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The musings and sketches of Albert Camus offer insight into the molding and working of a creative mind Covering ground form young adulthood to the height of Camus's career these notebooks contain sketches for future works excerpts from favorite books and reflections on death loneliness and art

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    I pulled about 400 great quotations out of this wonderful collection of thoughts This book was so up my alley it's unfair of me to recommend it to anyone because it was clearly written to and for me alone

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    what don't you learn from camus?

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    I love Camus and the brevity of these entries is really intriguing to me Many entries are like little poems and it's wonderful to see his mind at work on many of the themes that preoccupied him his whole life Contrast any random entry here to anything in Sartre's faux journal entries in Nausea and there's no comparison Camus' jottings consistently radiate a life actually lived and considered with reason and compassion whereas Sartre's musings seem overly intellectual and mean spirited My favorite entry from the journals is this If someone here told me to write a book on morality it would have a hundred pages and ninety nine would be blank On the last page I should write 'I recognize only one duty and that is to love' Camus consistently makes me want to be a better person

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    you know that question in silly email forwards whom alive or dead would you wish to meet well because of what i have found in his journals i would most likely answer albert camus

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    Un libro que deja clara la línea de pensamiento clara de Albert Camus Tanto ante la vida como la de escritor Queda clara una frase que escribe la escritora dominicana Aída Cartagena Portalatín hablando sobre James Joyce “Para conocer mejor a un escritor hay que leer su diario” Este no defrauda Da razón al cómo y por qué Camus trascendió tanto a pesar de que nunca lo quiso hacer Como dice eso demasiado trabajo y suficiente tratar de ser Hombre

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    A genius' thought processes laid bare on the page I can open it to any page and find something thought provoking or otherwise amazing Was hugely influential to me when I found it in my local library while in high school and remained a constant companion through college While I read from it less now it retains very fond memories and I would strongly recommend it to everyone

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    Get re bound

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    eigenlijk 'currently reading' want deze en de notebooks 1951 1959 liggen altijd wel ergens in de buurt om zomaar ergens open te slaan en een stukje te lezen

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    Camus was in his twenties when he started these diaries and they read like the ideas of a precocious college student at least the early years Nonetheless they are worth a look

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    Perspectiva de Camus sobre la politica y prensa francesa post 1940