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YES. Lastensarjakuvassa Tuhkimosta on tullut ninja ja lasikeng st miekka, eik lopussa menn prinssille morsiameksi, vaan kuninkaalliseksi henkivartijaksi Far Out Fairy Tales sarjan toistaiseksi paras osa Cinderella S Stepmother And Two Stepsisters Treat Her Like Dirt Each And Every Day, They Force Her To Clean Their Clothes, Cook Their Meals, And Only Give Her Rags To Wear And Crumbs To Eat But Each Night, In Secret And In Shadows, Cinderella Trains To Be A Ninja More Than Anything, Cinderella Yearns To Become The Prince S Personal Bodyguard When The Opportunity To Prove Her Worth To The Prince Finally Arrives In The Form Of An Invitation To A Royal Costume Ball, Cinderella S Stepmother Won T Let Her Go But This Time Around, Ninja Rella Isn T Going To Take No For An Answer Tuhkimo ei ole mik n Cinderella, vaan taistelulajit hallitseva Ninjarella Orvoksi j ty n h n j itipuolensa armoille, mutta onneksi hyv haltijatarninja katsoo, ett Ninjarellakin p seen prinssin tanssiaisiin Ja tekee siell l htem tt m n vaikutuksen.Far out fairy tales sarjakuvasarja sis lt hykerrytt vi uudelleentulkintoja vanhoista saduista Albumit ovat lyhyit ja tarinat ks nt ytteisi Lis ksi sarjakuvataide on laadukasta, kaikenkaikkiaan oikein hyv lastensarjakuvaa Lis ksi lopussa on aina my s se oikea satu ja visuaalisia teht vi sarjakuvaruuduista N ist voi siis my s oppia jotain. I loved this graphic novel retelling of Cinderella Instead of wanting to marry the prince, 13 year old Ninja rella wants to be his bodyguard and leaves her glass katana sword behind instead of a glass slipper Spectacular design, color, and story Includes a short history of the original fairy tale, tale twists, visual questions, and a glossary I look forward to reading the rest of the Far Out Fairy Tales series Another great retelling from the Far Out Fairytales graphic novel series.Ninja rella doesn t want to marry the prince she wants to show off her awesome fighting skills and be his personal bodyguard However, when her mother and father dies, and she is left with her evil step mother and step sisters, her ninja outfit is burned and she is forced to do all the housework for her family When the prince holds a grand ball, with the help of her fairy godnija, Ninja rella has her chance to show off her skills to the prince I don t have much to add to what I ve said in my reviews of other books in this series, but I enjoyed it as much as the rest and I love that these books all have great female heroines for young people to look up to These books have had mass appeal in our school library among both boys and girls so I d recommend them for any collection though they re especially great for low ability reluctant readers. pretty impressed by the far out fairytales series fun and frankly badass twists on classic fairytales ninja rella wants to be the prince s bodygaurd instead of his bride includes great backmatter including the history of the tale, a simple depiction of what was changed in this version glass slipper katana sword, etc , and a visual quiz for parents teachers who need proof that kids are comprehending all the visual clues, and . A fun graphic novel retelling featuring a glass Katana and Ninja rella ending up as the prince s bodyguard. This was a great quick read I ve been a big fan of Joey Comeau for a long time, so when I saw he d written this I knew I had to check it out It s an awesome retelling of Cinderella with ninjas, and interesting for kids too The back of the book has some visual questions for kids like, these panels go this way Why do you think the artist chose to do that a page with history about the tale of Cinderella, a page with some of the changes they made from the traditional to the ninja version like a glass katana instead of slippers and a short glossary of potentially unfamiliar words I really enjoyed it and will definitely recommend to kids in the library I think this would be a great graphic novel for younger kids It has a glossary in the back, explaining possibly difficult words, as well as questions that encourage the reader to thinkthoroughly about the artistic choices that were made and what effect they might have on how the story is read processed.As for the story itself, it is a pleasant and short retelling of Cinderella, in which the girl really wants to be a ninja It has played with those recognisable Cinderella elements and changed them a bit, which works well Overall a bit odd, but enjoyable.