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Transporting Readers To Three Of The Most Romantic Cities In The World, This Beautiful Book Brings To Life Their Old World Charms And Architectural Gems, And PresentsImpeccable Recipes For Recreating Their Legendary Cakes And Pastries In The Home KitchenVienna, Budapest, And Prague Have A Special Hold On Our Imaginations, Conjuring Up A Sense Of Timeless Elegance, Of Historical And Cultural Riches And Of Tables Laden With The Most Extraordinary Desserts Imaginable Rick Rodgers Explores All These Treasures In Kaffeehaus, A Cook S Tour Enhanced With Stunning Full Color Photographs Rodgers Visits Such Culinary Landmarks As Caf Slavia In Prague And Caf Sperl In Vienna, Sampling Apple Strudel, The Emperor S Pancakes, Hot Chocolate, And Other Classics And Gathering The Recipes And Secrets Of Master Bakers With An Attention To Detail Developed Through Years Of Teaching, He Explains How To Make The Perfect Accompaniments To A Cup Of Coffee, As Well As Spectacular Endings To Elegant MealsFilled With Food Facts And Lore From When Coffee First Came To Vienna To The Great Sachertorte Controversy , Kaffeehaus Is A Treat For Armchair Travelers And Cooks Alike

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    Nice book but the Austrian cheesecake recipe I seriously want to try has a mistake in it and I am confused about how to proceed as they made an error in the directions It says to reduce the temp to 350 in the recipe but has you starting out at 325, so what to do I would just be guessing Did they mean to say increase or was the first temp incorrect Who knows I went on his website but there is not an email contact listed so I could email him to ask.

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    And now I have to go to Vienna.A tour not only through the history of the food, drink, people and establishments of the Days of Empire, but also the best current restaurants to go to along with some amazing recipes.

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    Great recipes, beautiful photographs both of cakes and of great cafes in the cities of the title This book reminds me of eating cake in Vienna I love it.

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    Though I m sure the recipes are authentic and delicious, I was put off by the style of the book I like my cookbooks to be open, filled with great photos, and easily readable This falls under the category of most older cookbooks with pages of daunting, uninspiring text that just makes me want to close it without even skimming the recipe titles.

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    So, I am not a baker and what I mean by that is that I have never so much as made chocolate chip cookies But if I was a baker, I would really want to make things from this book Oh my God the elegance, the exquisiteness and yes, the chilling caloric danger of just to look at pictures But danger it is And what a culture I loved the history contained in the book and appreciated the recipes involving alcoholic beverages, which I have to admit, even those looked complicated most of all I loved the personal tour of famous coffee houses in Vienna and Budapest I want to try them all I have such vivid memories of drinking Viennese coffee in Vienna when I was 19 And then in Japan in Tochigi, not even in Tokyo we lived near a coffee house called Wien Oh, I loved stopping there and drinking Viennese coffee out of a porcelain cup I hate whipped cream and yet how to say no I must meet some Austrian friends stollen Tortes and Tartlets strudel ple ase I tried to rename my dog strudel the other day, but my husband got mad at me Farmer s cheese and raisins I love Linzer cookies and those to die for Czech Kolacky Sacher Torte I scoured the book for just one thing I could manage, but I have to be honest, I couldn t find anything But now I know that Maria Teresia s parrots were fed cake crumbs dipped in Tokaji my true love because she was convinced it kept their feathers bright and glossy WONDERFUL DREAM WORLD

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    I would love to bake my way through this cookbook the motherlode of dessert recipes Arranged in categories the basics batters, doughs, icings glazes with tips for success, simple cakes, fancy cakes, strudels, sweet yeast breads, slices individual desserts, cookies doughnuts, pancakes sweet omelettes, sweet dumplings noodles, puddings beverages My single complaint is that there are not enough pictures unless there s a photo for every recipe, I never think there are enough pictures in cookbooks which make it less appealing generally old fashioned.

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    A beautiful book The recipes are classics, unsurprisingly, but interesting to see as a collection No metric measurements, though, which I always find a little bit of a letdown On the other hand, the background information about the history of the recipes and their connected Kaffeeh user was priceless.

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    I just finished looking through this recipe book and want to visit Vienne just to try deserts I wish I had time to bake This recipes look way out of my league I think maybe one would need ore experience than I have to create this lovely pastries.

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    I love the interesting little stories on the History of the pastries.

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    I couldn t get the chefs in the family to attempt any of the recipes darn.