Audible Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking By Eileen Yin-Fei Lo –

You can stack up to three steamers, as the boiling water will create enough steam to cook the foods in all three tiers simultaneouslyAn in depth cooking book, broken down into steps and lessons, on authentic Chinese cooking While the food sounds delicious and I would reference the recipes when the time comes, the strictness and inflexibility goes against the common household Chinese culture of toss everything in, and measure by eye and taste I enjoy the Chinese names, descriptions and uses of various unique ingredients hard to find in other countries There are a few cooking techniques and tips mentioned through the cookbook e.g tempering, clay pots I have bookmarked way too many of the recipes, and will eventually get to them using her tips and tricksbut will most likely do little in the way of measuring and preparing as described. This New Masterwork Of Chinese Cuisine Showcases Acclaimed Chef Eileen Yin Fei Lo S Decades Of Culinary Virtuosity A Series Of Lessons Build Skill, Knowledge, And Confidence As Lo Guides The Home Cook Step By Step Through The Techniques, Ingredients, And Equipment That Define Chinese Cuisine With ThanClassic Recipes And Technique Illustrations Throughout, Mastering The Art Of Chinese Cooking Makes The Glories Of This Ancient Cuisine Utterly Accessible Stunning Color Photography Reveals The Treasures Of Old And New China, From The Zigzagging Alleys Of Historical Guangzhou To The Bustle Of City Centers And Faraway Chinatowns, As Well As Wonderful Ingredients And Gorgeous Finished Dishes Step By Step Brush Drawings Illustrate Chinese Cooking Techniques This Lavish Volume Takes Its Place As The Chinese Cookbook Of Choice In The Cook S Library I love that this is not how to make Chinese take out at home It s authentic Chinese food with explanations of ingredients, how to pick them out and store them for those of us who love Asian food but did not grow up in Asian households I wishChinese restaurants would open with actual authentic Chinese food But maybe that s just my area where the only option is typical Chinese take out. There s lots of information on the ingredients and techniques and the recipes I tried worked well but nearly everything is complicated, time consuming and or expensive. This is a very stately, scholarly looking book that sets out to teach the serious enthusiast of Chinese cookery how to master its many techniques and how to understand and appreciate the art.From the start it is clear that the author is only going to show you how to produce traditional, authentic Chinese food rather than a western constructed equivalent that can be found in many recipe books There is no value judgement here, as there is scope for both to co exist but you should be clear of your requirements and expectations in order to avoid disappointment.This is a book that may become a very close companion to you, should you choose to study it and benefit from its wonderful knowledge as it is like having a very experienced teacher at your side.The key building blocks, or ingredients, that go together to to produce various dishes are first examined in detail, as you need to learn about exactly what makes them tick and how they function together to work in harmony Here the difference between an average meal and a great meal can vary tremendously by the careful selection of ingredients and spices Then it is time to look at the various cooking utensils, such as woks and steamers, and to learn how even things like a humble cleaver or spatula can vary.The book is broken into many smaller lessons, which makes it less daunting to learn a small bit at a time, and you can also dive straight in for a specific piece of knowledge as required However you are strongly recommended to take the book from start to finish, even if you consider yourself a bit of an expert with Chinese food You can never be too experienced to possibly learn something new or different This reviewer is impressed at the level and quality of information being given to the reader as it gives a greater understanding to why certain things are just needed and it sheds light on many of the strange, yet curious ingredients that you might have have seen in a Chinese supermarket but not known how they are used.Unlike many other books, this one tends to focus on the methods of cooking such as steaming and stir frying, focussing a lot of knowledge and recipes around a particular skill set at a time All the time you are being introduced to additional ingredients, hints and tips, techniques or just golden nuggets of information, enabling you to build up your knowledge as you read through It is due to this approach why it is recommended to read the book sequentially At the same time you start to gain an appreciation as to the wide regional differences within Chinese cookery as it concerns certain tastes, ingredients and styles The deeper you get into this book the finer granularity of the knowledge you will receive.The book concludes with a great index as befits such a tome This reviewer cannot praise this book enough It is a book designed for serious study instead of being just a recipe book for a typical family meal The price might appear high compared to other books, but the quality of knowledge and its overall format are unsurpassed Short of being born of Chinese extraction and learning at your mother s side, this might be the only way of working towards attaining a true and authentic understanding of Chinese food preparation, enjoyment and the greater culture at large.Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking, written by Eileen Yin Fei Lo and published by Chronicle Books ISBN 9780811859332, 384 pages Typical price GBP25 This review appeared in and is reproduced here in full with permission of celebrates the worldwide diversity of food and drink, as presented through the humble book Whether you call it a cookery book, cook book, recipe book or something else in the language of your choice YUM will provide you with news and reviews of the latest books on the marketplace. If I was going to take on another cuisine, Chinese is one of the two that I would start Japanese is the other These are two master cuisines that have a take on food that is radically different than most other areas The techniques and ways to create dishes and menus is absolutely foreign to me.Where I can find analogues in Indian or Mediterranean, or understand indigenous Mexican cooking or even Scandinavian there is no natural way into Chinese cooking After reading this primer, I get a sense of how things are constructed but it is still a mystery until I would start cooking Because there is very little crossover, it would mean a tight concentration on only these flavours, techniques and approaches I can t do it at this time but if I was, here would be a great starting point There is a decidely Western focus to explaining the ingredients due to the author teaching in North America Canada is mentioned often and in good terms I would recommend this to anyone trying to cook Chinese in North America There is even a sense of regionality that provides depth and history The section on Hakka mirrors albeit lightly, some of the other books I have read It really is a good essentialist approach to cooking in that idiom But I would prefer to have someone from each of the regions validate my quick perusal and verify Regardless, in my dotage, I may take up this challenge and this is the book that will start me on my way. Brimming with lavish photography, this book is organized as a series of lessons which expand your abilities in logical increments Many of the recipes and techniques mirror those found in Kuo s classic and sadly out of print Key To Chinese Cooking, and while the latter has a broader range of preparations, the slightly narrower focus of this book may make it preferable as a still surprisingly thorough introduction to the cuisine You come away from the book with a better understanding of the tools, the ingredients, and most importantly, the principles of Chinese cooking while I think a survey course in any subject as wide ranging as this will inevitably suffer certain weaknesses, this is probably the best available all in one Chinese cookbook in English I ve encountered This is not simply a reference cooking your way through each section with devoted study will reap many rewards That said, I amlikely to incorporate Fuchsia Dunlop s or Grace Young s ideas into my every day preparations. This is wonderfully accessible It was gifted to me as I relocated to China, and it taught me how to shop in the markets and use the ingredients that are readily available here, even the VERY unfamiliar The instructions are simple and straight forward the first time I cooked out of this book in my new kitchen, I used ingredients that were all new to me, and it felt like I was cooking an old familiar recipe in my kitchen back home It made me so comfortable in a scenario that had the potential to be very uncomfortable I look forward to cooking my way through the entire book A great book for some authentic Chinese cuisine though how would I know I ve never been to China.The book is organised progressively from easy techniques tocomplicated ones The extra ingredients required are plentiful but attainable at an Asian market This is a big drawback in that almost every recipe needs some different ingredient Handy if you want to stock up on Chinese ingredients, otherwise not so handy. This is a great Chinese cooking book There is a lot of background information on regional cooking, techniques and ingredients that goes far beyond a collection of receipes I read a copy from the library, finished it, and ordered a copy.