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This is the best thing I ve read, as a horror fan and cat owner The cats are just realistically enough drawn that they hit uncanny valley but are somehow still adorably expressive Ito draws his experiences of being a first time cat owner while his wife is a cat veteran, and naturally he fights for their affection while being completely unaware that cats WILL mess with you if you try too hard I wish this man continues writing cat manga I am all for that.While Ito incorporates some of his notable horror style, it isn t a scary manga if you aren t fond of his other work, which I find nice as it s an accessible way of showing non horror fans his style The only drawbacks are that it feels too short especially if you re used to reading his collected volumes like Uzumaki which is HUGE and there is a bonus comic that hits you hard with sadness when you least expect it. HELL O KITTY Master Of Japanese Horror Manga Junji Ito Presents A Series Of Hissterical Tales Chronicling His Real Life Trials And Tribulations Of Becoming A Cat Owner Junji Ito, As J Kun, Has Recently Built A New House And Has Invited His Financ E, A Ko, To Live With Him Little Did He Know His Blushing Bride To Be Has Some Unexpected Company In Tow Yon, A Ghastly Looking Family Cat, And Mu, An Adorable Norwegian Forest Cat Despite Being A Dog Person, J Kun Finds Himself Purrsuaded By Their Odd Cuteness And Thus Begins His Comedic Struggle To Gain The Affection Of His New Feline Friends Ein besonderer, kleiner Manga ber das Zusammenleben mit zwei Katzen, vom Horror Mangaka Junji Ito.Trotz der Niedlichkeit wirkt der Manga oft etwas bizarr, was dem eigenwilligen Stil von Junji Ito geschuldet ist, der ja normalerweise sehr gute Horrormanga schafft Gleichzeitig betont gerade dies den Humor in den einzelnen Situationen, die jedem Katzenbesitzer bekannt sein d rften.F r Katzenfans und Liebhaber der Manga von Junji Ito daher sehr empfehlenswert. I own a cat so reading this manga was comical yet hit sooo close to home There are some parts that Junji Ito has captured so perfectly of owning a cat that I just had to stop and laugh out loud because it reminded me of my cat so much Though I do warn, in the epilogue so to speak, there s something truly sad so if you want to escape tears don t read that part.To those who expected a horror novel, you re going to be disappointed because it s not scary Regardless it s still creepybecause of the way he decided to portray his characters, including the cats It was such a perfect balance of creepy and funny that I suggest you read it even if you re only a horror manga fan because I promise you, you re going to enjoy this manga Lastly, this book came in perfect condition so that s a bonus as well. A mild mannered artist s wicked fiancee invites two terrifying creatures into their home one with a cursed face and a skull pattern on its back and the other with a habit of biting people with its fangs, and together they turn his life upside down Be warned, this book makes Fragments of Horror look like a trip to Disneyland in comparison I got into Juji Ito s work after reading how he help create the super creepy PS4 game, P.T actually the trailer for the now canceled Silent Hills game I got Tomie, Gyo, Uzumake, and a couple of others, in addition to Cat Diary I read all of them all very good horror manga books But, when it came to trimming down my library, This book, Yon Mu, was the only one I kept It s funny, terrifying, and touching. I ve been a fan of Junji Ito for a very long time Uzumaki caught abs held my attention from the get go So when I first read snippets of this online, it was a really hilarious departure from his usual creepy fare It is exactly what the title suggests a diary of his life with his fianc e and their cats, Yon and Mu But what makes it so funny is that it s still illustrated like a horror story Perfect for those of us with a perverse sense of humor also has cats Bonus S und gruselig in einem, kann ich jedem empfehlen der eine Katze hat, man erkennt einige Gemeinsamkeiten All good