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This story had possibilities... a young professional woman leaving the hustle and smuts of London behind her and moving to an enchanting little home in Scotland...adapting to another way of life and type of people. The references to old beliefs in pagan rituals as part of the story was overdone, however. And the unappealing and rather unbelievable personality of the main male character relegates this particular book to the bottom half of my D.E. favorites' list. A few weird parts because of superstitious villagers. Not D.E. Stevenson's best, but easy light reading. 3/13/13:
Definitely not one of my favorite D.E. Stevenson books. But it made me want to go reread Mrs. Tim Flies Home , which also takes place in Old Quinings with some of the same people. It is MUCH better. And of course I can't start on the last Mrs. Tim book, so I'll have to reread all of them. Love me some Mrs. Tim!

3/12/13: What blissa D.E. Stevenson book that I haven't read! There aren't many left out there. Please don't bother me until I finish. Kate Hardy is more than a light romance, it's social history. Amongst other things D.E. Stevenson focuses on the problems faced by men getting out of the forces after World War 2. It's a very enjoyable read. Unfortunately, "Kate Hardy" is one of many D.E. Stevenson novels that are currently out of print, but I was able to find a used copy online at a semireasonable price.

First published in 1947, and set in that same postwar time period, the title character is a successful author from London, who impulsively purchases "the Dower House" in the village of Old Quinings from local landowner Richard Morven and moves in, hoping to find some peace and quiet to write in. Morvenseparated from his wifeis an obvious potential love interestbut then there's also local war hero Walter Stack, recently returned home and trying to readjust to his modest workingclass life as a carpenter. Class, social mobility and postwar social upheaval are major themes here, and while some of the attitudes might seem horribly outdated to our modern way of thinking, these were very real issues being confronted in Britain at the time.

Like most of Stevenson's work, "Kate Hardy" is a fast & pleasant read. The one thing I didn't especially like about it was a subplot with a bit of a supernatural/occult element to it. It was kind of jarring and nasty and felt a bit out of place in the gentle world of DES. I think the story could have done without it.

Three stars. This has taken the bad taste left by Angela Thirkell's Peace Breaks Out from my mouth. That was published in 1946; this in 1947; that lamented the changes in the class system brought about by WW2; this celebrates them. Thirkell writes a much wittier book than Stevenson, but Stevenson's books have much more heart. Kate Hardy buys a country house unseen and makes her move from London to the dull quiet life so she can continue writing her popular heroaction books. Yet, life in the country is far from dull. Strange letters, neighborhood soap operas, tangled romances, and irritating relatives visiting interrupt Kate's solitude. And she doesn't mind one iota.
A thoroughly likable plot and heroine, the book would have garnered five stars except for the ending. DES is terrible about her loose endings. Everything comes crashing to a big finale but she tends to leave loose bits trailing in the breeze. My hope is that Kate Hardy continues on in another book. How many favorite books can one have? This is one.

An independent woman of private means buys a house in Old Quinings. She attempts to renovate the house during the austere postwar times. She hires a young demobbed veteran who has trouble adjusting to the village social schema after serving as a responsible army officer during the war. He alone discovers that Kate is an author of mystery novels under a man's pen name.

connections: Mrs. Tim Flies Home (Old Quinings)
I was so enthralled with "The Young Clementina" that when I found this old hardcover at a library sale, I was thrilled to pick up yet another DE Stevenson book.

Kate Hardy is clever and she has to be; she is a famous author and the creator of the fearless Stephen Slade. Everyone loves her books (although she writes under an assumed name), and Kate's earnings permit her to buy the Dower House and settle in the village of Old Quinings. Here she is beset by neighbors and small intrigues that don't allow her as much free time to write as she wishes.

"Kate went into the morningroom and sat down at her desk. She began to think about Stephen. It was not easy to get back into the atmosphere of her book after the excitements of the last few days, but she made a determined effort, and was just beginning to rekindle the flame when Martha looked in.

'Miss Kate,' said Martha, "I thought I'd just catch you before you started. Walter Stack has come. Did you want him to make shelves in the attic?"

Kate is able to solve the mystery of the author of some poison pen letters and encourage a new friend, a returned decorated World War 2 hero, to find stability after returning home from the war. There are old superstitions to be confronted in the unsavory character of Abijah Rannish and in between, Kate brings solace to a local schoolteacher, Miss Carlyle. The unconventional circumstances of Richard Morven and his marraige allows Kate the opportunity to befriend his unusual daughter Susan.

"Susan had read all the Slade Books now and she assured their author that they were very good indeed.

"There's no silly love business," explained Susan. "I hate love, don't you?"

Kate was not shocked by this unchristian sentiment; she knew what Susan meant and was inclined to agree with heror at least to sympathise. Too much loveinterest in novels was apt to be a little cloying."

D.E. Stevenson always portrays life in a small English village so realistically and although not my favorite of hers, I still enjoyed reading this one and becoming familiar with some of the characters (the formidable Miss Crease for one). If Kate does seem a little too perfect to be absolutely genuine, her story was still a pleasant read. Kate Hardy Romance With Warmth, Heart And Charm I M Kate Hardy And I Write True Love Harlequin Romance And Medical Romances For Harlequin Mills Boon If You Like Your Romance Full Of Warmth, Heart And Charm, You Ll Enjoy Meeting My Heroes And Heroines On Here You Ll Find Information About My Books Kate Hardy Harlequin SA Leur Petit Miracle, Kate Hardy Du Par L Amour, Le Dr Jared Fraser Est Dcid Ne Plus Laisser Son C Ur Diriger Sa Vie Pourtant, Auprs De Sa Nouvelle Collaboratrice, La Sublime Bailey Randall, Il Sent Ses Rsistances Vaciller Bailey, Quant Elle, A Fait Une Croix Sur Les Hommes Et Ses Projets De Famille Depuis Le Drame Qui A Boulevers Sa Vie Kate Hardy Tous Les Produits Fnac Retrouvez Tous Les Produits Kate Hardy Au Meilleur Prix La FNAC Achetez Les Produits Kate Hardy Et Profitez De La Livraison Gratuite En Livre Auteur Kate Hardy Harlequin Une Promesse Tenir Le Rve Secret D Une Infirmire Kate Hardy EPub , Poche , Ajouter Au Panier Pack Mensuel Blancheromans AvrilJanice Lynn EPub , Ajouter Au PanierKate Hardy Livres Et Ebooks De L Auteur Kate HardyKate Hardy Dcouvrez Tous Les Ouvrages De L Auteur Kate Hardy En Version Livre Ou Ebook Furet Du Nord Kate Hardy Home Facebook Kate Hardylikes Award Winning Author For Harlequin Mills Boon Romance True Love And Medical RomanceKate Hardy Livres NotRetrouvez Kate Hardy Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Profils Kate Hardy Facebook Afficher Les Profils Des Personnes Qui S Appellent Kate Hardy Inscrivez Vous Sur Facebook Pour Communiquer Avec Kate Hardy Et D Autres Personnes Que Kate Hardie Wikipedia Kate Hardie Born Kate OddieAprilis An English Actress She Is Best Known For Her Roles In The Krays, Mona Lisa, And Most Recently, The Channeloriginal Series National Treasure Career With No Formal Training, She Auditioned For Her First Role