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Heart Stopping Stunts Cameras Galore And a mysterious man in gray with nefarious plans Welcome to the world of the MOTOR DOLLS Set against the subculture of classic cars motorcycles tattoos and vintage fashion MOTOR DOLLS takes the reader on a thrilling girl powered ride in search of life’s passions featuringJeda a graphic artist full of bad assery and Benny a photographer seeking her Perfect Moment on filmA prophecy shared by a stranger on the day of her grandmother’s death pushes Jeda to live like there’s no tomorrow chasing one outrageous stunt after another all instigated by mysterious messages from an unknown source But when the danger escalates she begins to uestion the motive behind it all Is she simply nuts? Or is some mysterious man in gray really trying to drive her to her death?In her search for answers Jeda lets Benny in on the secret and since Benny is at a crossroads—finish her Masters in Geology? or drop out of school to pursue her true passion? —she agrees to help As Benny documents the madness of Jeda’s life on film—like driving in a Blindfolded Death Race and luging downhill on a skateboard with no brakes—they learn the truth behind the enigmatic man in gray; a truth that tests the foundations of Jeda’s family and of their friendshipGET YOUR ADRENALINE PUMPING WITH THE MOTOR DOLLS

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    Lori Bentley Law’s Motor Dolls is a rockin’ ride through the lives of Jeda and Benny and their Summer of Thrills as they uncover the mystery of Jeda’s “Guardian Angel” tick things off her list of ways she isn’t going to die build custom motorcycles race vintage cars play the clown in the rodeo learn to trust learn when to keep secrets and learn to know their own boundaries Check out my review of Motor Dolls Tongue Wagger Motor Dolls by Lori Bentley LawLori was part of my Weekly Indie Word Slinger Project 2014Come see Lori's profile to learn about her and read her interview to find out the background of Motor Dolls Weekly Indie Word Slinger Lori Bentley Law#LoriBentleyLaw #MotorDolls #WordSlinger #WeeklyIndieWordSlinger #NewAdult #ContemporaryFiction #EmpoweredLadyLit #Mystery #Suspense #VintageCars #RetroCulture #TongueWagger #BookReview

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    This novel exhibits a kind of nostalgia for Fifties noir California variety the Hollywood kind than the kind that was in print But than that it traffics in such odd combinations as fate and mistaken identity and it’s a romance of sorts if we’re talking about the American romance with automobiles and motorcycles with the engines that power them and the autobody as a work of art If I had to pick a line from the novel that offers the best description and I say this in the most kindly possible way it would be “Jenevieve Fromada huh? No wonder you don’t use your real name Sounds like a moldy hunk of cheese with high aspirations”

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    This book wasdifferent Like I really liked the premise and I really loved the characters but I kind of feel like they didn't really mesh well together like at all Their chemistry was one of animosities and lies and I just didn't really ever feel like Jeda and Benny connected well enough to be friends Even at the end of the book they only felt like mere acuaintences to me and that isn't good considering the whole time they are trying really hard to be best friends Jeda and Benny's personal story arc's don't even move in the same direction it seems to me almost like they are moving towards different things which would make it hard for them to continue to be friends And if you are looking for nice cars and awesome rides then this book hassome I expected there to be daring things and awesome car chases and hotrods cycles and such but there are only a few really good times when I feel like we got that inkling that the girls were into classics cars and bikes bothThere are a lot of loose ends and open story lines so I am hoping that Lori Bentley Law is planning on taking this book into some kind of series I don't see it being a trilogy or anything short like that though I was kind of disappointed over the conclusion which I won't give away obviously which also leads me to the conclusion that the author plans on books after this one All in all the book was ok The writing itself was good but sometimes I would forget that these girls are only in their early 20's with all the temper tantrums and hormones raging That was kind of a turn off But still I wouldn't mind reading the others if it means I get to see finished storylines I really would like to know what the roles are of some of these minor characters Out of 5 stars? 35A physical copy of the novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I did not finish it as I found it slow reading and not very exciting