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Makes me want to read or re read these great women writers The authors delve deeply into each author each character they created. I was disappointed in this one While Byatt and Sodre are unquestionably brilliant and their thoughts and insights incredibly valuable, I found this to be a very dry read And I am a fan of Austen, Bronte, Eliot, and Morrison In This Innovative And Wide Ranging Book, Byatt And The Psychoanalyst Ignes Sodre Bring Their Different Sensibilities To Bear On Six Novels They Have Read And Loved Jane Austen S Mansfield Park, Bronte S Villette, George Elliot S Daniel Deronda, Willa Cather S The Professor S House, Iris Murdoch S An Unofficial Rose, And Toni Morrison S Beloved The Results Are Nothing Less Than An Education In The Ways Literature Grips Its Readers And, At Times, Transforms Their Lives Imagining Characters Is Indispensable, A Work Of Criticism That Returns Us To The Books It Discusses With Renewed Respect And Wonder This was a lot of fun like listening in on extraordinarily erudite gossip about fictional characters. I have to be honest I only read three of the six essays in this book because I ve only read three of the six books these two are discussing but they were enchanting For anyone who has ever found themselves eavesdropping on other people s conversations in coffee shops, this book has that delicious feel of being a fly on the wall while far interesting and knowledgeable people natter on Both authors have done great prep and the essays are literally transcribed conversations with a minimum of editing Interesting themes discussed and lots of personal impressions and feelings about the works, something I ve always found lacking from high brow lit crit I plan to work through the other novels and check this book out of the library again to read along. 4.5 stars I have to read a few of the novels discussed in the essays 6 I think I have never read any George Elliot or Jane Austin I know I should be beaten So it will be awhile before this moves to the read shelf. if only because it came in ridiculously handy when I was asked to give a paper on Women s Lit. In October 1992, both A B Byatt and Ignes Sodre were attending the Cheltenham Festival of Literature Byatt, known as one of Britian s leading novelists critic and Sodre, a Brazilian psychoanalyst who practiced in England for the thirty years, conversed over their love of literature and and a deep interest in human development After each spoke, they thought there might be a possibility of a book And they worked together to create this work of art They choose six major texts from different periods in history from the 19th century with Jane Austen s Mansfield Park to Charlotte Bronte s Villette to George Eliot s Daniel Deronda, to Willa Cather s The Professor s House, to Iris Murdock sAn Unofficial Rose, and to Toni Morrison s Beloved, ending with Dreams and Fictions Such an excellent book, I wish that A S Byatt and Ignes Sodre would also do books similar to this one. This book is one of the best and most readable Literary Criticism pieces I ve ever come across with The conversation being between two women, it goes without saying that the feminist undertow figures strongly Nothing radical is presented, at least not the in your face kind, although for female readers, the seemingly innocuous ideas would rightly come across as stronger than they would the casual read male no offense meant reader.In a nutshell, the two authors discuss books written by women, giving them a motley richness of readings mythical, biographical, archetypal, psychoanalytic, structuralist, feminist, etc Some of the pieces they discussed and the ones I liked best were George Eliot s Daniel Deronda , Charlotte Bronte s Villette and Toni Morrisson s Beloved.