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Ayn Rand meets The Man Who Sold the Moon.Comparable to early Heinlein Good hard science fiction Flynn s book reads like an alternative history now that its near future events when published in 1995 have become recent past, but it s easy to see given his premises how he got there And getting there is half the fun.While the story keep pulling me forward, the prose is a bit dense The character development was complex enough to seem realistic The cast was diverse enough to occasionally confuse and not everyone you care about has a happy ending In fact, but that would give things away.The political POV, slightly to the right of Attila the Hun, animates the plot without turning turning this into a political screed In fact, Flynn divorced his story from current American politics without separating it from a realistic world hard to do when setting a story in the New York City area in a timeline that spans 9 11 2001. In 1972, young corporate heiress Mariesa van Huyten sees a meteor streak across the daytime sky over the Grand Tetons It awakens an all consuming fear in her, a fear that the Earth is living on borrowed time in a hostile solar system.What can humanity do about it, she asks Nothing.What could humanity do about it Swat the asteroids aside.Get out of the way.With a trusted inner circle, and the resources of Van Huyten industries at her conditional disposal, she sets out to act on these premises The story begins in 1999, when a subsidiary called Mentor Academies takes over for a failing public school district in van Huyten s county of New Jersey, and the secret project, dubbed Prometheus, is advanced enough to start flight testing Single Stage to Orbit vessels.This series is the best science fiction I have read to date, and the first is the strongest of the lot Unlike most optimistic works, it never forgets the fallibility and short sightedness of the human race Its optimism lies in the fact that it never forgets that humans are also a capable lot, given the right nudges You will find no square jawed heroes from a David Weber assembly line here Each character has unique strengths and grave weaknesses Mariesa, for instance, has business acumen and charisma, weighed down with the control issues you d expect from someone bent on secretly saving the world Teacher Barry Fast is an honorable, genuine man which comes back to bite him hard when the contradictory obligations pile up Nor will you find the snivelling weaklings from David Weber s other assembly line With the exception of Dottie Wheeler, a straw moonbeam who gets a handful of lines in the first two books, every character, no matter their viewpoint or what they are willing to destroy for its sake, has believable cause to possess it.Most of all, you will find yourself wishing that this near future were realized You may even find yourself with the wherewithal to help make it happen. I am going to comment on this book from a libertarian s standpoint And, actually, I am going to comment on the entire series, sans spoilers The reason is because some of my views regarding this book are certainly expanded by my view of all four books And my comment is this fantastic If you have libertarian or even objectivist leanings, I am quite certain you will enjoy the journey And, if you do not have those leanings, the story does not push political propaganda down your throat, so I still say you will enjoy it I am not even sure what his personal political leanings are Heck, he is just a good writer What a wonderful story of a woman s quest to confront her own fears and protect her planet A story of long range planning A story of the people who believe in her vision and the people who do not And finally, a story of the challenges.Unlike Ayn Rand s archetype characters that are so perfect and so focused, or so flawed and so bad, Michael Flynn presents us with realistic people on both sides of the issues And, he wraps it up in what was a near future at the time the first book was written science fiction story How cool is that Love the alternative present day sci fi. In , Young Corporate Heiress Mariesa Van Huyten Sees A Meteor Streak Across The Daytime Sky Over The Grand Tetons It Awakens An All Consuming Fear In Her, A Fear That The Earth Is Living On Borrowed Time In A Hostile Solar System With A Trusted Inner Circle And Vast Resources, She Aims To Make Her Planet Strong Really good book It was very well written, although the prose may be a little dense or descriptive for some people I thought the plot was very good, though it is slow moving There are a lot of characters to keep track of, although I think Flynn does a good job of developing them All in all a very good read but it just lacks that extra something to make it a 5 star I look forward to reading of Flynn s work. Near future sci fi tends to age very, very poorly, and even though I found this book incredibly boring for the most part, it definitely feels like a plausible, alternate recent past.A super right wing anti government fantasy written in the most mind numbing prose, to be sure. Lots of popular reviews here compare this book to Atlas Shrugged, but I respectfully suggest that it s been a while since they have read Ayn Rand Rand s works preach her philosophy of Objectivism, or to over summarize, the virtues of selfishness The protagonist of this novel is a successful driven female capitalist, and that s where the parallels will end Government agencies will serve as foils at some points, but competing businessmen and other elites are the main antagonists Instead of the main characters acting selfishly and finding true happiness, Firestar has a many real world consequences for every action taken In many ways this makes the characters less preachy and plastic, and much human Even the antagonists have reasonable motivations, and the shades of gray between the black and white will leave much to ponder on and weigh A major theme I leave this book with is the true cost of pursuing large dreams, and how to properly measure happiness and success To the folks who state that this laughably reads as alternative history these days, I must point out that our government currently bums rides into space off of a private company after a steady decade of decline The message on government here was not that it is inherently hindering progress, self serving or evil, but that within the bipolar US system are big goals even possible any when leaders lose their heads at the first sensation of suffering which is much a critique on democracy s ability to achieve long term success For when it was written I was shocked how well fleshed out the variety of characters were for mid 90 s science fiction, a progressive yet grounded mix of ethnicities and genders. I like science fiction about an early space program, so I liked this But Michael Flynn was too interested in descriptions of sexual attributes, especially of the female characters Still, he had a female character in a lead role. Published in 1999 and set between 1999 and 2009, it was really interesting to note the differences between what the author envisioned and what happened during those years.Dense, and with multiple POVs, it was hard to get into, but worth it Malcolm Hillgartner s narration is excellent.