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Very cute and sweet story about a girl who travels to Neverland and falls for Captain Hook He s not the Hook of the Disney cartoon He slike a blond version of the Hook from Once Upon a Time I will add a visual later I m watching the Golden Globes Have I ever mentioned before that Peter Pan is one of my favorite fairy tale characters of all time Well, next to Cinderella, that is I have always loved Peter Pan and Tinkerbell When Hook was included in the TV show Once Upon A Time a few years back, I immediately got hooked And never looked back..Anna Kat s Neverland series is my newest favorite Peter Pan retelling Oh, let me rephrase that This isn t actually a retelling This is a story of Angelina McFarland who fell down from the clouds, caught by a spritely flying boy named Peter, forgot her name, discovered Neverland, met the boys that never grew old, desperately tried to return to London, and captured by Captain Hook Sounds familiar Well, believe it or not, this isn t like any Peter Pan Hook stories that you ve grown to know and love Not at all.In my opinion, this book, Neverland, isof Captain Hook s turf James Hook is a far cry from the ugliest, meanest and scariest pirate in the land No, he is the kind of villain hero you would grow to love, apples, included While Peter Pan is the hero that you d rather choose to hate.This is definitely not your typical Disney story I applaud Anna Kat for a meticulously written and fantastically narrated book She s got our attention from the first page onwards I actually read this with my kids in two nights, and during those two storytelling sessions, I swear I saw sparks, fireworks and mischief in their eyes We can t wait to read the next book and fill our dreams with happy thoughts What can I say, I m a kid at heart, too There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This ASIN Here Any Last Words Go To Hell, You Freaking Filthy Godforsaken Our Noses Almost Touch As He Dips His Head And Brushes A Strand Of My Hair Behind My Ear Angel, The Word You Re Looking For Is Pirate Strange Things Are Happening In Neverland Although Angelina McFarland Loves Reading Fairytales, She Never Dreamed Of Falling Right Into One Herself Literally But Who Is This Flying Boy Who Saved Her And Why Doesn T He Want To Grow Up Desperately Trying To Find A Way Off This Cursed Island, Angelina Runs Into A Ruthless Pirate Hook Captures Her And Keeps Her Trapped On His Ship, The Jolly Roger, To Lure The Flying Boy Out Of His Hiding But Is Hook Really The Heartless Man She Heard About The Time Angel Spends With Him, The She Starts To Wonder Her Growing Feelings For Him Are As Intense As Shocking, And Soon She Can T Stop Thinking About How Soft His Lips Felt On Hers When He Kissed Her Under The Stars As Time Passes, An Old Train Ticket To London Is All She Has Left To Remind Her Of Her Former Life And Why She Can T Give Up Trying To Find A Way HomeOr Is Staying In Neverland Forever The Better Choice After All Grab A Happy Thought And Follow Angel On An Adventure That Will Keep You Breathless And Smiling Long After You Read The Last Page Mind The Cliffhanger I M Sorry The Sequel PAN S REVENGE Is Already Available Although this book has a fanfiction vibe in it, I enjoyed reading the sexy James Hook and the somewhat boring Angel I would have been interested in reading Part 2 because the ending in this one is frustratingly good but when I saw the blurb for the second book, I decided to not give a fuck any. After reading Peter Pan to her twin sisters for bed, Angel soon finds herself falling from the clouds It seems she s fallen into Neverland and into the middle of a serious conflict between Peter Pan and Captain Hook Turns out their story isn t what Disney would have you believe I LOVED THIS SO MUCH I liked Peter right away But fell in love with Hook almost immediately This is not the story from your childhood.But it s perfect and leaves me waiting desperately for the next one. Any last words Go to hell, you freakingfilthygodforsaken Our noses almost touch as he dips his head and brushes a strand of my hair behind my ear Angel, the word you re looking for is pirate Strange things are happening in Neverland Although Angelina McFarland loves reading fairytales, she never dreamed of falling right into one herself Literally But who is this flying boy who saved her And why doesn t he want to grow up Desperately trying to find a way off this cursed island, Angelina runs into a ruthless pirate Hook captures her and keeps her trapped on his ship, the Jolly Roger, to lure the flying boy out of his hiding But is Hook really the heartless man she heard about Thetime Angel spends with him, theshe starts to wonder Her growing feelings for him are as intense as shocking, and soon she can t stop thinking about how soft his lips felt on hers when he kissed her under the stars As time passes, an old train ticket to London is all she has left to remind her of her former life and why she can t give up trying to find a way home.Or is staying in Neverland forever the better choice after all Grab a happy thought and follow Angel on an adventure that will keep you breathless and smiling long after you read the last page I would highly recommend this book for fans of Peter Pan and Season 3 of Once upon a time because you get the vibes from season 3 because of the different personalities on the characters.CHARACTERS I loved the changing of the points of view We got to see the story from Angel, Jamie and peters point of view and it was so cool and very interesting.ROMANCE The romance was gorgeous and really nice to read about The romance was quite a gradual realationship because they do hate eachother at the start but then start to fall for eachother.PLOT The plot obviously isn t 100% unique because it s a retelling but I loved how the author changed the story of neverland and Peter.ENDING I cried The ending was so sad but I know it will get better because it s a duology and the next book will hold different things.Characters 9 10Romance 10 10Plot 9 10Ending 9 10Speed 10 10 To see full review click here.Not bad.Not great.But utterly horrible.No.It s actually one of the better reads I had when exploring the vast world of self pub though to be honest, I usually don t have the best of luck with self pub.The premises intrigued me and since I imagine Captain Hook love interest or really any Captain Hook looking like Colin O Donoghue I think it s obvious that I ll read any Peter Pan retelling for the mind candy And the whole twist with Peter Pan was good too if not original cough, Once Upon a Time had Evil Pan first, cough.But other than a great premises and some okay kissing scenes this book blew.Oh, yeah.Though compared to it s sequel spoiler alert it is a freaking masterpiece.Let s talk about what didn t work since there s a lot.Angel First of all that name Sorry to the Angel s in the world, but when a YA author names their character Angel alarm bells immediately go off especially when they have a personality as bland as cardboard like this angel is.Also, it probably doesn t help when you state that a character is British but she uses American English and slang Um, Brits don t call fries fries They call them chips.Oh, and when she has hobbies like a forty year old Because most seventeen year olds I know, don t like babysitting their four year old sisters all the time Just saying.Then there s Hook Never was there never a Hook like this Honestly, I think Ms Kat was just charmed with Colin O Donghue so much that she decided to have him star in her book but as a blonde to make him different.Yeah didn t work.The big twist that Hook and Pan were brothers in this book might ve also not have hit me so much because there was a similar twist on Once Upon a Time involving Pan s genealogy with one of the main characters Though that twist had a bigger payoff.In the end, I just didn t know what Kat wanted to do with these characters Because other than saying oh he s my brother and it being the catalyst for the curse really, no connection.Much like I didn t really get the Hook and Angel relationship Oh yeah, there were some halfway decent written kissing scenes but it was insta love complete with leather pants.Well, that part was original.Oh, wait, never mind they have leather pants on that show too.Well, that blows.But this Hook s blonde and likes feathers so that counts Well, the Disney Hook liked feathers too.Never mind.. Zu Beginn des Buches war ich nicht begeistert Es kam mir vor, als ob ich eine Nacherz hlung von Peter Pan lesen w rde Aber mit dem Zusammentreffen der Protagonisten Angel und Hook begann eine tolle, liebevolle und spannende Geschichte.Die Charaktere hatten jeder f r sich eine Vergangenheit, eine Geschichte, die sie pr gte Au erdem machten sie w hrend der Handlung eine Entwicklung durch, die nachvollziehbar war Man konnte sich wirklich gut in die Gef hle und Gedanken hinein versetzen Die Atmosph re war einfach idyllisch und lud zum Tr umen ein Die Perspektivwechsel machten die Geschichte sehr unterhaltsam Der Schreibstil war im Allgemeinen leicht und erfrischend Genau richtig f r hei e Sommertage.Ich f hlte mich durchweg gut unterhalten Der holprige Anfang und manch abrupte Wendungen f hren zu einen Stern Abzug Aber Alles in Allen 4 Sterne, sehr empfehlenswert und ich bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht. A Peter Pan retelling with Hook as the main love interest Sign me the F up Update DNF at 52%This is not a Peter Pan retelling, this is a Captain Hook fan fiction I kept trying to push myself a little further, but I just couldn t The writing felt flat, it was just too simple There were no engaging sentences, no quotes I d like to highlight, nothing Neverland takes a bold engaging premise, takes out the bold engaging part, and gives you the premise Like, come on, a Peter Pan retelling with a twist with Captain Hook as the main love interest and a supposedly ending that ll make me gasp out loud, it had all the elements of a fantastic Peter Pan retelling, but it just didn t give it justice Angel, our protagonist, is this too perfect to exist English girl that enjoys baby sitting her sisters and keeping her clothes neat She was just so dull, and too flat for my liking I felt like I was reading a badly written fan fiction and I ve never even read fan fiction Authors, perfection is overrated, give me flawed, dark characters and make me love them that is when I can call you a good writer.Overall, I learned having high expectations leads to disappointing circumstances I won t tell anyone to avoid this book, if any of the things I mentioned above don t bother you then go for it Also, I d like to recommend a Peter Pan retelling that could be considered one of my top 3 favourite books Tiger Lilly, trust me on this one It may be slow, but it s worth it. Foiled by a Goodreads rating again I really wanted to like this Peter Pan retelling, and I thought I would The reviews are, for the most part, good But, once again, I m left scratching my head and wondering if I missed something How can something this bad generate so much praise First, I have to give credit where credit is due The author had the nugget of a good idea here She switched things up a little and gave Peter and Hook a bit of a different relationship than what we re used to seeing It could have been a really interesting dynamic but some of her other choices really didn t work.In this version of the story, we ve got a nineteen year old Captain Hook presumably so he can be a suitable insta love interest for the seventeen year old heroine I found that pretty unbelievable And then, to make matters worse, Hook isn t even the ruthless one handed pirate we all know and love He s a watered down, touchy feely teenager who s so sexy that Angel can t stop thinking about him Why bother using these characters as a basis for the story if you re going to strip them of everything that makes them who they are After the first few chapters from Angel s point of view, we re treated to switching points of view between Angel and Hook The problem is that they both speak exactly the same way, down to using similar metaphors The only difference is that Hook swears constantly And these are not the swears you d expect from a pirate These are full on, can t air during primetime swears that soundlike they re coming out of a 21st century teenager s mouth than a 19th century pirate s I found it to be a pretty lazy way of differentiating the characters, and when Hook wasn t swearing, I kept forgetting whose point of view I was reading that s how similar they were.There were also so many, many problems with well, everything Angel is supposed to have lived in London, England all her life but she talks about eating fries and wearing tennis shoes and a sweater I m not English, but I m pretty sure she would ve been talking about chips, trainers, and a jumper The Lost Boys have things like zippers is there a zipper factory in Neverland and Peter Pan even wears a t shirt with a pocket on the chest maybe they have The Gap, too Then there were the things that just didn t make physical sense like when Angel steals a knife and hides it in her pocket I don t take another minute to think, just a moment to hide the silver dagger in the side pocket of my dress It s too long and the tip of the blade stands out, so I cover it by sliding my hand into the pocket, too.No, she didn t cut her hand to ribbons I really don t know how she managed not to unintentionally kill herself since she tried to stow a knife in her pocket with the blade facing out and then stuck her hand in there as well The author is Austrian, and the writing is actually not all that bad in places especially considering English might not be her first language But there were a few slip ups, such as when Angel looked simultaneously forlorn and full of hope I m not sure if that s even possible The writing was also very, very casual in places At times, I felt like I was reading something like a blog rather than a book I don t like seeing the word helluva in fiction unless the character s unique voice calls for it this particular one s didn t.My biggest complaint, however, was that for much of the last quarter of the book, it s nothing but making out Angel and Hook can t keep their hands off each other It s tongues and fingers and touching and groping and nestling and nuzzling, all culminating in something muchadult than the cute little cover suggests I didn t find it romantic or titillating Actually, I found it all pretty awkward because I felt like I was reading a fantasy that someone had written in their diary.While the spark for a really interesting Peter Pan retelling was there, it was, unfortunately, just that a spark Weak writing, weak characters, and a weak plot left me frustrated Even the cliffhanger ending doesn t make me want to read .http 20