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Meet Woman S Best Friend Kate Is A Middle Aged Woman Trying To Steer Some Order Into A Life That Is Going Off The Rails When She Adopts A Lurcher Called Wolfy, The Shabby Rescue Dog Saves Her From Herself But When The Dog Disappears, It Is Up To Kate To Hit The Streets Of London And Find Him Will She Save Him, As He Has Saved Her Or Will She Lose Everything As She Trudges Endlessly Calling His Name In The Hopeless Hope She May Find Him, She Runs Into Other People S Landscapes And Lives, Finding Allies Amongst Psychics, Bloggers And Mysterious Midnight Joggers Trying To Find Her Dog Tests Her Relationship, And Her Sanity, To Its Limits And Gets Her Thinking About Her Life And Why Things Have Turned Out As They Have For Her A Brilliant, Life Affirming Memoir, Lost Dog Is An Audiobook Like No Other About Both About The Myth Of Modern Womanhood And The Enduring Mystery Of The Relationship Between Human And Canine If you didn t believe the evidence of Fleabag and Catastrophe this book proves on every page the insanity, triviality, amorality and narcissism of the London Metropolitan media classes and their tragic attempts to show off their unhappiness, portray it as something to be admired and then monetise it assisted by a few of their media mates who obligingly post puffed reviews in national newspapers and here on.The underlying theme of the book is however correct they do need to remove themselves from their own rectums and get out. This book had so much hype surrounding it possibly because the author is a well known journalist and the publishing house had a large advertising budget so I anticipated a great read To be brief, I loved the dog and am pleased he was reunited with his owners social media does have its positives but I found Kate Spicer s style of writing vulgar in places there are so many better words than piss and she really does love using that word Alas, my book club felt the same Heartwarming, visceral, funny, moving, life affirming, honest perfect I have already bought this for 3 friends.