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A New Textbook By Charles Wheelan, Author Of Naked Economics, Introduction To Public Policy Uses Economic Principles To Demonstrate That Sound Public Policy Occurs When Unfettered Private Markets Provide The Greatest Good For The Greatest Number Only When It Does Not Do This Is Government Intervention Needed

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    All text books are drier These demand not only attention but also practice The Introduction to Public Policy by Charles Wheelan offers a unique insight It combines dry concepts of varied social sciences with the moving accounts of public policy practices and research in this particular field All the major concepts are backed up by the real world examples and at the end of each chapter comes a practical policy analysis, a real world action based program that the author intends to make the readers dwell into and do justice to the content read in the preceding chapter.

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    Fun to read with examples that felt relevant

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    Reading for school Pretty interesting so far though.

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    Excellent introduction to public policy at the undergraduate level.