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In Her Most Comprehensive Volume Yet, Madhur Jaffrey Draws On Than Four Decades Of Culinary Adventures, Travels, And Experimentation For A Diverse Collection That Both Intrigues And Delights The Palate Dishes From Five Continents Touch On Virtually All The World S Best Loved Flavors, For A Unsurpassed Selection Of Vegetarian Fare More ThanRecipes Exemplify Madhur S Unsurpassed Ability To Create Simple, Flavorful Homecooking That Is Well Within The Reach Of Every Cook Extensive Sections On Beans, Vegetables, Grains, And Dairy Explore The Myriad Ways These Staples Are Enjoyed Worldwide Each Section Opens With A Detailed Introduction Madhur Describes Methods For Preparation And Storage, As Well As Different Cooking Techniques And Their Cultural Origins Throughout She Balances Appealing, Uncomplicated Dishes Such As Sumptuous Omelets And Rich Polentas With Less Familiar Ingredients Such As Green Mangoes, Pigeon Peas, And Spelt Madhur Demystifies The Latter With Clear Cut Explanations So That Incorporating New Combinations And Interesting Flavors Into Everyday Cooking Becomes Second Nature She Also Offers Substantial Sections On Soups, Salads, And Drinks, As Well As Sauces And Other Flavorings, To Help Round Out A Meatless Meal And Add Exciting New Flavors To Even The Most Easily Prepared Dishes Finally, A Complete Glossary Of Ingredients And Techniques Clarifies Some Of The Little Known Elements Of The World S Cuisines So That Even The Uninitiated Can Bring The Flavors Of Asia, The Middle East, The Caribbean, And To Their Tables Throughout This Extensive Collection, Madhur Includes Personal Anecdotes And Historical Contexts That Bring Her Recipes To Life, Whether She S Remembering Field Of Leeks She Saw In The Mountains Of Northern Greece Or Describing How Corn Based Dishes Arrived In Indonesia Through Colonial Trade Committed Vegetarians Will Rejoice At The Wide Variety Of Meatless Fare She Offers, And Nonvegetarians Will Enjoy Experimenting With Madhur S Global Flavorings This Highly Readable Resource Promises To Be A Valuable Addition To Any Cook S Library, Helping Everyone Make Healthful Ethnic Foods A Part Of Everyday Cooking

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    I can t stress enough how indispensable I find this cookbook Divided into easy to use sections for individual beans, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and soups, salads, drinks, and additional seasonings , clearly written and supplemented with cultural anecdotes and tips, Madhur Jaffrey s World Vegetarian is encyclopedic in scope, but full of individual treasures Even if you re someone who eats meat regularly, this book is worth investigating for its troves of recipes which will surely supplement your meals.Something I especially appreciate about this book is that it doesn t use any overly processed convenience foods such as frozen vegetarian faux meat , something other vegetarian cookbooks sometimes incorporate In Madhur Jaffrey s World Vegetarian, with the exception of one seitan recipe for a mock lamb curry, Jaffrey doesn t try to trick your palate into thinking you re eating meat She seems to think the ingredients of a vegetarian diet can and do stand on their own.One caveat I often find myself doubling or even tripling the quantities of spices, garlic, ginger, etc that the recipes call for.

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    I have a friend who is a dyke from Amsterdam let me clarify that It isn t that she holds back the flood waters More that she likes girls than is strictly speaking necessary.More, for example, than Whitaker would.She comes around for dinner a lot and she is a very politically correct dyke Last Monday she presented me with something What s that I asked suspiciously A zucchini she replied Well, I did know that, really But for all I know, being a dyke means Well anyway Now I had this zucchini and I had to do something with it.Enter Madhur Jaffrey s triple x tome A thousand and one things a girl can do with a zucchini , that is to say a zucchini and like things Only 650 actually, but that s quite a lot when you come down to it.I will put a couple of recipes in the Indian section of my writing tomorrow.

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    I m not vegetarian, but I have been going back to this again and again over the years whenever I am looking for vegetable dishes It s a seemingly limitless source of recipes that make flavorful dishes that are often suitable for either side dishes or main courses This book has travelled with me from home to home for the last decade and a half, and it hasn t let me down yet Can t recommend it highly enough If you enjoy eastern cuisines and like your veggies, I consider this volume a must have.

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    This is my favourite cookbook, hands down The dishes inside sound simple and have humble names, but tomatoes in a tomato sauce will knock your socks off I m found the book somewhat intimidating to start it s organized by ingredient, and there are virtually no pictures but it produces probably the best food I ve ever cooked Try the Sri Lankan sweet potatoes The recipes are prefaced by information about the area they re from, as well as Jaffrey s first experience with the dish and suggestions of what to serve it with for a meal Where harder to obtain ingredients are required, there are suggestions of substitutions I bought this book on an impulse years ago, and it really is one of my favourite impulse buys ever.

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    Love me, love my cooking And I love to cook DAMN I don t buy too many cookbooks, as I usually prefer to get creative in the kitchen, but this book is so thorough and the recipes so simple and yet amazing I had to give in a buy it Who s coming over for dinner

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    This is my favorite cookbook of all time I ve never had to change a recipe unless I preferred it a different way Vegetarian or not, every single dish I ve ever made is delicious Love, love the Nigerian peanut stew I ll probably never be done reading this cookbook I ve been using it for years it is my favorite vegetarian cookbook of all time if I had to save one cookbook in a fire this eould be it Nigerian peanut stew, yellow lentil dal, saag paneer, roti, eggs with siracha love it all.

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    Not too long ago, I had sprouted sauteed blackeyed peas for BREAKFAST, thanks to the inspiration of this book Jaffrey gives great instructions on cooking, soaking, sprouting, picking ingredients, and she also works wonders through the medium of story imagine a group of Indian ladies engaged in the communal work of sorting beans together 50 years ago during Jaffrey s childhood, and maybe you ll be inspired to actually sort your own beans as I was.

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    Practically all the simplified classics in one place It s definitely aimed at an American audience nothing too spicy, piquant, or obscure Really good starting point for something beyond a Eurocentric go at vegetables have I ever mentioned how much I hate what the French did to food.

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    this is my first among cookbooks I just had Persian poached eggs with Forbidden Rice last night I must be the Emperor

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    I wish Madhur Jaffrey were my grandma More than that, though, I wish I had enough time in my life to cook every single one of these recipes I love how comprehensive this book is this truly is a worldwide selection of recipes Jaffrey also does the thing that I love most in cookbooks, which is to include a few sentences alongside every recipe to detail how to prepare it or what to serve it with Cookbooks that don t have that little extra bit of information do not belong on my over stuffed cookbook shelf So Okay I will admit it I haven t cooked than a handful of recipes from this book But it is fantastic, dammit, and I feel confident in giving it a five star rating I might even give it five stars based solely on this cilantro coconut chutney I ve been putting on absolutely everything, it s that fucking good I learned a thing or two about beans thanks to this book, and though I still do not subscribe to the idea that beans always need to be soaked, I am grateful that Jaffrey is open to discussing flatulence than many of her colleagues Just one of the many reasons I wish she were my grandma.