaking that tweaking consisting mostly of raising the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and eliminating the humans These creatures are formidable standing several meters high and weighing muchthan your average semi trailer They also are quite impervious to being shot with conventional weapons.The Lankies have taken over many of humans colonies in remote solar systems and are now knocking on Earth s door having conquered our people on Mars So far, our heroes have kept them for establishing any significant presence on Earth, but they keep on trying When I say our heroes, I am, of course, referencing Andrew and Halley He of the space infantry and she, a combat pilot The passion that was part of their sharing basic training has lasted through years of combat, multiple injuries for each of them and, finally, marriage She was an officer before he and they risked being court martialed for their fraternization He came from the Boston barrios and she was an uptown girl All of that is reprised early in this story as the Lankies show their sly hand at attacking Earth.Without revealing any details, this book charts Earth s determination to take to the Lankies who have made Mars their base of operations This book has all the elements that we have come to expect in Kloos storytelling Straight ahead narration by Andrew plenty of military action and tactics amazing details of military hardware and, surprising plot twists Example Just for the record, that s some crazy ass shit But good luck We just got here by letting them Earth s military leaders shoot us out of missile tubes, I reply And we re fighting five hundred ton creatures with hand weapons There s no part of this that s sane I also like the tension that Kloos notes inside Andrew as he tries to reconcile his former role as a part of the police force defending the well off people who don t deign to acknowledge any of their help Guns are what keep your little paradise from getting overrun by half a million pissed off welfare rats.I just look around in the dining room and imagine what a bunch of soy fed, hardened PRC gang members would do to this air conditioned place and its immaculate floors, inhabited by people who look down on the soldiers and cops that keep this place safe from the unwashed masses Is this what we fought for all these years So these squeaky clean, stuck up suburbanites can keep thinking of us as something necessary but embarrassing, like the ugly guard dog you keep in the basement when visitors stop by This is a fine addition to Frontlines that showcases many of Kloos talents 4.5 stars, with the deduction coming not because Kloos isn t Tolstoy because it isa bridge plot than one that has a real conclusion. Finally, it s time for the assault on Lanky controlled Mars.This relatively short installment of the Frontlines series finds Grayson and his wife Hallie as veteran officers in the NAC, now allied with the rest of the Earth against the alien Lankies Now that the Earth infighting and politics are mostly sorted, this book focuses muchon the mysterious alien invaders More so than previous books and we get some answers to questions from the beginning of the series including just how smart are these aliens There s also some intriguing questions raised as well, pretty much guaranteeing there will bein the series.If you re a fan of the series, this is a solid addition If you re not, don t start here. Grayson makes some startling discoveries about the Lankies and things build to an epic battle on Mars that does not disappoint.Kloos delivers another near perfectly structured MilSF adventure His measured pacing and tone and workmanlike plotting are suited to the characters he writes about Kloos admires the competence and professionalism his soldiers display, and like them, he gets the job done He may not be the kind of author who takes big risks or explores uncharted territory, but he hits what he s aiming for with precision and flair.Fields of Fire has a fewbig revelations and interesting twists than the last two books in the series, and the novels final moments Grayson s sober reflections on the relationship between soldiers and the wars they fight contain some of Kloos best writing yet This is my favorite entry in the series since Lines of Departure. Another good oneThe latest instalment in this series Moves the story on from last time, and focuses on plans for a counterattack to retake Mars Mainly follows Andrew rather than Halley, but we do get to see a bit of her family on Earth Has the usual fast pace and frenetic action Interesting ideas on how both human technology and tactics would change to counter the lankies , and vice versa Very enjoyable, with very little filler or downtime in the story Not much in the way of character development, but most of that has already been done in previous books It literary terms it s not spectacular, but it is a good, old fashioned, adventure romp Good book in the series. The Time Has Come To Take The Fight To The LankiesMars Has Been Under Lanky Control For Than A Year Since Then, The Depleted Forces Of Earth S Alliances Have Rebuilt Their Fleets, Staffing Old Warships With Freshly Trained Troops Torn Between The Need To Beat The Lankies To The Punch And Taking Enough Time To Put Together An Effective Fighting Force, Command Has Decided To Strike NowOnce Again, Seasoned Veterans Andrew And Halley Find Themselves In Charge Of Green Troops And At The Sharp Tip Of The Spear As The Combined Military Might Of Earth Goes Up Against The Lankies But If There S One Constant In War, It S That No Battle Plan Survives First Contact With The Enemy And The Lankies Want To Hold On To Mars As Badly As Humanity Wants To Reclaim It Executive Summary Another good entry in this series, although I didn t like it quite as much as Chains of Command I m definitely looking forward to the next book though.Audiobook Part of what sold me on this series in the first place was that Luke Daniels was the narrator Another excellent job as usual He continues to be one of my favorite narrators Full Review Every book I have certain expectations about what it will be about, and every time Mr Kloos seems to catch me by surprise I was totally expecting this book to focus right in on Mars, but I was wrong It did get there however.Of course five books in, it s always tough to review a book without getting into spoiler territory I will say that while I thought this book would start moving the series towards a conclusion, now I m not sure That s OK though, because I ve really been enjoying these books While I found Andrew pretty unlikable in the first book, he continues to show growth as a character and has become easy to root for The supporting characters are all pretty great too, especially Halley, Dimitri and Sgt Fallon I d have likedwith Sgt Fallon, but I was happy to get a lot of Dimitri to make up for it.This book started off with a bang, but slowed down a bit for several chapters, before cranking the action all the way up to eleven This is definitelymilitary fiction than Space Opera.I m curious to see what direction this series will take in the next book I have a terrible track record so far in predicting what Mr Kloos will do next, but so far it s been a really fun ride. Marko Kloos never disappoints I d prefer less philosophical pondering about the lives of the soldiers here but I still like the way Andrew is growing as a character For secondary characters, well, Kloos love to bring people back but I ll always be happy when the gregarious Dmitry pops out with his Russian humour Glad Halley and Fallon stayed out of this as much as I love these awesome female characters, having them all the time in the same missions are not believable I do however would love to seeof the Phalanx skipper since she was one of the Exodus fleet.The novel has everything from deep space and orbital combats as well as subterranean scenes Love the Greenland bit, very claustrophobic Those Lankies, despite we ve been introduced to them since Book 1, they are still mysterious and I like that we only get bits in every book Keeping the suspense is key for engaging the readers as long as breadcrumbs are satisfying enough And they are. I am not sure why I like this series so much, but Marco Kloos continues to deliver the goods withgreat military sci fi A little pulpy, a little melodramatic and a little cheesy, it all just seems to work And after some, but apparently not enough, alien butt kicking on Mars, it appears that the series will continue.. I woke up trying to kill a lankieThere are no words to describe this book I feel like it s an upgraded starship troopers We finally get to attack those darn lankies and a part of me celebrated the fight knowing good and well we may never win But man this was the longest awaited book ever I am happy and fighting lankies in my sleep at the same time. This was an enjoyable and focused episode in the series There was not nearly as much political drama, but there was sure a lot of fighting