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Pros Fastest way to get caught up on the drone biz conversational tone logical way of looking at drones and how to best learn the industryCons organization is lacking and is a little all over the place repeats same info 2 3 times uses acronyms terms without explaining exactly what they are I.e flyaway, IMU way to many plugs and sales pitches for Drone U a pet peeve Overall Even with its faults this is a must read for anyone looking to run a drone biz 1 Star for being the first to market with a drone biz book. Everyone Today Seems To Have A Drone , Touting A New High Tech Delivery Method YouTubers, With Countless Aerial Videos Your Neighbor, Who Keeps Crashing Into Your Tree But Drones Are Than A Gadget Craze They Re A Booming Business With The Potential To Change Industries Ranging From Video To Agriculture To Contracting And The Ability To Change Your Life Drone U Was Created By Drone Pilots For Drone Pilots, To Help Aspiring Professionals Turn A Pastime Into A Profitable, Sustainable, And Successful Commercial Operation Livin The Drone Life Draws On This Invaluable Experience To Teach Hopeful Drone Pros All Sides Of The Business, Including How To Perform Amazing Technological Feats Safely The Basics Of Running Your Own Company Insight On Surviving And Thriving In A Rapidly Evolving Field The Secrets Of Navigating The Tricky Regulatory Market Whether You Bought Your Drone On A Whim Or As Part Of The Tech Craze, Now Is The Time To Turn Your Passion Into Profit, And A Hobby Into An Investment For Your Future With The Help Of This Book, Drone U Will Show You How To Fly Safe, Fly Right, And Make Your Business Soar Essential book This book has many great tips and knowledge from experience it could sell for three times the amount very easily and be worth it If you picked up one thing from this book it would be worth its 15.00 I have been into drones with a passion for 5 years, get emails alert daily, and I still got a half dozen insights and helpful hints You wont regret buying the book well worth the money Based on other reviews, I selected this book to get started on drones It was a great pick It s a fast read and covers the important stuff without a lot of fluff It does market their service, Drone U, but this service is worth checking out The authors are dedicated to building the drone market into viable business ventures Their pricing for the service is quite reasonable with no big up front fees or long contracts I think they are offering a service that is quite reasonably priced because they are in for the long haul and not just trying to scalp early entrants into the business For those who are looking at drones as a potential source of income this book is a great place to start. Good info, but it was too short It also did not go into depth about the Part 107 information Don t buy this to learn about the Part 107 test Buy it only if you want a brief overview of drones Do not purchase unless you know nothing about drones or photography videography. Great read for anyone interested in a drone business but some won t apply to you if you live outside the US I with I had found this book before I ever put my drone up in the air The book is very informative and very well written I learned valuable information on battery storage and warning signs, how to recover from a fly away How to get cinematic moves, practice drills , the drone industry, part 107 study material and Rob , Paul and Tim are the real deal If you want the best book about actually livin the drone life, look no further A must have read for every beginner and every pro.