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A brilliant and very informative book I have learnt so much from this book and I already knew quite a lot already from my own research and trial and error but this book has still managed to teach me a thing or 2 Also Known As Paint Pouring, Flow Art, Liquid Art, Etc This Is A Form Of Abstract Art That Uses Acrylic Paints With A Runny Fluid Consistency The Acrylic Paints React With Each Other When Combined Together To Make Interesting And Visually Organic Motifs This Type Of Art Is Fun For All Ages Fluid Acrylics Can Be Used On Many Types Of Substrates And In Many Different Forms, Such As Pouring, Dripping, Swirling, Glazing, Dipping, And Many Other Effects Fluid Art Opens Up A Lot Of Possibilities And Is Definitely Worth Exploring And Adding To Your Artist Tool Belt In This Audiobook, I Will Teach You Everything You Will Need To Become A Paint Pouring Artist I Will Share With You How To Set Up Your Paint Pouring Studio On A Budget A Complete Supplies List All The Techniques I Use, Like Dirty Pour Flip Cup, Puddle Pours, Pre Lift Slide Technique, Open Cylinder, Ribbon Pour, Swipe Technique, And How To Properly Handle And Care For Your Art How To Protect Your Artwork There Are Plenty Of Resources To Refer To With Information About Mixing Ratios, Paint Density, And How To Price Your Art And Tips On Where To Sell Your Masterpiece Lots of interesting ideas to follow Material recommendation a bit vague and not really offering much clear info then what can be found on line Quite pricey for the relatively small number of pages. It is always a delight to master a new skill.I ve not succeeded yet, but with this book helping the future is going to be interesting I like the book which was very informative but don t think that this particular art form is for me. A wonderfully easy to follow beginner s guide to the art of acrylic paint pouring All the basic information you need to get started with this fascinating art form Highly recommend. I am new to the idea of Acrylic pouring and enjoy many different art forms, so this is a perfect book to read.Rick has taken the time to share with us many hours of work and different ways of trying to get the best out of each pour and the different ways of doing it.This book is great for those who are just starting to those who want to enhance their skills.Thank you Rick If only I had heeded the review that said thete was nothing in this that you wouldn t see on facebook Bought this for my daughter who had already been creating great artwork by pouring acrylics I hoped she would get at least a few ideas from this bookit s a pamphlet than a bookgive it a miss