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The Gun, Like The Axe And The Plow, Was An Essential Tool In The Exploration And Settlement Of The Trans Mississippi West It Provided Food For The Cooking Pot As Well As Protection Against Two Or Four Legged Marauders Of Course The Employment Of The Gun, Whether For Good Or Evil, Depended Upon The User The Men And Women Who Lived The Th Century Western Experience Sometimes Described In Detail The Role Firearms Played In Their Lives Such Accounts Included A Trapper In The S, A Woman Crossing The Plains By Wagon In The S, A Drover Cowboy In Modern Terminology Enduring The Dangers Of A Long Cattle Drive, A Professional Hunter Engaged In The Slaughter Of The Once Seemingly Endless Herds Of Bison, Or A Soldier Campaigning Against American Indians Each Account Adds To Our Knowledge Of Firearms And Our Awareness Of The Struggle Faced By Those Who Were A Part Of The Western Experience Gunsmoke And Saddle Leather Describes The Gun S Impact On The Lives Of Those In The West Men And Women, Whites And American Indians Using Their Own Words To Tell That Story Wherever Possible

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    Wow what a book recording the history of the American West through the guns that were used to conquer the native Americans I hate the term Indians it is demeaning and then remove the outlaws and gunmen who threatened the peace and held back civilisation.

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    great book, full of deatail and great photos

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    great book, coffee table size with tons of photos of great old guns, many of the guns photographed were dug at some western site and are old rusted relics that really saw action in the old west A lot of history packed into this book, the photos make your mind race back to the era of the old west and how these tools of the westerns were carried and used on a daily basis.high reommendation

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    An outstanding book about firearms in the 19th century west The hundreds of period photographs alone make this a great addition to ones library The book is full of first hand accounts of the guns in use It provides many hours of just looking at photos and reading the first hand accounts of western life Perhaps the best book available on the subject.

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    Love it It was just what I wanted.

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    Good book, could be better

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    Great book for anyone interested in firearms history of the american west.