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Governments are instituted among men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness Marcus Yallow may not be a typical 17 year old kid, but he is fairly harmless He might hack a secured website once in a while or figure out a way to circumnavigate the school security system, but only to insure himself a few moments of elicit freedom He has been in trouble enough times to be the prime suspect when anything involving a technology hack becomes known, even when he didn t do itNever underestimated the determination of a kid who is time rich and cash poorHis life is changed forever when he decides to bust out of school for a few hours to play a Japanese scavenger hunt game His best friends come with him because they work well as a team And then someone blew up the Bay Bridge.Needless to say all hell broke loose, and in the melee Marcus and his friends are detained by the Department of Homeland Security DHS This turns out to be the ultimate in being in the wrong place at the wrong time The scavenger hunt game looked to DHSlike a game to plant bombs After several days of humiliation, threats, and mild but unsettling forms of torture, Marcus does something he never thought he would dohe gave them what they wanted The passwords to all his devices satisfy them for now They cut him loose The embarrassment of giving in to them leaves a festering wound in his guts and makes him want to do something to fight back He is further motivated by the fact that his friend Darryl has disappeared, and DHS denies ever having him in their possession The Bay Bridge terrorist act gives the government cover to make people disappear that they think should disappear Those missing agitators just died in the attack, and their bodies are unrecoverable.Easier to do than you would think.DHS keeps implementingandcontrol over the city of San Francisco The rest of the country doesn t care after allThe nation does not love that city As far as they re concerned, it is a Sodom and Gomorrah of fags and atheists who deserve to rot in hellMarcus gets stopped within a few days of his release for having a NONSTANDARD RIDE PATTERN on BART DHS is tracking everything Cameras at school have been installed that measure the distinctive walking patterns of students to determine who they are Marcus combats this by putting pebbles in his shoes Marcus s parents were radicals in the 1960s, protesting anything and everything, but now that they are older, they have turned from radical anarchists into scared conservatives They want the government protecting them and are willing to sacrifice their own civil liberties to feel safer Land of the FREE and the Home of the BRAVE Don t trust anyone over 25 The adults have turned to the dark side, so if there are any hopes of pushing back against the thuggish tactics of DHS, it is going to have to be from the kids, and as it happens Marcus Win5t0n M1k3y becomes their leader Through the XNET on XBOX he is able to recruit an army of teenagers who need directions on how to best combat the security measures that have been put in place by the government Marcus is scared and worried about the news circulating that the people they really want gone are being shipped to Syria As he grows this revolution, he also begins to feel responsible for all the people he is encouraging to put themselves in harm s way He checks out On the Road from the library to look for inspiration In therhythm to the words, it was lusciousHis new girlfriend Ange, a tech head like him with the added bonus of being as horny or hornier than he is, also enjoys his choice in books They read passages to one anotherThey danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes Awww That Jack Kerouac could bring it He does make me want to hop in a car with no clear destination to meet new people, see new places, and leave the old in the dust cloud behind me.I first became aware of this series when I was watching the movie Citizenfour about Edward Snowden During the filming of the movie he was reading the second book in this series called Homeland I decided to pick up the first book in the series and see if Cory Doctorow could further stiffen my spine about reigning in our government After all I am 48 years old, way too old to be trusted I have been all over the map about what I wanted our government to do for us I too was willing to give up some of my rights to keep all of us safer Unfortunately, we opened up a door that never closed The government kept takingandcontrol of our lives I ve seen reviewers who have said that if you aren t doing anything wrong then you have nothing to fear Not true A perfect example of this is when Marcus is stopped for a Nonstandard Ride Pattern Anything out of the ordinary can be interpreted as suspicious We do have the right to privacy I know that people give that up daily on Facebook, telling the world about their private life, but that is their choice In emails to my friends, I expect that the only eyes that will see my words are those that I intended to see them My phone calls should be between me and one other person There should not be a third set of ears in the equation I should be able to travel around my country without someone tracking my every move I should be able to check books out of the library or buy books over the internet without the government logging my ownership When we take away our liberties, then the terrorists win When we live in fear, the terrorists win The terrorists would love nothingthan to turn the United States of America into a mirror of their own repressed societies or with our homegrown terrorists their own hellish vision of what a country should be I guess we have to hope that there is a Little Brother out there capable of standing up to Big Brother I hope I am strong enough to offer my own voice, my own hands, and my own words to the fray If you wish to seeof my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at In an attempt to win over a new generation of sci fi readers, Cory Doctorow s Little Brother is marketed as a young adult book However, adult readers shouldn t worry that Doctorow s book will leave them behind or have them feeling juvenile for reading it Little Brother is a mature, contemporary novel that looks at the issue of security in a near future that doesn t seem too far from today When San Francisco is attacked by terrorists, seventeen year old hacker Marcus and his friends are out playing the latest mission of the most popular game of the day Because of their proximity to the attack and their background as hackers, Marcus and his friends are detained and questioned by the Department of Homeland Security Stripped of his rights, Marcus is eventually set free, but finds that new restrictions placed on the Internet and the world under the banner of making his countrysafe are having the opposite effect Marcus sets out to restore his true freedom and take out the oppressive regime of the Homeland Security Officers Little Brother doesn t shy away from the big questions While this novel is set in a non defined near future, Doctorow is clearly commenting on the ways and means used today to keep our country and world safe from the next attack At one point does it go from keeping us safe to denying us our freedoms and is that tradeoff worth it in the long run Doctorow s story of Marcus and his fight against the larger Big Brother is fascinating and terrifying all at the same time As you read the story, you may realize just how much of our basic, assumed freedoms have been abridged all in the name of security and safety Doctorow also takes this opportunity to provide readers an education of security systems and computer programming In what easily could have been some of the driest portions of the novel, Doctorow is able to give the reader some insight and knowledge, which may leave you curious to pursueinformation on the inventors and security methods Doctorow is something of an Internet celebrity, having revolutionized the marketing of his novels through taking advantage of on line distribution He s grown as a writer since his debut in Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and with Little Brother, while he s writing for a young adult audience, he s found a new level of mature and assured writing that makes Little Brother one of theremarkable and haunting books I ve read this year. Just finished reading the free.pdf version of Cory Doctorow s Little Brother.The writing is not the tightest I have ever read, nor does it even begin to exude elegance, but it does a decent job of keeping you reading.I was incredibly put off by the chapter start bookstore dedications It felt like a weird meta sort of pandering This is what you do when you are relentlessly self promotional You tell people you like them, and tell everyone in the world their name and where they live The obligation to the return the favor feels like less of an obligation, so now Doctorow s cultivated a network of bookshops who are probably going to beamenable to keeping his stuff in stock, perhaps waiting for the day he strolls in to the brick and mortar businesses, anyway to sign whatever they ve got of his on hand I was never allowed to read the book purely for the first several chapters, as I was worried that I might be missing some plot related element if I skipped the bookstore plugs After a few chapters, it became obvious that I did not need to read them at all, and became pretty adept at skipping the italicized bits before reading on The narrative also started to becomerelaxed, so it felt easier to read once the main pin of the plot started to act as its hinge.This novel is pretty heavy handed I was cool with the concepts of security theatre and freedoms being slowly, subtly, and needlessly stripped from citizens volunteering them up in the name of Freedom, but I was absolutely NOT down with the 2 dimensional and laughable caricatures painting Rooney and Perfect Haircut and Charles I don t actually care how real those depictions might actually be, weirdly enough It was a cheap narrative element, and drew me out of the story so much that I actually began to resent the narrator and the hubris layered over him by the author like thick, crusty calcium deposits The martyrdom of Marcus is all well and good as a plot device, but other than the concert event and the flash mob, there was never any real sense of the scope of what was happening in the world of the book It isn t until much later that you actually get some mortality numbers from the book s pivotal event, and honestly, that would ve been good to know much, much earlier It s as if none of this actually occurred to Marcus until he was forced to look at it He was clueless about the DHS people he encountered, and it only took a few minutes of television watching to clue him in It was also frustrating to have him be so careful about getting off the grid when the vans came by, and to make such a huge point of it, but then, when it mattered the most after he escaped from Masha in the moving truck , when he was keeping the evidence he most needed alive and accessible Masha s phone , he didn t seem to care much at all about being detected.I dunno It s a decent read, but it felt sort of hacked together,than a little holier than thou Appropriating the Don t trust anyone over 30 slogan and re tooling it to 25 thoroughly pissed me off, for obvious reasons I am not the enemy, and I do not come from a generation that defines the habit of voluntarily giving up one s freedoms I became a teenager during the Cold War, and I remember what it was like to constantly fear nuclear fallout from an attack, of Ronnie accidentally pushing the wrong button Maybe that s something Doctorow felt necessary to put into a Young Adult book, but as a teenager, I would ve found that a little insulting, especially since Marcus shows plenty of trust in his History teacher and later on, the journalist It s ridiculous that they are painted as the exception to the rule What a grim message to send to teenagers, who already might feel disenfranchised by simply being teenagers.Anyway, I read it It was intriguing initially because the kids were playing a game they called an ARG I would have liked to have heard evenabout it, but whatever , but the rest of it was, strangely enough, a lot of fear mongering, grandstanding, and a coupla sex scenes Oh, and I was pretty irritated that Darryl became a footnote, collateral damage, unexplored What happened to him was pretty interesting, and would have given muchgravitas to the themes of the book, but it wasimportant to have Marcus and Ange close out the book by sweatily groping each other in a little tiny office with their shiny new hip revolution Sigh. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow hits some sensitive themes over and over in a narrative of the sooner rather than later dystopian problems following a post 9 11 terrorist attack on America, this time in San Francisco Making an obvious tip of the cap to George Orwell, Doctorow begins his story in 2015 with hip, techie teenager Marcus and his exploits trying to avoid problems with his assistant principal Geeky adolescent shenanigans are quickly interrupted by the attack and the subsequent martial law that comes down in the form of a Department of Homeland Security squad of jack booted thugs led by a severe haircut lady who would be at home in Orwell s Thought Police or the Gestapo Our protagonist s world is changed forever after his arrest and Doctorow uses Marcus declared war on the DHS as a means to discuss topics of law, freedom, Constitution and the nature of our precarious balancing test of safety versus personal freedom and privacy.Marcus techno revolution will undoubtedly strike a filial chord with many young adults, presumably the intended audience for this novel, and his fear and paranoia surrounding the hard times of the DHS crack down is a clear and intentional throw back to the counter culture, social activism of the 60s and Doctorow s setting in San Francisco is no accident.This book will raise divergent discussions about the nature of security and the foundations of our Bill of Rights in light of very real threats from abroad and from within While Doctorow is not shy about standing on a soapbox, his writing falls short of being preachy and for the most part he simply spins a good story Heavily one sided, though, the author steers clear of objective descriptions of the attack and responsible parties, focusing instead on the safety versus privacy issues While this focus provides a linear narrative and a theme centered storyline, the book may have been made better with abalanced discussion of all the issues surrounding a terrorist attack Still, prophetic warnings of our Department of Homeland Security turning into above the law secret police hits home and Doctorow effectively creates a healthy environment for cautious activism as our society continues to struggle with how to be safe while maintaining our identity as a free nation. Seventeen year old Marcus studies at a normal school in San Francisco set in the very near future In this case normal school means total surveillance over the students, complete control over their movement and what they read Marcus is knowledgeable and rebellious enough to fool the system into giving himself some freedom and privacy One normal day at school follows another until Marcus and his friends escape it during a break and almost perished in a terrorist attack The survivors are rounded up by the Department of Homeland Security and sent to an old prison to sort them out Marcus refused to cooperate initially still thinking the standard justice procedures are applied to terrorist suspects and as a result earned himself a status of one I do not need to say about the state of surveillance after a terrorist attack hint it increased to the level of that of Big Brother , but Marcus does not like it and thinks he can fool the system by his usual methods and discredit it Can he really I am sorry, but this review would be muchpolitical than my usual ones It is impossible for it not to be For starters let us just say that the terrorists won If you think I exaggerate, just try crossing US Canada border to see that I talk about, and these are two friendly neighboring nations which are very close to each other I would be the first one to admit that Cory Doctorow preaches in this book He preaches a lot However his preaching is related to very important subjects that fall under the radar for a lot of people internet privacy, cryptography, snooping, false positives paradox, and other related things He does provide a crash course for all of these from technical point of view and while he tries to keep thing simple the amount of information can still be overwhelming at times It is still a good idea to read it to get the most general idea on the topic, at the very least I cannot stress the importance of the lessons in the book enough In my opinion this book should be a must read for anybody with an IQ higher than that of an average potato Do not expect an easy read and it does get depressing the way the classic 1984 gets depressing this novel has some similarities with the latter, except that it hits way too close to home quite often too often to qualify for a comfort reading The plot combined with the importance of discussed subjects yields 4.5 stars rounded down. What sounds from the description like a fun techno thriller tinged with lefty politics is instead a didactic bore of a blog entry masquerading as a novel I agree with the politics of the book it s the bad writing I have a problem with It seems Doctorow was so concerned with conveying his Important Message that he forgot that long lectures tend to kill plot momentum He also forgot about credible characters and dialogue that sounds like a real human being would actually say it A colossal disappointment, and I downloaded it for free. I m feeling totally weird about feeling so unenthusiastic about this book as everyone I know who has read it seems to have loved it Just see that it got another star, this one from the Horn Book Seems like I m the only person on earth who didn t Ah well Cory, if you are reading this stop I m clearly alone in my feelings here Go read all the reviews of people who like it Forget about mine So anyway, I read it on the plane to ALA and had to really push to finish it Some of the writing drove me nuts I mean, how many times did Marcus have to piss like a racehorse Two for sure The sex scenes made me cringe I found way too much telling Telling about hacking, telling about programming, telling about the 60s, telling about the Yippies, et al I don t have the book at hand to give specific examples, but I just felt too lectured at too often I really disliked the setup with the nasty boy Chuck was his name, I think The one who argued with the teacher about Vietnam and was horrible I felt he was such a straw man and I m a pacifist, was very into anti Vietman demos back in the day, and a hippie wannabee I had trouble suspending disbelief that he would never have gone to see Daryl s father till his parents take him there weeks months after his supposed death I mean, weren t they really close friends He thought about Daryl, but never about any of Daryl s family I understand the appeal, the call to arms, and all, but I stand alone I guess in my lack of enthusiasm for this title. More polemic than novel, Little Brother is the kind of book I would have devoured when I was a teenager I gave it to my teenage son, and he went nuts for it he isn t a reader and was inspired by the various suggestions in the text to learnabout RFID, surveillance, privacy, EFF, Linux, and other technologies Doctorow explores or mentions in the text.The story and characters aren t as complex as they could have been, but I didn t mind Cory wrote this for teenagers, and he was clearlyinterested in getting them worked up than doing a character study.I enjoyed it I wanted to see what happened when a bunch of kids did in fiction what a lot of us adults wanted to do in real life during the Bush years, and I wasn t disappointed. It s not about doing something shameful It s about doing something private It s about your life belonging to youWhat do you valueprivacy or security What if the endless security measures lull you into thinking you re safe but are in fact little but an excuse for a tight grip on your, ahem, unmentionables in order to keep you meek and docile Billed as a young adult book, Cory Doctorow s Little Brother, despite its decidedly young voice and a few overexplanations aimed at chronologically underchallenged, is strikingly mature It s about encouraging the young minds to be subversive instead of meek It s about the dangers of fear mongering and paranoia It s about the principles of civil liberties and social activism It s about the principles of human rights including the right to question authority It s serious about the idea of actually holding the government responsible.Our world has gone through a lot of changes in the name of that nebulous idea of safety and security We learned to take things and make them the new normal Of course you cannot carry certain things on the airplane Of course you will get a full body scan and a full grope patdown in addition to that I m 30 but look 16, I was told an innocent looking baby faced and harmless appearing young woman and I keep getting randomly swabbed for gunpowder and extra patted down whenever I try to board a plane must be that inner subversiveness shining through Of course the government can easily read your emails and listen to your phone but insists on keeping its secrets as it s reading yours Of course your Internet search is monitored for the tell tale trigger words Of course your whereabouts are tracked and your GPS and who else by extension always knows where the hell you are Little Brother a novel of the aftermath of a terrorist attack on San Francisco, when in the wave of seemingly well intentional but who are we kidding, inevitably political paranoia the surveillance state tightens its anti terrorism grip, and caught in the safety security quasi patriotism grip are, of course, not only the false positive terrorist suspects but the rest of the quasi free society.The Orwellian Big Brother here is DHS, the Department of Homeland Security, turning San Francisco into basically a surveillance state by playing on the usual human fears and desires to be safe and protectedI thought I lived in a country where I had rights You re talking about defending my freedom by tearing up the Bill of RightsBut for every Big Brother there is a Little Brother, and here this role is taken on by a 17 year old technology savvy young man Marcus Yallow, whose natural incline towards questioning authority by, really, quoting the Declaration of Independence and accepting freedom of speech as the undeniable right, combined with the poor luck of ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time make him a target and a victim of those in power and make him a thorn in their side that they cannot get rid of Instead of obediently accepting the new reality of anti terrorism leading to curbing of rights and freedoms, Marcus rallies the young into a cyber war against the Big BrotherI couldn t believe it, but there was no other explanation It had been sheer vindictiveness My mind reeled at the thought They had done all that as a mere punishment for defying their authority.I had been scared Now I was angry Those bastards, I said, softly They did it to get back at me for mouthing off I m going to get them, I whispered, staring at my soda I m going to get them Jolu shook his head You can t, you know You can t fight back against thatWhat follows is Cory Doctorow s treatise disguised as a smart and witty novel on why your freedom and privacy is important and how you can fight back and ask inconvenient questions Do we have the right to privacy The right not to succumb to fear mongering The right to liberty The right to freedom and justice for all Read this book Ask the questions Be a little subversive it may just pay off in the long run.4.5 stars.You can read it legally and free from Cory Doctorow s own website Marcus Aka Wntn, Is Only Seventeen Years Old, But He Figures He Already Knows How The System Works And How To Work The System Smart, Fast, And Wise To The Ways Of The Networked World, He Has No Trouble Outwitting His High School S Intrusive But Clumsy Surveillance SystemsBut His Whole World Changes When He And His Friends Find Themselves Caught In The Aftermath Of A Major Terrorist Attack On San Francisco In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time, Marcus And His Crew Are Apprehended By The Department Of Homeland Security And Whisked Away To A Secret Prison Where They Re Mercilessly Interrogated For DaysWhen The DHS Finally Releases Them, His Injured Best Friend Darryl Does Not Come Out The City Has Become A Police State Where Every Citizen Is Treated Like A Potential Terrorist He Knows That No One Will Believe His Story, Which Leaves Him Only One Option Mky Will Take Down The DHS Himself