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Following on the heels of his New York Times bestselling novel Telegraph Avenue Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon delivers another literary masterpiece a novel of truth and lies family legends and existential adventure—and the forces that work to destroy usIn 1989 fresh from the publication of his first novel The Mysteries of Pittsburgh Michael Chabon traveled to his mother’s home in Oakland California to visit his terminally ill grandfather Tongue loosened by powerful painkillers memory stirred by the imminence of death Chabon’s grandfather shared recollections and told stories the younger man had never heard before uncovering bits and pieces of a history long buried and forgotten That dreamlike week of revelations forms the basis for the novel Moonglow the latest feat of legerdemain from Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon Moonglow unfolds as the deathbed confession of a man the narrator refers to only as “my grandfather” It is a tale of madness of war and adventure of sex and marriage and desire of existential doubt and model rocketry of the shining aspirations and demonic underpinnings of American technological accomplishment at midcentury and above all of the destructive impact—and the creative power—of keeping secrets and telling lies It is a portrait of the difficult but passionate love between the narrator’s grandfather and his grandmother an enigmatic woman broken by her experience growing up in war torn France It is also a tour de force of speculative autobiography in which Chabon devises and reveals a secret history of his own imagination

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    Michael Chabon pulls off a hybrid memoir and a contested fictional multigenerational family history peppered with anecdotes and stories from his heavily medicated grandfather on his deathbed Chabon unashamedly states its fictional roots and perhaps questions the concept of a factual memoir how much of a memoir can be said to be true when peoples' memories are notoriously unreliable? Can a memoir be free from an agenda? How much is the truth embellished to create a compelling life history? How free is it from the desire to create a particular picture of an individual whilst diminishing or erasing other aspects? I came away from reading this feeling that in this case it barely matters which bricks of this fabled reconstruction of family history are true and which are false What mattered to me is the warmth passion vibrancy imagination and humour with which the web of stories are told the love and affection that drive the need in the author to document his maternal grandfather's life as he is dying serving the purpose of tangibly memorialising and honouring a life on the cusp of passing on Particularly as his grandfather talks of his life amounting to little the temporary nature of life and that whilst he was always starting things he never finished them I for one am not going to forget this bookI was entranced by the lyrical prose and the vivid metaphors in the narrative The stories of efforts to strangle Alger Hiss with ripped out telephone cables which lands the grandfather in a New York prison blowing up bridges sex war time espionage and efforts attempting to locate Nazi SS officer Wernher Von Braun in Europe only to find he ends up working for the US space programme There is the obsession with rockets and a lovely story of the exploits of Ramon the cat and the hunt for the snake It appears the outpouring of tales is chaotic and non linear but this is often the nature of memory going back and forth in time What is particularly tender and heartbreaking is the recounting of the love and loyalty he has for Chabon's grandmother her desperate and traumatic history and the consequent mental instability that ensued There is the examination of what constitutes family with the inclusion of non blood family membersThe exuberance of the prose render the novel never less than compelling reading It matters not one whit if the entire book comprises of nothing but fiction As you may have gathered I fell in love with Moonglow A fantastic and moving read that I highly recommend Many thanks to HarperCollins 4th Estate for an ARC