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AUGUST BREAKDOWN August 12 Chapter 1 3August 13 Chapter 4 6August 14 Chapter 7 8August 15 Chapter 9 11August 16 Chapter 12 End RTC Maybe Someday Who knows Loved this book Ironside is the third installment of the Modern Faerie Tales series I just love this dark and creepy series Learning about the faerie world just keeps getting interesting and interesting However, I m still just wondering why the food is never good Or is that just meNow in this book, you will meet and fall in love with Corny He was definitely amazing and perfect in my eyes Any character that speaks sarcasm will always connect with me ALWAYS Yeah, that s pretty much it Kaye and Roiban were just meh to me I hate their constant push and pull kind of relationship Kaye just seems to always be in a crisis or something I was just so done with their meh relationship Besides all of that, there s a crap ton of death, torture, and destruction in this book Again, I love the darkness in these books Maybe it brings out the darker side of me but yeah, it was funny and a really enjoyable read I m happy that I finally got a chance to dive into this book and I can t wait to dive into another book by Holly. I loved this one just as much as Tithe I like how we get a sort of collision with Luis from book two and get to learn about him Also, loved him and Corny Kaye has really grown as a character She is strong and brave and fierce, and I love her, too I wish there would have been of Roiben, but the scenes that he was in were awesome Again, Holly Black has created such a magnificent world where character s feel real because they may not be a hundred percent likeable yet are Highly recommend this series. This was nearly as good as the first book, which is my favourite in this series It had an actual quest and adventure, like the first But it focused mostly on Kaye, Corny, and Luis a returning character from book 2 , and not enough Roiben And there was very little romance The most sexually charged scene was actually between two supporting characters It was brief but you could tell it was heated I wouldn t have been disappointed if we had seen of them This book remains primarily a faerie adventure In that sense it was very good Lots of action and suspense and faerie politics Although Luis was in this one, and a glimpse of Val and Ravus at the end, the story of the second book was not relevant to this one, and anything you would have to know about Luis was explained in this one So you could read just 1 and 3, or just 2 alone, if you wanted to But just read them all Reviewed by Andie Z for TeensReadToo.comI have been looking forward to this book ever since I finished TITHE, and Holly Black most definitely does not disappoint IRONSIDE picks up soon after the events in TITHE and VALIANT, and takes the reader on another breathless journey into the amazing and deadly world of Faerie Things have been uneasy ever since Roiben assumed the throne of the Unseelie Court, and with the threat of war in the air and Roiben s coronation drawing near, everyone is on edge Changeling Kaye Fierch knows that she loves Roiben, but she feels increasingly unwelcome and out of place in the Unseelie Court So the night of the coronation, determined to prove herself to Roiben and the rest of the court, she makes a formal declaration and pledges herself to him as his consort However, faerie custom demands that a quest be undertaken before anyone can sit as the Lord s consort, and Roiben grants Kaye an impossible task to find a fairy who can tell an untruth Now she is forbidden from seeing or speaking to him until she completes something she knows cannot be done Kaye doesn t know where to go, because she has been feeling uncomfortable at home as well, knowing that she stole a human child s life In a moment of desperation, she tells her mother the truth that she is a changeling that was switched with Ellen s real daughter, the real Kaye, and she vows to retrieve her from the Seelie Court and return her to Ellen She feels that this, at least, is something she can do, even if there s no way she can complete Roiben s quest But with all the tension between the courts there is nowhere safe, and in venturing into the Seelie Court to find her human counterpart, Kaye puts herself within reach of Lady Silarial Silarial wants Roiben s throne, and she s willing to do anything, including using Kaye, to get it Once again Kaye finds herself in the middle of Faerie politics, but this time Roiben s not there to save her, and she may not have a way out In my personal experience it is rare that a sequel ever lives up to the first book, but IRONSIDE does just that Full of court rivalry, deception and betrayal, sword fights and murder, faerie curses, new romances, and even characters from VALIANT, IRONSIDE is another wonderful foray into the dark, gritty world of Faerie and will not leave readers disappointed It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you pound your pillow in frustration and clap your hands in delight My one and only complaint is that this is the last book set in this amazing world. A mixed bag, like previous 2 books faerie lore yeah , romance, teen angst meh Glad to see mostly the better aspects of Black s early faerir books made it into In The Realm Of Faerie, The Time Has Come For Roiben S Coronation Uneasy In The Midst Of The Malevolent Unseelie Court, Pixie Kaye Is Sure Of Only One Thing Her Love For Roiben But When Kaye, Drunk On Faerie Wine, Declares Herself To Roiben, He Sends Her On A Seemingly Impossible Quest Now Kaye Can T See Or Speak To Roiben Unless She Can Find The One Thing She Knows Doesn T Exist A Faerie Who Can Tell A Lie Miserable And Convinced She Belongs Nowhere, Kaye Decides To Tell Her Mother The Truth That She Is A Changeling Left In Place Of The Human Daughter Stolen Long Ago Her Mother S Shock And Horror Sends Kaye Back To The World Of Faerie To Find Her Human Counterpart And Return Her To Ironside But Once Back In The Faerie Courts, Kaye Finds Herself A Pawn In The Games Of Silarial, Queen Of The Seelie Court Silarial Wants Roiben S Throne, And She Will Use Kaye, And Any Means Necessary, To Get It In This Game Of Wits And Weapons, Can A Pixie Outplay A Queen Holly Black Spins A Seductive Tale At Once Achingly Real And Chillingly Enchanted, Set In A Dangerous World Where Pleasure Mingles With Pain And Nothing Is Exactly As It Appears Just like Tithe, this story is an OG Fae story so I love it for that alone and have to say that this one held up a lot better than Tithe did Of course, Holly s writing had only improved over the years but for being twelve years old, this story was super enjoyable, diverse, and just the right amount of dark I read this as a direct sequel to Tithe skipping Valient and didn t find that I was confused or missing information This story was richly woven in terms of Fae court intrigue, romance, and even addiction and the desire to be different than you were born to be We have Corny wishing he was Fae, Kaye wishing that she could be a true daughter to Ellen, and Rioben trying to find a way to avoid war between the Bright and Dark courts There s a lot going on, a bunch of storylines to juggle, and Black does it really well I loved the introduction of a few new characters and oh maneven those bright fae are just a holes sometimes Of course, Rioben steals the show for me as does Corny and his desire to be Fae like Kaye Another great Holly Black Fae story to add to my shelves. Holly Black is an amazing writer, no matter which series you re reading Her writing is sooooo atmospheric, immersive and dark you can almost feel the chill in the air and smell crispy leaves Nor does she shy away from portraying the dark side of humanity.This was by far my favorite book of the series and I enjoyed every bit of it I loved the close friendship between Kaye and Corny, and their shared grief of Janet I loved the support they gave each other in dealing with their different traumas that occurred in Tithe Their jokes, their understanding of each other s quirks It was just so sweet and I loved it.For the first time in this series I really liked Ellen s character She surprised me with how she handled things, but I loved her for it.I of course loved my beloved Roiben, and sympathized for all he had to put up with just to keep a dictator from having complete dominion of all of faerieland I need to find my Roiben in real life The plot of this one had me hooked and had no dull blah moments like Valiant had This one was soooo good The definite best of the series I m so glad I read it and endured the ho hum ness of the previous books I did like parts of both the first books, but this one I enjoyed in its entirety Not as much as Folk of the Air obviously, but for her early writing, it s a very enjoyable read