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Hygge And Lagom, Your Personal Prescription For Happiness And Balance In An Unhappy And Out Of Control World If You Are Feeling As Though You Ve Lost Your Way Recently, You Re Not Alone Many Of Us Feel Disconnected From The World We Live In It S No Wonder, Given Just How Fast The World Moves These Days Technology Brings So Many Benefits, But It Comes At A Steep Cost Our Happiness Many Of Us Are Left Feeling Alone, Disillusioned, And Unhappy These Feelings Make Us Withdraw From Family, Friends, And Even The Society To Which We Belong Join The Happiest People On Earth Hygge And Lagom Are Two Scandinavian Principles That Are Catching On In The Rest Of The World For A Long Time, These Countries Have Topped The Charts In The World S Happiness Index What Makes Them So Different And What Are These Two Special Principles This Book Is Actually TWO Books In One You Get A Full Discussion On Both, Including Day Challenges To Help You Adopt These Principles Either Book Stands Their Own, But The Real Synergy Takes Place When You Embrace Both This Will Give You A Feeling Of Lasting Happiness And Contentment One That You Can Practice For A Lifetime And Join Those Scandinavians As Some Of The Happiest And Most Fulfilled People On The Planet You Ll Learn How Practicing Hygge And Lagom Can Give You Practical Advice On How To Furnish Your Home So You Are Left Feeling Tranquil And Peaceful Turning Your Home Into A Place Of Refuge From The Modern World Embrace Nature To Feel A Connection To The Natural World Improve Your Attitude About Work And End Work Place Frustration Get That Feeling Of Work Life Balance That So Many Of Us Lack Practice The Do S And Don Ts That Are The Keys To Successful Relationships Survive The Holidays That So Many Of Us Find Stressful And Overwhelming Integrate Nature S Seasons Into Your Own Life And Mirror Them To Feel Centered And Balanced Reconnect With Yourself, Find Your Happiness, And Achieve Balance Today

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    This short and enjoyable book summarises perfectly the Scandinavian principles of Hygge and Lagom, and gives honest and practical advice for how to implement them within your own life.Hygge, the Danish practice of warmth and cosiness, is a lovely concept to read about, and it taught me how to take pleasure and relaxation from the cold wintry evenings It also preached the values of gratitude, simplifying your life, cutting out negativity and embracing comfort importantly, allowing yourself comfort without guilt Something I struggle with.Mindfulness is something I try to practise already and this book gave me some ideas of how to implement it Unfortunately, in such a busy and modern life it can be really difficult to narrow our attention to one aspect Phones ringing, music or TV on, kids shouting, a million jobs to do it can be so difficult to just stop for a moment and take the time to smell a cup of coffee and thoroughly enjoy the first sip This book not only gives ideas for how to achieve the wonderful state of Hygge, but it encourages us to consider WHY it is so important and what it is that we can get from it.I always considered Hygge to be about your environment but this book taught me that there is a mental element to it too You can Hygge up the way you think, using many of these principles to sort out your time, finances, food, clothing, parenting and relationships.The second volume in this pack is about the Swedish principle of lagom I hadn t heard of lagom before but I love the concept It is about everything being balanced and satisfying Never too much nor too little It s about accepting when you have done enough, when things are complete instead of breaking your back to strive for the constantly unattainable.The Swedish philosophy even encompasses food and this book outlines some wonderful recipes that are deliciously lagom.The book is well written and at certain points I loved the author s wording enjoy the intricacies and colours of your loved one s eyes However, the book could do with a thorough editing as there were quite a lot of grammar errors inconsistencies, though these did not in any way impede my enjoyment of the book.

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    I had not heard of Hygge or Lagom before reading this book, but now I am fascinated This is not another run of the mill self help book, it takes a wide, all encompassing approach that takes the reader by the head and leads them towards building a happier life It is well written and engaging with a highly readable tone that allows the reader to feel they can come back again and again.Hygge the quality of coziness than engenders a feeling of well being is complemented extremely well by Lagom the principle of balance and things being just right Two concepts that sit comfortably side by side though each aspect could easily be read as a standalone book.The author takes a well rounded approach that leaves no stone unturned Every aspect of life is explored, from home decor to work and relationships, there is no opportunity to feel adrift or lost, the author has everything covered What is remarkable is how, as a reader, I was not overwhelmed by the challenge of achieving happiness, a flaw that so often occurs in self help books The author invites you to start small, appreciating the smell of the flowers, taking enjoying in a hot chocolate with the family The book is full of small, practical tips that can be steadily applied As a reader I felt I could change my life one step and a time, rather than going for a complete over hall It is full of reassurance as well which helped me see that improving my life would not be selfish, nor would I be being lazy Some steps felt familiar the need for mindfulness and getting out in nature, but they were given a fresh perspective and at no point does the author lecture or dictate.The book is well structured, with easy to read chapters that would be easy to revisit should any aspect need refreshing One of the highlights was the 21 day challenges for both Hygge ad Lagom These did not feel like a test, but a nudge in the right direction Once again the author thinks of everything and finishes the challenges with a section about life beyond the 21 days.After reading this book I came away feeling that a life with happiness was achievable and well within my reach I would highly recommend this book and look forward to reading it again and again as I strive for Hygge and Lagom.

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    I am so happy I found this bundle, Hygge and Lagom are warm and welcoming to read I read them all in one go, they re so enjoyable to read The suggestions within them are simple but powerful but most importantly they are ACHIEVABLE They don t require you buying expensive things, or need 5 hours work a day to do You can work on them as you go I certainly didn t expect to be so emotionally moved by Hygge and Lagom as I already knew what the concepts meant in general But by looking at them closely they have become so much important to me and something I know is already helping in my life And don t worry you won t just cry reading these books, there are plenty of laughs as well, and you will definitely find something valuable to your life.

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    two very useful books which can help you to get control over your life if it feels it is out of control It is explained so well that you can follow the steps to improve your life over all very usefulI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book, easy to read cute little diagrams and an interesting subject I totally recommend it for reading and I will make ideas gift for everyone.