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A Definitive True Crime Account Unravels The Facade Behind The Unsettling Case Of Paul And Karla Bernardo And The Couple S Seemingly Storybook Marriage, Which Involved Kidnapping, Imprisonment, And The Murder Of High School Girls To Satisfy Their Sexual Cravings I reluctantly give this book 5 stars How can I really rate this book when I ve never read any others on the case Anyway, from what I gleaned from it, I really enjoyed kind of reading it I am not going to bother explaining what the book is about By now, you probably know Rather I ll just make a few short comments.Only kind of because there were times when the book was a bit heavy to read Many of the reviewers complain of graphic deal That is complete and utter nonsense Or perhaps I have been completely desensitized It would be different if we were actually visually seeing the tapes that Karla and Paul made Anyway, what I mean by heavy is that it is just a lot to take in for me I would read many pages per day It was extremely interesting, but I had a limit I d prefer to try and stay positive.The end of the book will make you want to throw it in a fire or against a wall You may, in fact, feel conflicted because you ll be awkwardly rooting for Paul Bernardos defense attorney Overall, don t read this book unless you are really, really fascinated by this particular case I am and it was worth my time. Oh my lord I like to boast about America doing things bigger and better but you aren t playing around with your serial killers, Canada I first heard about Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka from my husband who gave me the basics of the story which of course led to a wikipedia rabbit hole situation and eventually led to me reading Stephen Williams s classic work about the couple, the crimes, and all that those involve The book is a narrative written in HIGHLY GRAPHIC play by play detail from accounts, letters, and the infamous videotapes I read parts of the book out loud to my husband when I was extra grossed out only to see him almost gag in horror Go away if you don t want to be spoiled.Further.Keep going.OK These puppies are sick Like HER OWN SISTER I am horrified just thinking about it And just everything I mean, I sent my husband a text that was slightly in jest but honestly, I knew that Paul Bernardo was a fucking monster when I read that the person he looked up to and wanted to most be like was Vanilla Ice Yes Vanilla Ice Like, you can t make this shit up.And Karla, well, yeah I knew she was sick as soon as she began encouraging her boyfriend to rape women Oh and when she offered up her 15 year old virgin sister as a wedding present to Paul Oh and like a bunch of other girls she did this to Oh and the fact that the thing most upsetting about one of the rape murders was that Paul and one of their victims drank from the couple s special champagne glasses I mean I am spinning off the planet here In conclusion, actual monsters in Niagara here, people Oh and in case you were wondering the cops are as useless as ever. It is very difficult to write a true crime novel in this day and age without having it be sensationalist, and I won t go so far as to say that Williams has achieved Helter Skelter levels of journalistic integrity with Invisible Darkness, but the fact of the matter is that for true crime, this is a well written piece The case itself is fascinating from the get go, and the author pulls no punches as he narrates the compelling depravity from as far back as he could reach I ve read hundreds of books in the genre and something about this one will always place it in my top ten list. This book is really infuriating, actually, because Homolka, who was probablyculpable than Bernardo and should have spent the rest of her life in a supermax uh, hello, she helped rape and kill her own sister , got away with a relative slap on the wrist because the authorities were too goddamn stupid to believe that a woman could be anything but a poor innocent abused victim of a man Last I looked, she was out of prison, remarried, with a kid of her own That should scare the hell out of anyone reading this, trust me Gotta love those gender stereotypes, yessir