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Cast M This Show Begins Dramatically When Peter Crawls Out Onto A Ledge Prepared To Jump There He Meets JM A Professional Suicide Counselor Who Will Make Sure That Peter Goes Out In Style JM Guides Peter Through All The Problems Of A Successful Suicide How To Obtain A Crowd, How To Hold The Audience, How To Build Tension, How To Obtain Television Coverage And, Finally, When And How To Jump Then A Rival Suicide Counselor Appears PJ Reveals That JM Is A Bust As A Suicide Counsel Or He S Fouled Up Every Suicide Attempt He S Had For Example, There Was The Client Who Wanted To Electrocute Herself And JM Managed To Burn Down Her Whole House But The Old Lady Came Out Without A Scratch At This Point, Peter Asserts Himself And The Play Ends With A Humorous Reversal Simple Ext Set

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    The very first play I was ever in Not an earth moving piece of writing but it was a lot of fun to perform and holds a special place in my heart.