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THE SECRETS OF The Past Meet The Shocks Of The PresentAslaug Is An Unusual Young Woman Her Mother Has Brought Her Up In Near Isolation, Teaching Her About Plants And Nature And Language But Not About Life Especially Not How She Came To Have Her Own Life, And Who Her Father Might BeWhen Aslaug S Mother Dies Unexpectedly, Everything Changes For Aslaug Is A Suspect In Her Mother S Death And The Her Story Unravels, The Questions Unfold About The Nature Of Aslaug S Birth About What She Should Do Next About Whether Divine Miracles Have Truly Happened And Whether, When All Other Explanations Are Impossible, They Might Still Happen This Very DayAddictive, Thought Provoking, And Shocking, Madapple Is A Page Turning Exploration Of Human Nature And Divine Intervention And Of The Darkest Corners Of The Human Soul

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    Wow When I started Madapple yesterday, I had no idea what I was signing up for Had I known what was ahead of me, I don t think I would have picked it up You see, I expected it to be paranormal although I m not sure why , and it wasn t I never expected it to be about child abuse, kidnapping, drugs and incest, but it was I certainly never thought it would delve so deep into the connections between paganism and Christianity Finally, I expected it to be forgettable, but I doubt I ll forget this for the rest of my life The last book that upset me this much, that caused me many sleepless nights, was Disgrace by J.M Coetzee The difference between Disgrace and Madapple, however, is that in the end, I felt like a better person for having read Disgrace, while Madapple left me feeling contaminated I have the craziest urge to wash my brain with soap Aslaug was raised in complete isolation by her Danish mother She was homeschooled, she never saw a doctor in her life nor did she ever have contact with other people her age She never even had a father or a proper last name Her mother taught her ancient and obscure languages, but prevented her from finding out most things about modern society Their house in Maine didn t have electricity or running water So when Aslaug woke up one morning to find her mother dead, she did the only thing she could think of she washed her, painted the Solomon s seal on her chest to ward off evil spirits and started digging a grave in her back yard A nosy neighbor saw what Aslaug was doing and called the police and they quickly came to arrest her for murder Having been proven innocent of her mother s death, Aslaug manages to find an aunt and her two children and moves in with them You d think an aunt who is also a preacher and who runs her own church would be stable than an abusive mother, but you d be horribly wrong Soon questions are raised that nobody wants to answer who is Aslaug s father Does she even have one Can she be a product of immaculate conception or is the truth much disturbing At the same time, faced with the first teenage boy she s seen in her life, Aslaug starts having inappropriate feelings for her cousin, and what s worse, those feelings are mutual Aslaug s story, however disgusting, is masterfully told and there is no denying Christina Meldrum s skill It is divided into two alternating parts Aslaug s murky and confusing first person POV, and court transcripts from her trial, occurring four years later The reader gets to hear about the events from various witnesses in 2007 and then goes back to 2003 to see them through Aslaug s eyes But Aslaug is far from a reliable narrator and as the story progressed, I became and convinced that she s lost touch with reality, as I m sure the author intended I can t bring myself to recommend a book that made me sick to my stomach The ending especially made me want to cry, or throw up, or both I m not exaggerating I hated myself for reading certain parts of this But if you ever feel the need to push your boundaries, Madapple is the book to do it with Just please spare me the details I think I ve had all I can handle.Also, please take my rating with a grain of salt I still have no idea how to rate this book.For this review and , please visit The Nocturnal Library

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    i fully intended to like this than i did because my four here should be interpreted as three and a half with four star potential the things i liked structure i love books like this, with a dual narrative approaching each other like tiny trains the present day storyline running along and getting interrupted by the four years future courtroom transcripts and you are like wooooah how did we ever get to this point religion mythology loved this so few YA novels these days deal with the ancient mystery cults and how they relate to christianity the parallels were fascinating, and i never found susanne s didactic segments boring at all i loved the idea of a completely isolated person heading out into the big wide world only to find herself trapped in a situation just as narrow and limited as when she lived alone with her mother in the middle of nowhere botany herbalism information i will never use, but i loved all the details, and it gave such a wonderful depth and richness to the story i appreciate research, and i appreciate details.ritual everything about the death of her mother, and the misunderstandings that came out of aslaug s treatment of the body her mother s death is not a spoiler is on the back cover no yelling, please god, i loved every detail of that it is scary how convincing the misinterpretations appear, you know, to the uninformed lawyers are scary.the things i liked less about this book the big law and order courtroom ending and the lacuna between the end of the court transcripts and the final chapter specifically a view spoiler seriously, rune you and rebekka didn t have a conversation about what your individual purposes were in going to the courthouse that seems like something you should have discussed maybe in the car over so you were all on the same page what on earth did you talk about on that drive because this is what i expect from my books that even the unwritten moments be considered and it makes no sense that they would both be caught off guard by the others intentions in a real life situation, this conversation would have taken place, and neither of you should be shocked at this difference of opinion hide spoiler

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    Apart from a few annoyingly unanswered questions, this book was simply fantastic I had been misinformed about Madapple and believed it to be a book mostly about teen pregnancy, but though the book does contain this, it is actually about much exciting stuff It s realistic fiction and yet there s this beauty to the writing that makes it read like a fantasy a modern day United States setting that still manages to seem completely out of this world.I m disappointed that people don t love this, but I suppose I can see why the lengthy herbology lessons make it an unlikely crowd pleaser I actually felt it really added something to Madapple and wasn t dull at all, it seemed to increase the sense that I was reading a book about magic The story alternates between the past and a present day trial in a courtroom where Aslaug is being accused of murder and arson I really enjoyed this unique format and found it made the mystery all the interesting.However, the best things about Madapple in my opinion are the discussions about mythology and religion that I found fascinating Both those subjects interest me and I liked how the characters explored ways in which science and religion can live alongside one another without being mutually exclusive Did any of you read The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons and find yourselves secretly or not so secretly enjoying the tales about religion and how it has developed over the centuries with the aid of popular myths and then remember that you re not supposed to like this because Dan Brown is a pretty terrible writer This novel is like that only without the poor writing Things like this really had me intrigued Dionysus was a god man, he was worshipped in Greece six centuries before Christ His mother was a mortal and a virgin His father was the god Zeus He was born around the time of the winter solstice Late December Many of the stories about him describe him sleeping in a manger after his birth As an adult, he was a teacher who performed miracles He encouraged his followers to liberate themselves from society s rules and promised them new life Dionysus also rose from the dead and was called the Only Bergotten Son , King of Kings , Alpha and Omega and Savior Sound familiar I adore this kind of stuff I also like how Christina Meldrum does not force any one belief on the reader with her novel, she explores, studies, opens the mind and straddles the line between scepticism and belief Madapple is a beautiful, interesting, moving, sad and captivating novel that deserves far love than it s been getting, IMO anyway.

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    Madapple is definitely a fascinating and unconventional story Part courtroom drama, part a dream like narration of a sheltered and maybe delusional girl, it s certainly a book unlike anything I ve read before Reading some of the book s reviews, I ve noticed how hard it is to give an idea what this book is about In a few words, the story comes down to this Aslaug is on trial for the murder of her mother, aunt and cousin As the trial progresses, and people are called to testify Their testimonies are interlaced with Aslaug s own recollections of the events that started 4 years prior to the trial when Aslaug was arrested while burying her mother in the backyard of their isolated home Eventually two POVs come together as Aslaug describes the court proceedings in her own words and the true sequence of events is revealed.But the book is actually much than this Aslaug s story is an extraordinary mix of mythology, religion, botany, and science This combination seems bizarre, but yet somehow Meldrum manages to blend it all together flawlessly I can understand how this kind of story might not be up to everyone s taste, but Meldrum s take on correlations among nature, religion, science, and mythology is of much interest to me.My only complaint about this book is the ending Up till the very end I was planning to give Madapple 5 stars, especially while reading the second part of the book, where the intensity of narration gradually increased to an almost unbearable level, but I felt a little let down by last chapters The ending felt abrupt and I wanted to know much than what was revealed I wanted to know about Aslaug s paternity, about Maren and her reasons to be what she was Whatever was revealed seemed too obvious to me.But nevertheless, I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in unorthodox stories Just don t expect to find any kind of boy loves girl YA fluff in it.

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    Reviewed by Harmony for TeensReadToo.comI finished reading MADAPPLE last night and, for the first time ever, I sat staring at the book in shock For fifteen minutes I was ready to laugh, to cry, and to scream in frustration Never before have I read a book that left me feeling that way after finishing it Sure, there have been books where I ve laughed, cried, and been frustrated at different points as I read it HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS comes to mind but to experience them all at once at the end of a book Never Once the shock wore off, I began wondering how I was ever going to write a review of this book Because a book that can cause emotions like that definitely can NOT be summed up in one paragraph, no matter how long I could say that MADAPPLE was about flowers and plants I could also say that it s about a girl who s a prisoner in her own life I could also say that it challenges the religion of Christianity I could say all of those things and so many , but none of them would be correct Yes, MADAPPLE is about flowers and plants It s also about being a prisoner in your own life and it s even about Christianity But it s also about so much than that More than even my mind can comprehend But I must warn you MADAPPLE is NOT for everyone Told in alternating chapters of the present and of testimonies being held at Aslaug s trial, MADAPPLE challenges the reader It informs the reader I, myself, though not a strong Christian, know by now that most Christians are offended when their religion is challenged MADAPPLE does that But I don t necessarily think it s a bad thing, for it never states that Christianity is wrong, and every single character has their own opinion on it Heck, one of them even runs a church But what it does do is explain how the birth and story of Jesus that the Christians follow is not the first in history I m not going to say on that subject in fear of giving too much away, but I ll say this if you re a Christian who is easily offended, I wouldn t read this If you re a Christian who can handle a reasonable amount of things, pick up the book My feelings about MADAPPLE changed throughout the entire book At first, I was intrigued, then confused, and then bored Actually, I think I was confused up until the last page and then some Even at this moment, I can t say whether I love or hate MADAPPLE But I m going to say that I love it because it s left me speechless, and the only other books to have done that are my favorites The one thing, however, this book didn t do was make my stomach hurt The character emotions just weren t there to make my heart break All other aspects, besides that, which I love in books were there So do I recommend MADAPPLE Definitely yes But only if you re up for a challenging read Only if you re mature enough to handle speculations about virgin and premarital birth Only if you re ready to be blown away, because you will be, whether it s in a good or bad way Only you can make that decision.

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    As I sit down to review this book, I can t help thinking of Star Trek. Okay, sure MADAPPLE has nothing to do with Trek But it s human nature to retreat into The Known when traumatized by The Unknown, so I make no apologies.The nature of Christianity faith i.e faith in general, not just Christian is a key player in the undercurrents of MADAPPLEor so I ve decided, since it s a murky post modern exercise of literary fiction therefore subject to scholarly opinions that range from Huh to WTF is this And so, as I try to make sense of MADAPPLE, I can t help remembering a key moment in Star Trek V Excuse me, I d just like to ask a question What does God need with a starship The starship in MADAPPLE is a girl named AslaugI think Her birth was suspect from the beginningI think Her mother was either a genius or a madwomanI think Her aunt was a preacherI think Her boy cousin was a horndogI think And her girl cousin was loony tunesI think Well, okay The girl cousin was insane But as for the rest of it, I m not quite sure who was who what was what The chapters alternate in structure half Aslaug, half court transcripts and from this springs the herky jerky narrative.Things began well enough Aslaug lives with her mother in near isolation their house is without electricity, they eat nothing but local plants herbs, Aslaug is homeschooled in multiple languages, scientific theories, mythology But her mother forbids religion something Aslaug can t understand She also refuses to talk about the missing father another thing Aslaug can t understand.So far, so good Even with the dreaded first person present narration, I was hooked despite a small voice of warning in the back of my head, I decided to read .Aslaug s mother passes away quite suddenly, leaving her daughter alone in the world She wanders into a small town nearby, thereby stumbling into the extended family she didn t know existed an aunt her two kids, a son daughter And from here, the book spirals rapidly downhill Rather than detail Aslaug s indoctrination into normality which would have been interesting, given her strange upbringing , we re thrust into a tedious exploration of false Christianity religious fanaticism This is all well good in a comparative religions class, or even a nonfiction tome o higher learning but this is YA fiction I have zero interest in entire chapters devoted to infodumping early Christianity I have zero interest in the girl cousin s loopy zealot behavior I have zero interest in Aslaug s confusion over whether she dreamed having sexor was it rape God only knows no pun intended.That said, I congratulate Aslaug on solving the mystery of her birthwithin the last 15 pages The suspense was agonizing Just like a migraine Oh, snap I also congratulate Bekka, aka useless minor character who is inexplicably a bitch, on her vital role in that mysteryalso within the last 15 pages Simple mathematics leave a blank canvas from pg 120 to pg 395 so we observe everyone bumble in the haze of Aslaug s narration, helplessly watching as she picks tugs unravels the same topics over over until there s not enough yarn to make a sweater for a teacup poodle Despite so many devices that should have made this book exciting incest secret pregnancy baby swapping drunken preachers it barely held my attention The alternating scenes were just enough to drag me kicking screaming to the finale otherwise I might not be here tonight, blessing your world with Trek gifs like this Yeah Pretty much I should probably stop trying to read literary fiction And what does God need with a starship

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    It s time to open the curtains, let in the sun, let these mad apples grow I didn t think it was possible for a book to top the craziness that was Flowers in the Attic. At that point, I thought we had reached peak craziness But then this book came along and drop kicked me completely in the face with the amount of sheer bat shit insanity that goes on.For as long as she can remember, Aslaug Datter has wondered who her father is Her mother, Marren, always claimed that Aslaug was a virgin birth the next reincarnation of Jesus Raised in isolation, her world starts to fall apart when her mother dies and she is subsequently accused of murder After being cleared and running away to family she never knew she had, her life takes an even bizarre turn Alternating between the past and present, Aslaug comes to realize everything is not as it seems, and the reader is left to wonder if everything they read is the truth or fiction I seem to be on a roll this year So far, most of the books I have read involve a crazy ass family and family togetherness of the disgusting kind I swear this wasn t planned Part mystery, part religious mumbo jumbo, part psychedelic nonsense, this book kept me intrigued with the crazy plot twists and wondering what actually happened, or what I thought it happened This book is an art in the act of interpreting I can honestly say that this book let me with questions than answers The beginning was done remarkably well, but where the novel started to go downhill was when Aslaug meets the long lost relatives What I thought was going to be an answer to the many questions starting to build only yielded questions that were not answered For those who like ambiguity to their reads, this is fine, but I like concrete answers to questions I am asking And for me, I didn t get that One thing I would point out about this book is that if you re a particularly religious person, stay as far away from this book as possible, because it will offend the shit out of you Aslaug is our possibly mentally insane main character I m a monster to them I see this now A freak Someone outside of their world who will never understand the workings of their world You re the monsters, I want to say You re the freaks But I don t believe this She is our only main narrator apart from the courtroom scenes, so we don t really get other people s viewpoints as they are happening The beauty of this book is that her narration goes back and forth from the courtroom trial where witnesses and lawyers try to interpret and twist her strange behavior into something entirely new, to her perspective, where she explains her actions and thoughts the way she sees them This will make sense to the reader and make her sympathetic in their eyes, at least in the beginning As the novel progresses, she starts to become and unreliable in both her narration and her thoughts It s as if she s trying to convince you she s sane when she clearly is not, something that will sharply divide most readers Marren in her mercurial mother who alternately love hates Aslaug for reasons we don t understand until later She was very unpredictable and cunning, but you can see how much she shapes her daughter into her own creation, whether Aslaug realizes it or not Marren has this almost inhuman hold on her daughter even in death, as if her passing never really frees Aslaug from the insane thoughts that have troubled her all her life Mothers mind was a minefield And the woods were Eden And our house was a prison, but a palace, too at times it spiraled deep into the earth, and deep into the sky, depending on Mother s mood I see that now Life was a revolving mystery, sometime terrifying, sometimes maddening But always provocative Interesting And although its meaning seemed beyond my grasp, it never seemed meaningless Sara, Saane, and Rune are Aslaug s relatives who run a church that isn t a church that made a whole lot of sense Rune was probably the strangest, albeit sanest, of the bunch, but also the biggest douchebag Some of the plot points were completely ridiculous view spoiler such as the double pregnancy scenario between Rune, Aslaug and Rebecca, plus the ensuing, confusing aftermath hide spoiler

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    This book tells the story of a girl, Aslaug, and at the same time you have a trial regarding her So you can see both ends, how the trial is going, what the counsels and witnesses have to say, and also the real story of what happened told from Aslaug s point of view.Aslaug s birth was a mystery to her mother, Maren She claimed she was a virgin and got pregnant, so it was some kind of a miracle thing She believed something special was going to come out of this, maybe a new Jesus or something, but then it turned out the baby was female so now she wasn t so sure, but it still remain a mystery.Since Aslaug was very young, her mother taught her many things about mythology, ancient languages, theology and science It all was because she wanted to understand things, so she kept studying and teaching her What I thought was really interesting is that Maren always kept Aslaug in isolation from the normal civilization So years after when Aslaug needs to go out to the world, she doesn t know what to do and it all seems so strange to her and at the same time she seems so strange to the world Also how everyone seeing her in those circumstances tends to take advantage of her and she isn t even aware of it.In the trial, Aslaug was suspected of murdering two women and burning down a church This is an event that took place when she was nearly 20 years old, but the jury wants to get very rational explanations about what it is that happened and are unable to understand or see the events as they happened, which is what Aslaug tells us in the rest of the book.All the content of the book can be summed up in this paragraph The trial taught me that understanding a sequence of events, even down to the most minute detail, does not imply an understanding as to why those events took place It seems we humans so want to divvy the world up into clean little packages that fit neatly together But in reality, each package seeps into the next, affects the next And the pile forever shifts I really liked all the mythology references this book had and all the stuff about religion and how Christianity has some roots in paganism among other things was very interesting, it really made me want to investigate , just to find out if what it says here is true, there is some good bibliography at the end of the book.The trial parts were very refreshing, because you had both attorneys asking questions to the witnesses, so it didn t feel like the author was forcing you to believe something, you were reading opinions and answers for the whole picture There were some things that were being discussed here, that made me crave to get to that part in the story Aslaug was telling, just to see exactly how that came to happen, and solve some mysteries.What I didn t like much were all the references about herbs and plants I know, it included many things about science, and some plants were important for some events that took place in the story, but I feel like, in some parts, it included so much information about them, and I m really not that intrigued about plants and their properties.Other than that, I think it was a really nice book, with some interesting facts and good points to discuss.

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    I knew this was going to be dark, but I wasn t expecting this Aslaug s story is dark, twisted, confusing, sad and frustrating. but through all of it, I was stuck I wanted, no, needed, to know how it would all turn out Is this YA I think not She s young but her story takes things to a whole other level I wouldn t recommend this to anyone anyone expecting a typical YA dark romance Unless they want to think Unless they want to be confused Unless they want one hell of a story It had me sitting up It had me going, What the. And the thing is, hers isn t an easy one never an easy one because hers moves her from one unfortunate, confusing, angering situation to another Plus, there s courtroom drama Aslaug, her innocence both fascinated and frustrated me You know that voice in your head that tells you what s up I wanted to tell her to listen to it And yet she went along, or got swept along So maybe all that happened wasn t her fault because things were set up the way they were She grew up isolated with what probably was a crazy abusive mother So she didn t know But she always ended up regretting how things turned out Her experience with her mother should have prepared her for Sara and Sanne, but no She stayed and later regreted She s left to deal with boat load of crap that wasn t her fault God, she frustrated me, she confused me And I felt sorry for her Rune Was he a victim too Or was he simply a guy with no impulse control Or was he the hero she saw in the end Or perhaps all three One thing is for sure, he wasn t one dimensional He too frustrated me, and yes, digusted me a little But who am I too judge I am a firm believer that you can feel what you want, want what you do and act accordingly as long as you don t hurt anyone So the question is did he hurt anyone Aslaug Did she know what she was getting herself into Keeping in mind how she grew up, what she knew, and the circumstances being as they were There is no right or wrong when it comes to feeling unless the same is coupled with act that s when right or wrong come in So victim, wrong doer or hero, what was he exactly Maren, Sara and Sanne and were all damaged And Rebekka was too Could I blame them for how things progressed, you bet your ass Frightening but fascinating4 5

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    I want to see YA novels like Madapple YA novels that don t pander to their younger audience and treat them like sugar crazed idiots who want nothing but bad boys to imagine themselves dry humping with Unfortunately, the general population does not agree with, as seen by the 3.36 average on this book and the general lack of buzz surrounding it So, I took the pleasure of riding down review alley and discovered that one of the main pros cons for and against Madapple besides it being somewhat confusing was that it read too much like Adult Literary fiction It s even shelved as Adult by several readers This is published by Knopf Books for Young Readers, so there should be no confusion here, unlike with Beautiful Disaster.I m actually quite surprised that some think this reads like AF Lit Fic They should read AF Lit Fic This is far from it Madapple follows the standard YA themes loss of identity, isolation, fear of moving into adulthood, etcetera, etcetera Perhaps it s the voice, though I m not quite convinced of that either Many YA books have the same smart, monotone girl voice that can get rather old after a while And it s certainly not the content Rape, incest, torture and cults, are nothing new to YA And, no, this book does not look at the above with rose tinted glasses because of a hot love interest Even the plot structure is pretty standard There s a climax, a resolution, and it hits almost every beat It s not literary fiction It just has better than average prose and the pacing is kind of slow So, I can t say I understand why this book has a lower average rating than Twilight view spoiler I take that back I know exactly why it has a lower average rating than Twilight there s no love interest to swoon for without feeling like a pervert hide spoiler