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A photographic poke in the eye as you peek under the hood of kustom kulture Let 12 international photographers take you on a road trip through a vintage landscape where the women wear stockings and speak in seductive whiskey stained whispers and the men hard and mean burn rubber through your imaginationFeatured photographers Laurent Bagnard Dirk Behlau Shannon Brooke Nick Clements Richard Fahey Richard Heeps Chas Ray Krider April May David Perry Roy Varga Viva Van Story and Adam Wright

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    A much edgier take on the female form comes by way of “Kustom Kamera” published by Britain’s Korero Books a collection dubbed “greased up eye candy” with its depiction of sexy goddesses in various greasy tattooed biker motifs The look is bold aggressive and loaded with garters cars and even some light bondage as it showcases the work of a dozen thematic photographers including Chas Ray Krider April May and Roy Varga The blowtorch imagery depicted here has in common with the hot rod era of guys like Big Daddy Roth and the world of rockabilly than the primped up look of for example 50’s era Playboy If you’re looking for something with a grit reminiscent of Tarantino over Hef “Kustom Kamera” may be just right for you