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I usually never write product reviews but this book was so bad and lacked the needed info that I had to write one Simply put, don t waste your time or money on this book Very general and really no substance for growing hydroponically Instead of giving specific info that really helps you understand growing this way in a step by step manner, the author gives you web site urls so you can learn yourself what he should have put in the book Look elsewhere if you want to learn to grow weed hydroponically. I was unsure if I should buy this book or not, based on some of the negative things some of the other readers mentioned But being so curious about hydroponic stuff, I took the plunge and bought it I am glad I did I can say this about this book, it will not grow the good stuff for you, but it will help you steer towards the right direction Most of these types of books are essentially a guide, a book with general direction and advice about how you can go about growing your own This book does exactly that and I think the author covered a great deal on what and how to grow and where to get a good hydroponic system and some of the inner workings of it But if I want to be a critic, I will say, I wish he spoke about proper storage after harvesting Remember if you don t store it properly, the potency goes down, so be careful how you store Enjoy. The book or is it treatise How to grow Hydroponic Marijuana at Home by Jason Sabatini is an exposition on Hydroponic Marijuana, X raying Hydroponic Marijuana, how hydroponics factor in the growth of Marijuana, Potency of Hydroponic Marijuana as opposed to other Marijuana, benefits of growing marijuana Hydroponically, Hydroponic growth methods, Preparation, Harvest time, Curing Process and Storage Process.In the book, Jason takes us through the process of the Growth of Marijuana Hydroponically, examining the processes involved in the growth, preparation, harvest and storage in an avant garde way, almost like you are living through a lecture as He vividly expounds on the processes, breathing life to it, and giving it a live like feel This He achieves through a unique perspective and imagery.In conclusion, the book is a must read for anybody involved in the growth of Marijuana, or remotely curious in its growth, as the author paints a pretty detailed picture.Review by Chiscogreg. This book clearly didn t go through an editorial stage during the publication process The author frequently uses descriptive adjectives incorrectly and the syntax in some sections occasionally borders near incoherence Further, he often references himself on the thought that he s covering this material in great detail, when he does anything but that This is a broad brushstroke of hydroponic growing techniques and covers literally nothing regarding the medical benefits of cannabis. Book is poorly written He tries to use big words to explain things and it sounds rediculous It sounds as if he was high when he wrote the book Information is extremely vague and not a guide to growing hydroponic marijuana Book was not proof read or spell checked before being published Overall a waste of time and money to read 76 pages. This is a very basic book I Have Been Obsessed With Hydroponic Cannabis Plants Since I First Came Across Them Seven Years Ago I Immediately Knew This Is The King Of All Cannabis By Far Since Then I Have Tried And Tested Various Ways To Grow Them Not Each Try Ended In Success, But When I Did Succeed, I Realized How Easy It Is To Grow Them If Only One Knows The Tricks And Tips Here In This Book I Share My Proven Methods For You To Try Hydroponics Is The Term Which Means Water Working The Practice Of Growing Marijuana With Hydroponics Is Just Like The Growing Of Plants In Highly Oxygenated Water Or In Nutrient Enriched Liquid There Are Many Types Of Hydroponic Approaches That Are Suitable For Indoor Growing Of Marijuana Hydroponics Has The Ability To Grow Crops Much Higher Than The Traditional Yields, Particularly In Those Areas Where The Soil Cannot Support Crops The Growth Rate Of Marijuana Becomes Double When The Hydroponics Method Is Used The Plants Will Grow Much Healthier And Faster In The Hydroponic System As Compared To The Traditional Soil Based Method This Book Comprises The Detailed Explanation Of The Steps, Tools, And Setups Required For Growing Hydroponic Cannabis The Book Is Divided Into Seven Sections Each Section Contains Detailed Information About The Hydroponics Process