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Victorian writer George Eliot has been called one of the greatest English novelists and her works are praised for their realism and colorfully detailed chronicles of family and communities The four novels collected for this literary omnibus Adam Bede The Mill on the Floss Silas Marner and Middlemarch are memorable for their sympathetic approach to the rich inner dramas that lie behind everyday lifeIn Eliot's fiction the Victorian novel came of age Popular in its day her work is still celebrated for its insightful and sensitive depictions of character vocation and middle class society This collection is a tribute to her genius and an unforgettable introduction to her artistry George Eliot Four Novels is part of Barnes Noble's Library of Essential Writers Each title in the series presents the finest works complete and unabridged from one of the greatest writers in literature in magnificent elegantly designed hard back editions Every volume also includes an original introduction that provides the reader with enlightening information on the writer's life and works

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    Have never read Middlemarch before and I was thoroughly caught up in her wisdom and her very striking characterizations of different kinds of marriages Also the analysis of different characters' choices with regard to that age old question What do I do for work that engages my mind and makes a real difference in the world There were some great quotable lines in this book that I would love to always remember but won't

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    George Eliot rules the fascinating and selective world between Victorian fantasy and true modernism and Middlemarch is one shining example of her expertise Not just a good reads these are but some of the very best

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    Silas Marner and Middlemarch are terrific The Mill on the Floss is very good but depressing as hell Adam Bede is above average