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This four volume boxed set contains JRR Tolkien's epic masterworks The Hobbit and the three volumes of The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring The Two Towers and The Return of the KingIn The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins is whisked away from his comfortable unambitious life in Hobbiton by the wizard Gandalf and a company of dwarves He finds himself caught up in a plot to raid the treasure hoard of Smaug the Magnificent a large and very dangerous dragonThe Lord of the Rings tells of the great uest undertaken by Frodo Baggins and the Fellowship of the Ring Gandalf the wizard; the hobbits Merry Pippin and Sam; Gimli the dwarf; Legolas the elf; Boromir of Gondor; and a tall mysterious stranger called Strider JRR Tolkien's three volume masterpiece is at once a classic myth and a modern fairy tale—a story of high and heroic adventure set in the unforgettable landscape of Middle earth

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    Some will shout with joy others will scream in derision However we can all agree on one thingIt's long

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    Writers who inspire a genre are usually misunderstood Tolkien's reasons for writing were completely unlike those of the authors he inspired He didn't have an audience a genre and scores of contemporaries There was a tradition of high adventure fairy tales as represented by Eddison Dunsany Morris MacDonald Haggard and Kipling but this was only part of what inspired TolkienHis writing was chiefly influenced by his familiarity with the mythological traditions of the Norse and Welsh cultures While he began by writing a fairy story with The Hobbit and other early drafts his later work became a magical epic along the lines of the Eddas As a translator Tolkien was intimately knowledgeable with these stories the myths behind them and the languages that underpinned them and endeavored to recreate their formContrarily those who have followed in his footsteps since have tended to be inspired by a desire to imitate him Yet they failed to do what Tolkien did because they did not have a whole world of mythic tradition culture and language to draw on They mimicked his style but did not understand his purpose and hence produced merely empty facsimilesIf they had copied merely the sense of wonder or magnificence then they might have created perfectly serviceable stories of adventure but they also copied those parts of Tolkien which do not fit a well built exciting story like his work's sheer length Tolkien made it 'okay' for writers of fantasy to produce books a thousand pages long and to write many of them in succession Yet Tolkien's length had a purpose it was not merely an affectationTolkien needed this length in order to reproduce myth The Eddas were long and convoluted because they drew from many different stories and accounts combined over time by numerous story tellers and eventually compiled by scribes The many digressions conflicts repetitions asides fables songs and minutiae of these stories came together organically Each had a purpose even if they didn't serve the story they were part of a grand and strange world Epics often served as encyclopedias for their age teaching history morals laws myth and geography as may be seen in Homer or The BibleThis was the purpose of all of Tolkien's long dull songs the litany of troop movements the lines of lineage the snippets of didactic myths and side adventures To create a realistically deep and complicated world he felt he needed to include as many diverging views as the original myths had He was being true to a literary convention though not a modern one and not one we would call a 'genre'He gave characters similar names to represent other historical traditions that of common prefixes or suffixes of a house line adopting similar names for fathers sons and brothers An author who copies this style without that linguistic and cultural meaning just makes for a confusing story breaking the sensible rule that main characters should not have similar namesLikewise in a well written story side characters should be kept to the minimum needed to move the plot and entertain the reader with a variety of personalities It is another rule Tolkien breaks because he is not interested in an exciting driving pace He wants the wealth of characters to match the number of unimportant side characters one would expect from a historical textThe only reason he sometimes gets away with breaking such sensible rules of storytelling is that he often has a purpose for breaking them and is capable of drawing on his wealth of knowledge to instill further depth and richness in his world Sometimes when he slowed his story down with such asides they did not have enough purpose to merit inclusion a flaw in pacing which has only increased with modern authorsBut underneath all of that Tolkien does have an appealing and exciting story to tell of war and succession and moral struggles the same sort of story that has been found in our myths since the very earliest writings of man He does not create a straight monomyth because like Milton he presents a hero divided Frodo takes after the Adam placing strength in humility and piety not martial might or wit Aragorn is an attempt to save the warlike aristocratic hero whom Milton criticized in his portrayal of SatanYet unlike Satan we do not get an explanation of what makes Strider superior worthy or importantly righteous And in this Tolkien's attempt to recreate the form of the Eddas is completely at odds with the Christian romantic moral content with which he fills the story This central schism makes his work much less true to the tradition than Anderson's The Broken Sword which was published the same yearNot only does Tolkien put forth a vision of chaste humble 'everyman' heroes who persevere against temptation through piety he also presents a world of dualistic good and evil of eternal personal morality prototypical of the Christian worldview particularly the post Miltonic view His characters are bloodless chaste and noble and if that nobility is sometimes that of simple hard working folk all the better for his Merrie England analogueMore interesting than these is his portrayal of Gollum one of the few characters with a deep psychological contradiction In some ways his central conflicted role resembles Eddison's Lord Gro whose work inspired Tolkien But even this internal conflict is dualistic Unlike Gro Gollum is not a character with an alternative view of the world but fluctuates between the hyperbolic highs and lows of Tolkien's moralityIt is unfortunate that both good and evil seem to be external forces at work upon man because it removes much of the agency and psychological depth of the characters There is a hint of very alien morality in the out of place episode of Tom Bombadil expressing the separation between man and fairy that Dunsany's work epitomized Bombadil is the most notorious remainder of the fantastical roots of Tolkien's story which he painstakingly removed in editing in favor of Catholic symbologyYet despite internal conflicts there is something respectable in what he achieved and no fantasy author has yet been capable of comprehending what Tolkien was trying to do and innovating upon it The best modern writers of fantasy have instead avoided Tolkien concentrating on other sources of inspiration The dullards of fantasy have merely rehashed and reshuffled the old tropes back and forth imagining that they are creating somethingOne cannot entirely blame Tolkien because Jordan Martin Goodkind Paolini Brooks and Salvatore have created a genre out of his work which is unoriginal cloying escapist and sexually unpalatable if often successful At least when Tolkien is dull ponderous and divergent he is still achieving somethingThese authors are mostly trying to fix a Tolkien they don't understand trying to make him easy to swallow The uncomfortable sexuality is an attempt to repair the fact that Tolkien wrote a romance where the two lovers are thousands of miles apart for most of the story Even a libertine like me appreciates Tolkien's chaste distant longing romance than the obsessively fetishistic consummation that has come to define sexuality in the most repressive and escapist genre this side of four color comic booksI don't think Tolkien is a great writer I don't even think he is one of the greater fantasy writers He was a stodgy old Tory and the Shire is his false golden age of 'Merrie Olde England' His romance wasn't romantic and his dualistic moralizing cheapened the story His attempt to force Christian theology onto a heroic epic is as problematic and conflicted as monks' additions to Beowulf Tolkien's flaws have been well documented by notable authors from Moorcock's 'Epic Pooh' to Mieville's adroit analysis but for all that he was no slouch Even if we lament its stolid lack of imagination The Lord of the Rings is the work of a careful and deliberate scholar of language style and culture It is the result of a lifetime of collecting and applying knowledge which is a feat to behold Each time the moon is mentioned it is in the proper phase as calculated from the previous instance Calendar dates and distances are calculated Every name mentioned has a meaning and a past I have even heard that each description of a plant or stone was carefully researched to represent the progression of terrain though I can find no support for this theoryYet what good is that to a story? It may be impressive as a thought exercise but to put that much time and work into the details instead of fixing and streamlining the frame of the story itself seems entirely backwards to me But for all that The Lord of the Rings may be dull affected and moralistic it is Tolkien's through and throughMy Fantasy Book Suggestions

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    325 STARS ★★★✬✩ This trilogy is for you if you possess the stamina and enthusiasm for epic fantasy or simply who want to know the beginnings of the genre The individual reviews for each book in this series can be found here ⫸ The Hobbit ⫸ The Fellowship of the Ring ⫸ The Two Towers ⫸ The Return of the King ⤐ OverallAdmittedly this was not one of my favourite reads not by a long shot If it weren't for the giddy excitement of finally discovering the literary roots of one of my favourite film trilogies I wouldn't have ever made it through these The writing style was magnificent but the story telling so lengthy at times I didn't know where to put my brainpowerI was also very unsatisfied that John chose to stell the stories of the individual charactergroups in sets and not according to the timeline alternating between the different POVs It made me very impatient and not in a good way The Two Towers was definitely my favourite in the series it was the most exciting one and also allowed for much needed get to know the characters time You cannot help but really love the bromance between Gimli and Legolas and Aragorn to an extent The introduction of the one and only Shadowfax was another highlight for me the main reason I was attracted to the films as a kid The horses in general are a particular beautiful part of the films except that tons of them died during the making of the movies of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

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    It might be a classic but there are many who have stern reservations about reading this series partially I suspect due to its length Well my answer to this is simply DON'T BE LAZYMy journey within Middle Earth stated as young teenager my parents gave me 'The Hobbit' as a Christmas present one year and my father and I decided we'd enjoy it together I think it was the last book he ever read me as a 'bedtime story' but we embarked on the adventures of Bilbo Baggins together and absolutely loved every minute of it The Hobbit was a stunning example of fantasy and adventure writing at its best One event after another crisis after epic excitement wonder at the enormity of the main character's daring and courageI am only sorry it took me so long to pursue the ongoing tale of the hobbits at Bagend The Lord of the Rings was definitely a further step up the scale though I will not deny that The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a difficult read in terms of perseverance hence 4 stars I have always been an avid reader and there were a couple of times as I went through my teens that I picked up the Fellowship of the Ring and gave up before I could really get my teeth into it Indeed I didn't finish the trilogy until I was in my early 20s and I'm not ashamed to admit that I was actually uite proud of myself for having finally completed this mammoth journey with Frodo and his companions I read about 23rds of the trilogy in one block in the end as I decided to forbid myself to watch the epic films again until I was done with the books because I knew that every time I grew impatient for the story to continue without wanting to spend the time or the energy reading it I'd watch the films and that would result in me not feeling the need to continue the book for a good while I say all this to illustrate a point don't give up It's totally worth itThe Lord of the Rings is filled with new troubles and adventures At first the idea of following several characters uite separately may be uite unusual even a little daunting But it truly brings the world of Middle Earth to life You get a true feel for the scale and even the politics of such a creation by journeying through it with different companions each with a different purpose The struggles and hardships are of such importance and value to both the reader and the characters by the end of the journey Tolkien has spoken volumes about friendship love bravery honour loyalty deceityou name it its all thereThese books are a must read wherever you are in your lifetime

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    It's a genuinely good series Very inventive and original The reason I gave it 2 stars is because it was so god damn boring Descriptions were tedious fight scenes were tedious I couldn't wrap my head around the story in general Sometimes I skimmed whole paragraphs and pages and understood everything that was happening just fine Honestly I'm still wondering where the hell I got the patience to sit down and read the whole thing Especially with so few female characters thank god for Eowyn I recommend it for people who like fantasy and don't mind unnecessary content

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    My third time to read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy I read all the poetry and verse this time I loved these books They are so different from the typical fiction of this genre These were so well written so well thought through I love how they teach loyalty fidelity duty and love of things than self They connect back to the greatness of the past One other thing we see that evil gets nervous also and that it will eventually collapse in on itself In many pieces that show good and evil good win almost by luck and by tricking evil in some way Good will always win as long as there are good men and women willing to give of self for the better good

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    If my life would be writen between the pages of a book; I wish it be the Lord of the ring By the master's pen; all became real so Hail to my inspiration Tolkien who made me feel the beauty of words Hail

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    Who can resist the charm of J R R Tolkien's brave little hairy toed Hobbits awesome Gandalf the Grey Aragorn Tom Bombadil Elf lord Glorfindel Half elven lord Elrond beautiful Arwen Boromir Lady Galadriel Gimli the Dwarf and Legolas the ElfTolkien describes Hobbits I picture a fairly human figure not a kind of fairy rabbit as some of my British reviewers seem to fancy fattish in the stomach shortish in the leg A round jovial face; ears only slightly pointed and 'elvish'; hair short and curling brown The feet from the ankles down covered with brown hairy fur Clothing green velvet breeches; red or yellow waistcoat; brown or green jacket; gold or brass buttons; a dark green hood and cloak belonging to a dwarf Even Hobbit names are whimsical and bring on a smile Bilbo Baggins Frodo Baggins Samwise Sam Gamgee Meriadoc Merry Brandybuck Peregrin Pippin Took Fredegar Fatty BolgerRecipe for IRREPRESSIBLE SPELL BINDING literary entertainmentFind featured always hungry Hobbits in hobbit holes in a Shire andor at Birthday celebration Mix with good bad Wizards Elves Dwarves a magical gold ring everyone wants Orcs terrifying Ringwraiths a once of hobbit kind creature called Gollum a demon Balrog a giant spider named Shelob tree like Ents Humans huge elephant like Oliphaunts and Trolls Then throw in lots of adventures battles magic love death humor loyalty friendship tears and fear Arrange all ingredients to make the reader stay up for days unwilling to do anything but read the next sentence next paragraph next page next chapter then next book until you finally wave goodbye to Bilbo Frodo Gandolph and the elves as they read the books and find out

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    Well I don't really have this boxed set but of course I've read all the books I get out of them with each re reading Tolkien would be one of those guys who if I could invite any 3 people to have dinner with would get a seat at the table

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    I read this mainly through my break times during a vile summer job when I was a student Tolkien's classic helped to isolate the Trolls I was working with at the time