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When Controller Borasus Receives A Strange Letter From Earth He Is Both Curious And Alarmed Someone Has Activated An Ancient Machine And Is Using It For Most Trivial Purposes Surely No One Would Dare To Tamper With Reigner Seals In This Way Yet The Effects Of Such Interference Resonate Throughout The Universe, So He Decides To Go To Hexwood Farm To Investigate On Hexwood Estate, Ann Watches The Mysterious Comings And Goings With Interest She Knows Something Deadly Is Going On Or Is Hexwood Simply Altering Her Too

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    Reread March 2019SO delightful rereading this now that I knew what actually happened XD It s brilliant on a reread I love it AND MORDION.First read April 2017An ordinary modern day British girl kind of , named Ann, stumbles into an epic fantasy world sort of , and meets a pigeon hole defying, spoiler drenched man named Mordion, and a boy named Hume maybe.There are also robots And dragons.There s also an inter galactic sci fi mess going on, some Arthurian legends sprinkled around the edges in totally unexpected ways, and oh, yeah, the entire thing is out of order in a time bending confusing labyrinth of plot twists.Nobody is who they seem or rather, they may be somebody else or several somebody elses I literally kept a list diagram while I was reading.FEATURING Dragons Robots King Arthur and Merlin sort of Time which is fluid, shall we say, and complicated than Doctor Who A tragic brainwashed assassin to rival Bucky Barnes he s got nothing on this guy A complex plot within plot that makes my head hurt and kind of makes Inception s layers look like a children s cartoon Several hundred plot twists An unexpected romance One of my new favorite characters of ever not sure how I feel about this Weirdest book I ve ever read Has genres mashed in it than I ve ever seen in a single book Contemporary Fantasy Sci fi Time Arthurian Romance YA Adult DWJ Darker than most DWJ books except Deep Secret One of my top five or ten DWJ books despite the darkness weirdness don t hold it against me I m surprised at me too First new to me DWJ book since my How to Read Diana Wynne Jones blog posts it lined up with pretty much everything, x100000 I need to reread it now, please and thank youDon t read this as your first DWJ, and if you do read it, know you re getting into an insanely complex, inter genre, rather dark story, for which reason I only recommend it to older teens adults If I recommend it at all I loved it to bits but have a feeling that it s far too weird to recommend to anyone at all I literally can t predict who would wouldn t like this You ll either a love it a ridiculous amount raises hand , b hate it, or c not understand it at all I have a feeling there s no middle ground.Anyone who has read it TALK TO ME I need somebody who understands my confused feels about this book.If you need me, I ll be in a corner with my mind blown, contemplating re reading this book so that I can understand it, and generally having a massive book hangover Because how am I going to find anything to read, after this mindbending confusing thing, that will not feel like bland cardboard HELP collapses I m hoping Stephen Lawhead s The Fatal Tree might help me with this reaches for bookshelf Favorite quote Can t you treat yourself with a bit consideration Why should I Mordion said, hugging the duvet round himself Because you re a person, of course Ann snapped at him One person ought to treat another person properly even if the person s himself What a strange idea Mordion said Review originally posted on The Page Dreamer

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    I can normally handle DWJ s intricate plots, even the ones with time travel But this one still makes my head hurt in a good way The twist catches you almost totally by surprise, even when you can see something is coming, and multi threaded story fits together perfectly if you take the time to step back and look at it carefully.I can t think of many novels that attempt something this complex, let alone ones classed as young adult The fact that the story and characters are also highly engaging pushes this into my top list.

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    As an unabashed fan, I kind of love being gobsmacked by Diana Wynne Jones s labyrinthine plots that hang together solely by her ability to concisely create worlds strangely logical and magical and fiercely true characters while hilariously eschewing your expectations.I think this is Diana Wynne Jones s most confusing novel, and by that fact alone, gains a great fondness in my evaluation of it This is the story of Hexwood Farm, where the Bannus, a dangerous probability machine, has been mistakenly turned on to create a fantasy football team This is the story of Ann Stavely, a 12 year old girl who lives by Hexwood Farm and keeps noticing strange people disappearing into the woods This is a story of the corrupted intergalactic Reigners who have a stranglehold on the universe, threatened only by the power of the Bannus.Any further attempt to explain the plot is likely to be confusing than enlightening All the events are out of order, everything both is and isn t what it seems, and through it all, yet The humor of the moment shines Each narrative layer of the story is by itself a compelling and holds together surprisingly well through the power of the character arcs and it still makes sense at the genius typical slapdash ending without neglecting the themes of power and possiblity.Is it for everyone Maybe not But for the rest of us, I ll continue savoring the sweet bliss of having to immediately flip to the first page again after the last page, for a go for catching all the plot twists the second time around Really, I don t think the plot could come from any other writer, it s so essential DWJ genre mashing Dragons Italy esque intergalactic trading houses Yamaha robot Bureaucracy Romance Knights Grocers Wardrobe humor Fantasy soccer Rating 4.5 5 stars Reread 1 04 2010

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    2,5 It was ok y un poquito m sA ver, vaya por delante que no quiero restarle m ritos porque realmente la historia es original y muy bien pensada Mezcla viajes en el tiempo, portales espaciales, robots y caballeros, damiselas y dragones, pero a m me ha resultado intrincada y complicada con lo que me ha resultado pesada en ocasiones, se me ha hecho un pel n larga y me he dispersado mucho durante su lectura.No he acabado de conectar con la historia ni con los personajes que son muy monos todos pero no y me sabe muy mal porque ten a muchas ganas de leer el libro.

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    There s so much going on in Hexwood that I don t even know how to begin reviewing it It surprised me, several times, without making such leaps that I couldn t see how it got there It s a complex book, jumping around in time a lot, and with lots of cases of mistaken identity including people mistaking their own identities It took me a while to put it all together, but despite that it was also an engaging read, and also not too much of a long one according to my log, it took me three hours total, five reading sessions and two of those were at a concert where I was quite distracted So it s impressive how much of it there is.To my eyes, the main source is the Arthurian mythos the court, the Grail quest, the Fisher King, Morgan Le Fay by any other name, Arthur, Merlin There s other stuff too, including Beowulf, but it s fascinating what Diana Wynne Jones did with the material that s so familiar to me.The basic story is that an old machine intended to select the right rulers of the universe, the Reigners, is turned on again The current Reigner One cheated, and since then has wrongfully held power The machine lures people into its field so it can finally fulfil its intended purpose, and continues to run scenarios until it has things the way it wants it.I found the characters interesting, and guessing who they really were was also fun I was wrong several times, and right once or twice, and totally missed one or two I got to love them quite a bit, especially Mordion, and I actually think they were probably better fleshed out and their connections better explored than, say, Howl and Sophie in Howl s Moving Castle While I love that book, this satisfied .

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    Strange, complicated, and carefully written There are several moments in this book where I discovered that I was not reading the book that I thought I was reading, and each time I was surprised and, once I adjusted, delighted But definitely strange.

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    I m pretty sure I wrote somewhere on this site that the interesting thing about fantasy was the way the author set up a new system of rules to the real world and seeing how they chose to play out their scenarios in this new system Well, that can be interesting, but a large part of what makes Diana Wynne Jones interesting is the way she sets up a system of rules that is so vague that she can pretty much do anything she wants It s a fact that I ve read my traditional favourite of hers, Fire and Hemlock, at least ten times and never once have I understood the ending Her characters ability to do magic seems to depend on their individual psychology than on any coherent idea of how magic actually works in her worlds.What you get when you read Diana Wynne Jones is a whole lot of the same And yet it s so good that I keep coming back to it I love her.Also read 14.5.15 16.5.15

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    This book is a master class in time travelly confusion and also a very cool story There are a couple of negative points Jones use of fat as a bad person trait, and a wince worthy conversation with a Japanese person but otherwise thoroughly enjoyable.

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    Wonderful things did exist Even if they re only in my own mind Ann hears voices in her head She was never sure whether they are her imaginings or whether these voices do indeed exist, but they always give her sound advice Down the road lies the old Hexwood Farm where admission is prohibited everyone knows that Yet Ann notices an array of strange visitors entering the farm and never return Curiosity draws her to investigate, but once in the wood, she finds her voices are no longer there and time and place in Hexwood seem to change at random intervals Diana Wynne Jones has written quite an amount of books, and I can t comprehend why Hexwood does not rank among the most read It is such a wonderfully complex and interwoven story that stretches across a wide board of genres I love stories where the narrative seems to jump back and forth between different timelines Here we have Ann from a perfectly ordinary contemporary setting, a troop of knights and medieval characters who may or may not be related to the Arthurian saga, as well as a futuristic sci fi cast that has a dystopian undertone to it Yet even when grouping events into those three parts, nothing in Hexwood is quite what it seems.Ann is not our only narrative, in fact, her narrative only starts after a couple of chapters have gone by Among others, we have Mordion the magician of sorts, Yam the robot, and Hume who isn t quite sure whether he is a true human but desperately wants to become a knight There is also the Reigner organisation which consists of five individuals who control the entire universe Earth is quite unaware of all this, just as much as Ann is unaware that the farm down the road is a Reigner institute of sorts A so called Banus is kept there a machine that can play out dreams and replay scenes to find the best outcome With a machine like that, you re bound to get quite the story.Thanks to the many back and forths and the numerous narrators, I found myself often confused about characters true identities and how everything would eventually fit together And I mean that it s confusing in the best way possible You need to pay attention to every small detail and many events won t make sense until the very last chapter It also gives the book a great re readability quality And if a dream machine with Arthurian elements, an enchanted wood, and outer space adventures aren t enough for you, Hexwood is a story that is incredibly funny, adventurous with action packed scenes, genuinely sad and, unlike many others of Diana Wynne Jones books, has a great and well rounded ending that does not leave you hanging with many unanswered questions The characters are genuine and relatable they are all quite unique and have different motivations and wishes Hexwood has a new surprise around every other corner and even a sprinkle of romance in fact, the romance caught me quite off guard and was yet another great twist on top of everything else This is such an incredibly well crafted work that I wish Diana Wynne Jones fans would read and appreciate But not just them, anyone who loves complex and interwoven stories can enjoy this work, even so as it includes so many different genres.

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    Ne mogu uop te da ulazim u to za to je knjiga toliko dobra bez stravi nih spojlera Mogu da ka em kako je ovo, eto, prava omladinska knji evnost, ili YA, a ima i slo en zaplet i bogatu karakterizaciju i poigravanje pripovedanjem i intertekstualno u i mitskim i anrovskim matricama i vrlo ozbiljne do mra ne teme A ovamo je jo malo pa akciono tivo.Sa tre e strane, Hexwood je vrlo zahtevan roman u pogledu itala ke koncentracije, naro ito u prvoj polovini, nesre ni italac se samo batrga me u nejasnim naznakama prividnog, pravog i najpravijeg zapleta, lako mi je da zamislim kako neko iole nestrpljiv odustaje Topla preporuka uz opomenu da je ova knjiga, kao i npr Fire and Hemlock, za dva tri uzrasna nivoa iznad, recimo, Haulovog pokretnog zamka i drugih romana Dajane Vin D ouns koji su kod nas prevo eni Dakle, ne 10 12 nego oko 14 15.