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Fantastic satirical work on consumerist identity and the human condition A sci fi gem that demands reading Funny, witty, insightful. 4 Stars out of 5 Stars Really bummed just wrote out a detailed review and a glitch caused it not to post Maybe I ll get around to re writing it but that s always frustrating Here s a recap Loved the characters, and sympathized with all the narrator, the wife and even someone in an authorative position something not common for a George Saunders story where the authority is usually just a bunch of laughable idiots Loved the concept of the dystopia a society where young adults live in product testing facilities and can wear high end fashion, indulge in decadent feasts, and can achieve celebrity status and even get happiness injected into them on a daily basis A society where freedom isof an illusion, where joy and wonder for the world is gone, and where your feelings can only be expressed through commercials The dilemma Why leave Especially when you re faced with the blue scrub clad, ordinary people living in the shambles and shacks of the outside world Why leave a society where everything is perfect, where you can have any material possession you desire, where security and money are never a question Loved the writing style As always, George Saunders writes with alternative spelling and poor grammar by today s standards reinforcing the fact that society is not as smart is not as free thinking is not as educated when placed in a beautiful dystopia run by idiocracy Loved the ending Not expected in comparison to other Saunders works , but truly perfect for this story Who I would recommend this to Anybody Especially Saunders fans, or anyone looking for a quick read that packs a punch. This is not a novel, but a lengthy short story published in The New Yorker As usual, George Saunders creates a world that is both disturbingly different from ours, and yet still incredibly familiar He tells a compelling tale of two young people who make hard decisions in hopes of finding themselves Really great. Set in a marketing dystopia, Teenagers live in a pristine facility where all they do is assess new commercial products Fed a diet of soothing drugs to keep them happy and productive, they are treated like minor celebrities Moreover, they are fitted with microchips that play advertisements in their heads These ads substitute for their memories possibly providing them with better recollections than reality ever could One of the teen agers, Jon, falls in love with another, Carolyn, and the couple is soon forced to decide whether to stay in the safe confines of the facility or disconnect their chips and brave the unfamiliar outside world.Although Jon is a satire about advertising and consumerism, it s also about the difficulties and challenges of freeing ourselves from prevailing cultural norms The story explores the price of self expression and the ways in which our memories can diminish, or deepen, our present reality Here s one of my favorite extracts Plus further and I said this to Carolyn what will it be like for us when all has been taken from us Of what will we speak of I do not want to only speak of my love in grunts If I wish to compare my love to a love I have previous knowledge of, I do not want to stand there in the wind casting about for my metaphor If I want to say like, Carolyn, remember that RE MAX one where as the redhead kid falls asleep holding that Teddy bear rescued from the trash, the bear comes alive and winks, and the announcer goes, Home is the place where you find yourself suddenly no longer longing for home LI 34451 if I want to say to Carolyn, Carolyn, LI 34451, check it out, this is how I feel about you well, then, I want to say it I want to possess all the articulate I can, because otherwise there we will be, in non designer clothes, no longer even on TrendSetters TasteMakers gum cards with our photos on them, and I will turn to her and say, Honey, uh, honey, there is a certain feeling but I cannot name it and cannot cite a precedent type feeling, but trust me, dearest, wow, do I ever feel it for you, right now And what will that be like, that stupid standing there, just a man and a woman and the wind, and nobody knowing what nobody is meaning This story was really out there and kept me interested Just like Joyce s where are you going, where have you been , it covers the timeless subject that is the adolescent years Humans never change, despite the fact that we innovate, that we have different cultures or languages We encounter the same problems, that most of the time we create ourselves. what is wrong with taking a chance even if that chance has horns and hoofs This is my favorite line in the story, and this line also sums up what George Saunders wants to achieve with his writing, every time he picks up the pen Jon is a love story, which is as much about loving someone and growing up, as about the horrors of innovation, technology and everything else that the future has in store for us Or maybe we are in the future already. One word Fantastic The world is so specific and insightful I feel like I have read an entire book I want to keep reading, but I am satisfied with the end A great commentary on materialism and love.This is the best short story that I have ever read. From Newyorker NoveletteKeywords Sex Teen Agers Masturbation Love Affairs Science Fiction Babies General DeathStory About A Boy, Jon, And A Girl, Carolyn, Who Have Lived Their Lives In A Facility Where They Rate Commercial Items And Are Treated Like Celebrities They Fall In Love, Carolyn Becomes Pregnant, And They Request To Exit The Facility Josh Squeezed Through The Little Gap Between The Heartbreaking, in the classic vein of e.g Flowers for Algernon. Read the full review via