Audiobooks Homemade Soap Recipes: Learn Simple DIY Soap Recipes Step by Step Using All Natural Ingredients, Essential Oils, Herbs and Much MoreAuthor Martha B. McKay –

Soapmaking Has Many Benefits And Depending On Your Preferences It Can Help You Save Some Money, Have Some Fun, Invest Your Free Time Into Something Good And Productive, And Much However, The Biggest Advantage Of Soapmaking Is Making Your Own Soap Bars Customized To Your Preferences You Modify The Soap Recipes Down To The Last Ingredient, And There Are Infinite Numbers Of Techniques To Explore Colors, Fragrances, Oils, And Herbs To Use The Book Can Help You Kick Start Your Soapmaking Journey Towards Becoming A Soapmaking Professional As Inside You Will Discover All Soapmaking Basics You Should Familiarize Yourself With The History Of Soap And Where It Was Used First How Soap Bars Were Made In The Past And How They Are Made Today Four Different Soapmaking Methods And How They Work Pros And Cons Of Each Method And How They Work What Is The Process Of Saponification And How It Works Which Ingredients, Equipment, And Tools You Need On This Journey Amazing, Fabulous Melt And Pour Soap Recipes Cold Processed Soap Recipes Using Different Essential Oils And Herbs Hot Processed Soap Recipes Including Honey Oatmeal And Apple Soap Bars And Much Much PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio