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As Wine Tasting Is Considered To Be A Very Sophisticated Practice, There Is A Particular Etiquette You Have To Follow This Etiquette Should Remain The Same Whether You Are At A Vineyard, Wine Tasting Private Party, Or In A Restaurant When You Have A Wine Tasting Party, You Should Only Invite Some People That You Can Fit Comfortably In The Room You Want To Have Your Party A Crowd May Be Intimidating You Do Not Want Any Of Your Guest To Feel Like They Are Being Rushed When They Are Pouring A Glass Or Tasting The Wine Always Be Sure To Have Bottled Water On Hand When You Are Having A Wine Tasting It Allows Your Guest To Rinse Their Mouths Out Between Tasting Different Wines If You Have Just Tasted A Massive Wine, You Must Have Water Ready For The Guests If You Do Not, Then Their Next Tasting May Be Tainted Due To The Heaviness Lingering In Their Mouths Also, Water Is Good Because Guests Will Get Thirsty, And They Need To Drink Something Other Than The Wine When You Have A Wine Tasting, It Is Important To Provide Food For Your Guests However, You Also Want To Be Sure To Have Food On Hand That Will Not Change The Way The Wine Tastes In Any Way The Best Snacks To Have On Hand Include Unflavored Things Like Bread Or Unsalted Crackers One Of The Most Basic Questions People Ask When Drinking Wine Is, What You Should Pair It With Which Type Should You Drink, When, Where, And For What Reasons Should You Pick That Bottle Over Others Well, I Will Tell You It Depends On Many Factors It Even Depends On The Season For Example, A Nice Sharp Riesling Can Be Drunk On A Warm Summer Day, Sitting Outside On The Patio At An Ocean View Restaurant In The Winter Time, A Full Bodied Red May Feel Festive The Most Typical Way To Choose Which Wine To Drink Is By Paring It With Foods The Standard, Traditional Approach To This Is That Red Goes With Steak And Other Meats White Wine Goes Well With Fish, Pasta, Or Chicken, Depending On The Sauces Used