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In The Tradition Of The Best Selling Monet S Table, Frida S Fiestas Is A Personal Account In Words And Pictures Of Many Important And Happy Events In The Life Of Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo, And A Scrapbook, Assembled By Her Stepdaughter, Of Recipes For ThanDishes That Frida Served To Family And Friends With Her Characteristic Enthusiasm For All The Pleasures Of Life Full Color Photographs

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    The book can be seen in full here Kahlo is the most renowned Mexican female painter in the world As evidenced by her paintings and by her personal style, she was totally dedicated to living Mexican, immersed in tradition It is no surprise then that she was very attached to traditional Mexican food I am familiar with a fair portion of these recipes due to my interest in Mexican food and having read some about it, but there are still a few interesting recipes to find here That said, I could rate this book based on the recipes, but I m really evaluating it in light of my fascination with Frida Kahlo and how much I love her for being so truly herself and demonstrating that through the food she consumed everyday Some of my favourite recipes in this book White Rice with PlantainsBlack Mole from OaxacaFried Chicken With Peanut SauceRed MolePotatoes in Green SauceEnchiladas TapatiasSmothered Pork SandwichCat s TonguesI was very happy to find a recipe for these biscuits, because I grew up eating them in Portugal I had no idea that they were traditional in Mexico too.

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    Co written by Diego Rivera s daughter, Guadalupe Rivera, this book chronicles Frida s love for home, entertaining and cooking It contains the menus and several recipes of meals she prepared for many special occasions including the menu for Diego and Frida s wedding feast , along with many photographs and journal entries Though some of the ingredients are obscure, I plan to make an attempt at one of these menus in the near future A beautiful book.

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    What a pleasure was this It s been 5 years since I left Mexico and I m also pregnant right now and hormones may play with my thoughts and feelings but, I honestly think is a really well done piece of work The story told by Diego Rivera s daughter is entertaining till the end The quality of pictures and the work behind them is awesome and the selection of food its just amazing Stearing at all those yummy dishes really made me suffer and miss my culture than everFrida Kahlo s life seen from a very close eye but at the same time not intimate, its just interesting to hear and imagine how it all was back in those years in Mexico Its not sad and its not incredibly happy, it is simple and it enchantes you, no matter if you are mexican or notSeriously, if you have the chance to read this book, DO SO cuz you wont regret it

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    I visited Frida s house in Mexico City in 1984 Changed my entire concept of home decoration for the better I like this book for the stories of her life and for the authentic recipes of Mexico.

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    This book is a keeper, for sure Although there are lots of great modern Mexican cookbooks available nowadays including Mexico The Cookbook by Margarita Carrillo Arronte, I think that Guadalupe Rivera and Marie Pierre Colle 1994 volume Frida s Fiestas Recipes and Reminiscences of Life with Frida Kahlo is an important contribution for the appreciation of the depth and breath of Mexican cuisine The famous Mexican surrealist painter was, in her own way, a believer in performance art She was well known for dressing in traditional Mexican garb to introduce and remind the world of her culture In this book, Rivera, who was her step daughter, recounts how the meals that Frida served her guests also showed that Mexico s cuisine was and still is something than tacos and burritos Rivera recounts the menus of twelve different dinner parties given throughout the year one for each month Besides explaining the importance of each fiesta and the food, the authors provide the recipes Collectively like Carrillo Arronte s The Cookbook demonstrate the diversity of influences that is found in Mexican food This is a delightful volume which is made even better by the photography of Ignacio Urquiza Happily, this book is still in print, and I plan to get my own copy soon Enjoy.

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    I enjoyed reading this book if only for the insight into dinner parties that Frida Kahlo hosted The recipes are not anything I would make but the hoots do seem to offer a glimpse of real Mexican cooking.

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    Not sure I would cook anything from this book, but I did enjoy the portrait of Frida Kahlo s life through food Great pictures too.

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    When I first saw this book I thought it might be gimmicky a cookbook based on the life of Frida Kahlo But it s actually quite authentic One of the authors is Frida s stepdaughter, Diego Rivera s daughter Guadalupe Rivera from a previous marriage, who lived with the artistic duo for a time and has many memories of the feasts and fiestas Kahlo prepared These memories are enhanced with the actual recipes Kahlo used, many of which she inherited from her own mother and her stepdaughter s mother The reader learns about Mexican holidays and traditions as well as traditional Mexican cooking, as the recipes are organized by months and festivities that occur seasonally The book is illustrated with photos of Kahlo s home decorated as it would have been for the dinner parties and events described Overall, the book gives you a personal glimpse into the home life of the famous painter and includes many unique recipes organized into complete menus.

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    Just plain fun A brief glance into the happy side of a family s life, and, for me, an introduction to Mexican traditional festivals The pictures are beautiful, and I can t wait to try some of the recipes It s dramatic than most cookbooks The author remembers purchasing a rosca de Reyes in Mexico City s most elegant bakery as a child with Frida Her entrance caused a sensation The extravagantly ornate Tehuana attire and pre Hispanic jewelry caught the attention of the audience, and when she was soon identified as the Communist painter, the wife of that ogre Diego Rivera, nasty remarks began to fly For us simply to be there was cause for hostility I tried my hardest to turn invisible, but Frida only laughed and said in a loud voice, Don t fall apart on me, Piquitos The only thing you can do with people like this is tell them to go to hell p 116

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    This book is much than just a collection of authentic Mexican recipes that Frida favored The narrative, co written by Frida s stepdaughter, also provides some engaging insight to who Frida Kahlo was and what moved her It s not a biography but rather provides a pleasant portrayal of what it was like to be in Frida s orb, the time period, and the locations I also appreciated the photos of Frida s paintings, residences where Frida lived with Diego, and the food Oh, yes the recipes ahhh, can t wait to try them.