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Alchemy the mystical power to alter the natural world; something between magic art and science When two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric dabbled in this power to grant their dearest wish one of them lost an arm and a legand the other became nothing but a soul locked into a body of living steel Now Edward is an agent of the government a slave of the military alchemical complex using his uniue powers to obey orderseven to kill Except his powers aren't uniue The world has been ravaged by the abuse of alchemy And in pursuit of the ultimate alchemical treasure the Philosopher's Stone their enemies are even ruthless than they are

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    I have no idea what in this manga prompted an average rating of 4475 stars No idea It's even higher than Death Note Vol 1 Boredom which is the most read manga on GR and Fairy Tail Vol 01 which until it became too repetitive used to be my F A V O R I T E manga series Because the characters and drawings and world building are extraordinaryNonetheless the world building in this book too wasn't bad either But there were too many characters that appeared and then disappeared no time to get attached This is something that I think can be interesting but NOT in a first volume Edward and his brother however were fun to follow on their ''adventures'' There was a good enough backstory but too short Very little detail I'm going to assume though that there will be in the seuels The premise was something I enjoyed too Too many ''cases'' problems to resolve I would prefer one but long deep and poignant but just the fact that there were alchemists in the storyline was something uniue and I wish to discover about themI will continue with this series

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    Buddy read with BhavikIt's my first time reading this series and I'm hypedLooking forward to this so much friendI've decided to review each volume by chapter as each chapter has an underlying theme that can't be ignored Also it's mostly me rambling and fangirling so I apologise in advance Compared to most of my articulate reviews these will be a jumbled messThe Two Alchemists 二人の錬金術師 Futari no Renkinjutsushi containing one of the most memorable anime scenes of my childhood If you have enough faith you'll definitely get biggerThis is the volume where we are introduced to Alphonse and Edward the Elric brothers And boy it's such a fantastic introductionA little background of the world if you haven't watchedread FMA Think if the industrial revolution took place with alchemy a type of magic where different elements can be manipulated This chapter is all about corrupted religious institutions and their effect on people I can't wait to be introduced to old favourites but for now just seeing the brothers again is a treat Still love that everyone assumes Alphonse is older Edward's height often gets made fun of which is always so much fun to read and watchSo there's this asshole called Cornello who belongs to the house of the sun god Leto Cornello reportedly has the philosopher's ring a ring of restoration a ring that can bring people back from the deadRose is an innocent girl who helps Cornello so that she can get her boyfriend back with the power of the philosopher's stone After seeing my friend just lose her boyfriend so tragically and at such a young light and having a boyfriend of four years I finally understand Rose's desperation What I love love love about this chapter is that it critcises the hubris of both religious people and atheists It shows that no matter what our beliefs we can all be asses and holier than thou about it Hiromu Arakawa is such a great writer She shows that there is wisdom in the young and naivety in the old Minor spoiler The chapter ends with the reveal of Ed's arm and the whole scene is glorious The Price of Life 命の代価 Inochi no DaikaI find out funny how Cornello thinks that Ed has committed the greatest sin view spoilerthe sin of human transmutation hide spoiler

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    One of my good friends in reference to Fullmetal Alchemist once told me Literally every other manga ever should take notesWOW was he right Edward and Alphonse stole my heart from the get go; the overarching story left me eager for I’ll be damned if I can’t get my hands on the next volume soon “Nothing's perfect the world's not perfect But it's there for us trying the best it can; that's what makes it so damn beautiful” ★ What is this book about? ★ Young Edward and Alphonse wanted nothing than to see their dead mother again They attempt to resurrect her with alchemy a craft that allows wielders to alter matter using eual give and take except their wish is too grand and things go awry Dabbling in dangerous power has left Edward without an arm and a leg and Alphonse missing his body entirely soul bound to an empty suit of armor Together the brothers are searching for a stone that can amplify alchemy in the hopes of getting their original bodies back★ This was honestly such a great time Fullmetal Alchemist immediately drew me in with its plentiful action and wit Alphonse and Edward our protagonists were probably the most enticing factors for me It’s been a while since I’ve encountered characters like them whom I come to love immediately upon meetingHiromu Arakawa’s art style was in my eyes near perfect The clean lines and overall character concepts were right up my alley in terms of personal preference My sister flipped through the pages marvelling at the neat art style tooThere isn’t much else to say besides the fact that this manga than exceeded my expectations Knowing that this is only the first cusp of the story leaves me extremely excited for what’s to come

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    Love love love love loveIt's actually been uite some time since I first read this volume and now that my public library has finally started buying the series just in time for me to leave town thanks guys I checked out the first seven on a whim I'd actually forgotten a lot about this volume Somehow I got the idea that the CornelloLiore plot was stretched over the entire volume and that Youswell was in V 2 and obviously that was wrong and the train thing I'd forgotten entirely It was interesting to go back too and compare the art and plotting of this volume to that of the very end Obviously there is significant improvement but the seeds of dare I say it? Yes I do greatness to come are definitely here In much the same way as a webcomic artist develops over time the art and plotting improve as the series goes on but this first entry is the furthest thing from shabbySo anyhow this volume Yes Youswell is my favorite plotline in it possibly my favorite episodic entry in the series as a whole because it really shows Ed's integrity as a character I mean all three plotlines do that though the train one is not as good as the others just because its main purpose is to segue into an introduction of Mustang and Co Youswell is still the best It establishes so many things for the rest of the series the idea of corruption in the military Ed's renegade attitude his almost instinctual commitment to doing the right thing no matter what and It's really kind of amazing to look back on these first few chapters and wonder what Arakawa was thinking I'd love to know how it is to work in manga publishing Surely when she was writingdrawing these she couldn't have imagined the massive success that would follow What was she planning? The whole thing? And what a tragedy it would have been if the series had been canceled before it could run its full arc I assume this can happen in manga; it's only logicalI remember reading this for the first time and being interested but at the same time put off by the episodic style which I expected to be the norm for the entire series If anyone else out there has that niggling worry be not afraid fairly uickly a full arc asserts itself and it'll sweep you up entirelyOriginal rambling fangirly review under the spoiler tags no actual spoilersview spoilerEDITSo I have this theory Your first lengthy manga series is like your first Doctor Who Eccleston doesn't count; he's like a short manga There is a certain undying loyalty that goes with it For me my first Doctor was Matt Smith Except for the aforementioned Eccleston; I did see the second episode of the first series and 'The Empty Child' before I saw 'The Eleventh Hour' Ergo my loyalty as a viewer is to Smith in defiance of all the rabid Tennant fans out thereIn the same way FMA was my first long manga And really I don't think anything will ever top it for me What are you looking for in your story today? Would you like some kickass magic? How about an elegant and thorough plot? How about deep uestions and powerful themes? And perhaps a side of laughs? And with all that as a bonus we'll throw in a gang of strong heroines to make up for the lack in much American YAI'm glad I read this when I did since I think it partly got me through my AP Chemistry homework But I also envy those who get to read it now that it's completed Seriously those last few chapters had me on tenterhooks for weeksI'll admit I was surprised at how dang much I enjoy this series But the story's really well done enough drama horror humour and just plain AWESOMENESS to keep me intrigued and on my guardI've started watching the anime now and I'm not wild about how they're rearranging the chronology; otherwise both versions are goodOkay so at this point I'm about 34 of the way through the 2003 anime I'll get to Brotherhood this summer I swear and I'm really confusing myself So a note while it does help to have read the manga when watching the anime do not do this concurrent Because things go one way in the manga and another in the anime and it gets so baffling sometimes I have to uiz someone who's seenread both to get things straight who's Bradley in this one who's dead what happens wherewhen etcI don't understand how anyone would prefer the anime to the manga honestly The manga's much complex and interesting to me; the anime's condensed and loses some of the subtler characterization sub plots and world development Arakawa put inI WILL NOT RANT ABOUT THE SHITTY ENDING OF THE ANIME I WILL NOT I WILL NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SHANNARA ESUE EPIC COPOUT I WON'T I WON'T I WON'TIn other newsGah I am in so much love with this series I'm going to get caught up this week 106 is on OneManga so it's certainly possibleParticularly happy withEverything in the north pretty much Briggs ftw I imagine myself there Though I'd totally die And zOMG I'd steal Ed's fur lined coat FUZZYManga Sloth has so much Slothness on anime SlothIs it bad that I kind of like Gluttony? As a character not fangirling but I think he's funny and kind of charming in a really friggin dangerous little kid wayI love Arakawa's extras Especially Riza and the Pride stickers I lol'd so hardI've spent far too much time looking up fanart for this on DeviantArt Especially Royai Definitely an OTP hide spoiler

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    full series review now up on my channel YAY a new favourite My boyfriend and I recently bought the full boxset of this manga 27 volumes hell to the yeah because it was EXTREMELY cheap on bookdepository and we have no self control I have been wanting to read this for so long and now I'm getting into it and honestly I am so hypeThe story is so much fun and I already love both Edward and Alphonse I find Edward incredibly relatable not because of his sad backstory or anything like that but because of his angry reactions when people point out how short he is because that is what I do I love the way alchemy works and the fights are really well done I'm keen to learn about it all I am already so hooked on the story The art style is really cool and has cute little moments that I find really charming Definitely recommend to people I'm excited to continue reading this manga series and then watch the anime on Netflix Goodbye social lifeJust a heads up that the boxset is actually still on sale so if you're interested it is currently over 50% off which is CRAZY and if you're keen you can buy it here

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    2 Stars Um Am I missing something??This series has a super high average 449 as I write this and several of my friends have really enjoyed it But I was just very underwhelmed? This is incredibly creative both the magical aspect and the brothers being the way they are The brothers were both fun characters and their loyalty to each other was enjoyableBut I wish this world had been explained a little before they just started embarking on all these different adventures It sort of feels like they are just going to wonder town to town and keep getting in trouble Not only was the large cast of side characters kind of annoying but there didn't seem to be much of an overreaching plot I know lots of people love this series but it's just not for me

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    I can't imagine someone not liking this I just can'tIf you like manga you will like this

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    2020 The Reading Rush day 3 Read a book in a genre that you’ve always wanted to read of

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    35 stars flips coin to decide whether to round up or downOf all the stages of grief bargaining has always struck me as the most interesting and memorable the appraisal of all we have and don't have and the hypothetical transactions that we think would make things better It's an activity whose allure is counterbalanced by its low probability of success What would the world be like if bargaining actually had some chance of working? That's the world of Fullmetal Alchemist Following the death of their mother the brothers Edward and Alphonse engage in an alchemical ritual that seems guaranteed to bring her back They fail but that's not the worst of it; in the process Edward loses a limb and Alphonse loses his whole body left as a soul inhabiting a hollow suit of armor We follow them as they attempt to put their lives and bodies back together encountering other dangerous alchemists along the way This first volume is very episodic covering three stories that seem pretty independent of each other The first story which I think was the longest of the three was my favorite It's about the vulnerability of people who want to retrieve the irretrievable and it shows what the brothers learned from their own attempts at doing that The art is cleverly done; sometimes the most effective way to convey a horrible image is to barely show the edge of it and leave the rest up to readerviewer imagination and here it's done to great effect Though this volume as a whole isn't super serious In the preface Hiromu Arakawa talks about her fondness for B movies and how she wanted to create a similar effect in this manga and I think she succeeded at that There are a lot of hilarious over the top action scenes and I love when humor comes through in the art style and people suddenly turn into freaked out stick figures However action scenes don't hold my attention for very long and I ultimately didn't find those parts of the story to be particularly memorable Nonetheless I'm excited to continue with the series and I'm looking forward to seeing some kind of continual story arc emerge The story has an interesting magic system with real power coming at real cost More importantly it has a big heart And Alphonse is adorable More please

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    This manga has definitely one of the best anime adaptations as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood But let's not take anything away from the original material I loved this manga Definitely recommend