A new shonen sensation in Japan this series features Monkey D Luffy whose main ambition is to become a pirate Eating the Gum Gum Fruit gives him strange powers but also invokes the fruit's curse anybody who consumes it can never learn to swim Nevertheless Monkey and his crewmate Roronoa Zoro master of the three sword fighting style sail the Seven Seas of swashbuckling adventure in search of the elusive treasure One Piece

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    It's the first time I'm reading the first volume of One Piece It than compares favorably to the anime The main difference between the manga and the anime at this point is that the latter did not start off from Luffy's childhood instead electing to introduce us to Koby first In hindsight it seems like an odd call from the producers at Toei though I had no grievances at first viewing and still don't now On another note knowing what happens further on in the story in no way dampened my enjoyment of Romance Dawn It was nostalgic to revisit the story in this formThe design of the characters was slightly different from their post time skip selves Except for Zoro maybe The character art is a bit lacking but is eventually much improved upon The art style although less elaborate than what it would evolve into in later arcs is clean I'm looking at you Togashi and detailed The way Oda depicts action already bears his trademark flowing impactful visual style with impressive structure from panel to panel which makes action scenes a real treat to read I sometimes find it hard to fully grasp fight choreography in certain mangas but it's safe to say that I have never had that problem with One PieceLuffy is the typical Shonen protagonist dumb gluttonous impulsive etc But then again he isn't really Between gaining his initially seriously handicapping powers at 7 and setting out for the sea 10 years have passed with him most certainly training his fighting abilities mindlessly in preparation for his future forays away from his village In this way he has in common with Lemillion from My Hero Academia than the actual protagonist of that series Deku He isn't really selfless either as we'll see later on but he wants everyone to have the freedom to do what what they want Until they end up hurting other people that is Luffy wants freedom for every one but wants the greatest freedom for himself which is why he is trying to become the Pirate King Technically being a Gum Gum Fruit user he can never run out of gum but that doesn't stop him from kicking ass anyway when someone asks for it generally by messing with other people's freedom to do what they want Simple but not reallyBut what is a Pirate King without his crew? Luffy sets out on his own and the first thing he does is try to recruit someone called Zoro who is a pirate hunter A bit self defeating if you ask me but that sort of thing never stops Luffy which is the whole point of his character spurred on by the ROMANCE of his journey to Pirate Kinghood Zoro carries an air of menace even after being bound up and starved for almost a month But you know he is good at heart when he refuses to let even bad food go to waste It is later revealed that he is the epitome of badassery Every feat of strength every cutting repartee is delivered with panache by him The perilous situation he faces even when he should technically be dead are ridiculous and are always physically punishing to him the most But to him even after all the ordeal he has to go through it will be as if nothing happenedEarly on the antagonists are almost jokes but far from one dimensional Alvida and Morgan he does not deserve the title of captain are all deeply insecure about their respective bodies The way they feel the need to constantly intimidate and needlessly abuse their minions and in case of Morgan his son is despicable but is rooted in their inability to contend with their own perceived imperfections They are short lived characters but there will be a lot of the same ilk in One Piece and it is really a testament of Oda's skill as a writer that he manages to flesh out even minor characters as these twoThe last chapter is called Introducing Nami That whets the appetite There is so much foreshadowing about her This volume is what kicked off this epic sea adventure At the time of writing 96 s have already been released and we are barely past the halfway mark I can't wait to see where this journey will take us Loved this volume to bits

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    For me One Piece is best Manga ever written The story always touch my heart it is a combination of faithful friendship laughter loyalty and actionSome people might find this manga as silly and pointless I’ve heard this before but they never truly read the Manga and therefore judging it simply from the cover I’ve been in that position tooand thank God I finally looked beyond the cover and found the greatest adventure any Mangaka ever writtenMore about One Piece at my blog One Piece Reread 2010 One Piece Reread 2011 One Piece Reread 2012

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    I wrote the review for the whole One Piece manga not only for volume one One Piece is the only manga I've been loyal to for the past ten yearsAs I grew up I choose to read serious book and leave manga behind But One piece is an exception If you read the manga you will see how every character mainly the protagonist have very compelling and charismatic personality Luffy is the captain a happy go lucky person who sometimes act stupid along with UssopChopper and Franky but very responsible towards his nakama My favorite is Zorro a very responsible nakama who's willing to go trough pain and suffers just to protect the others The villains are eually awesome too and to be honest the villains are sometimes better than the main character Story wise the setting was in wonderful world we never imagine different enemies and a plot twist we never expect The One Piece World is very diverse with uniue creature and stronger enemies as the level going up The incredible detail and meticulous hands off to Oda about every part of it the world government the sichibukai the pirate and even for the additional character This manga is insanely funny

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    One Piece is the best selling manga of all time and going by this first book I have no idea whyA kid called Luffy wants to grow up to become king of pirates Which seems unlikely until he accidentally eats the gum gum fruit and basically turns into Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four becoming invulnerable to swords and bullets and seemingly everything as well as strong in the bargain He’s gotta assemble a crew and he’s uesting for the fabled treasure One Piece Luffy is not an interesting protagonist There’s nothing boring than a main character who is as invincible as he is who can effortlessly overcome any obstacle in his way and has no weaknesses whatsoever But like every other character here he doesn’t have much of a personality either I have no idea why the pirates who had the gum gum fruit in their possession didn’t eat it immediately and turn into Stretch Armstrong themselves given that doing so has literally no downsides They just had it because Luffy needed to eat it and get those powers and so have these adventures it’s that contrived Also every time the gum gum fruit is mentioned and it’s mentioned a lot it’s called a “secret treasure” but literally everyone knows what it is so I don’t get what’s “secret” about it?? The story is tedious Bandits fight pirates in a bar with no stakes; Luffy meets Koby a dorky cabin boy that wants to join the Navy; and they recruit Roronoa Zolo another invulnerable character a master swordsman whose weapons are three large swords which just seems impractical Together they easily defeat the not at all scary Captain Morgan and his Prince Joffrey esue son That’s the whole unremarkable and unsurprising book It’s SO BORING I honestly can’t tell you one good thing about it Maybe the first book is a dud and Eiichiro Oda’s extremely long series gets better somewhere later on down the line but if Romance Dawn is anything to go by I remain utterly baffled as to One Piece’s popularity

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    The beginning of one of the most epic manga stories ever I gave only 4 star for first volume because the world has not much revealed But on next volumes you could see the fantasy world of One Piece is rich fresh and populated with many interesting characters

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    The world of pirates seems pretty awesome when you are a kid No rules and parents just treasure hunts and palm trees and lots of laughter and maybe a colorful parrot on your shoulder that's the life The genius of One Piece is that it perfectly captures these childhood fantasies turning them into a rollicking adventure that is anchored by relatable characters while bubbling over with fun and enthusiasm It is no surprise at all that One Piece has been one of the world's best selling comic book titles for years great stuff

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    I enjoyed this way than I anticipated Might have to give the anime a go

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    One Piece is the best selling manga of all time And it's not close with approximate sales at 380 million volumesNormally I wouldn't even review something this iconic It's like giving my opinion on Batman And not the most recent Batman but iconic original series Batman You just don't It's Batman But a large majority of my GR friends don't read manga even among the comic readers or at least don't review it here if they do So let's talk about one of the most famous manga of all time Perhaps you've seen the animeOne Piece begins with the execution of the King of the Pirates who just before the executioner's blade fell announced that his treasure called One Piece was available to anyone who could find it People are greedy so the Great Pirate Era beginsSkipping ahead a decade or so finds us following the young boy Luffy who wants to be a pirate than anything despite not being able to swim In a moment of plot he eats the Gum Gum Fruit one of the Devil Fruits Now each devil fruit gives a special power to the person who eats it and this one basically turns his body into rubber This means he can't be hurt pretty much Bullets bounce off of him he can punch really far somehow etc Skip forward another decade and we have Luffy as a young man still determined to be King of the Pirates He then sets off on his adventure to find himself a pirate crew and locate the One Piece treasure The rest of the volume has him run into a couple of enemies including one with an axe for a hand and a couple of new friends including Zolo who uses the insane three sword techniue Through it all Luffy approaches everything like it is just one big adventure even while people are trying to murder him He's a fairly odd pirate really It's all about friendship and following your dreams even when they are completely nuts Let's talk art Every now and then in fact if you scroll down this page to the other reviews is one you will find someone who says the art is terribad These people are wrong You are welcome not to like it just as you are welcome to not like anything But you're still wrong DOne Piece manages to have clean art while still being very kinetic I'd say it is art that could easily adapt to a cartoon but there's an anime with over 700 episodes and the art is pretty much an exact match so I suppose that is obviousThe primary issue I have with One Piece and this is true of pretty much all manga is that it expects you to be in for the long haul While there are a couple of completed stories in this volume it is obviously just the setup for things to come Those of us reading american comics for decades are used universe resets and such seemingly all the time You don't typically get that with manga at least not the stuff that gets translated to English I wouldn't know about the rest of the market and watch One Piece be the exception since I haven't read most of it yet They aren't typically books you pick up with the something recent like you often can with american comics Start back at the beginning and catch up There are currently over 80 volumes of this and it's still going so there's a lot to catch up on But it's the best selling manga of all time so it can't be too bad

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    One Piece is famous for being that one manga that absolutely refuses to end At 89 volumes and counting it's one of the longest running series in history and an extremely intimidating undertaking for many new readers like me because of that Still its insane popularity and the pirate adventure premise piued my interest enough to check at least the first volume and I have to say — I'm into itOne Piece is about a young boy named Luffy whose biggest dream has always been becoming the Pirate King and finding One Piece the greatest treasure in the world At one point he accidentally eats a magic fruit that gives him the ability to stretch his body just like Reed Richards but it also for some baffling reason makes him unable to swim One day he decides to embark on an adventure looking for a ship and a crewIt's uite humorous in a way that reminded me of one of my favourite video game series ever Monkey Island While One Piece is nowhere near the same level of wit as Ron Gilbert's legendary games I will still take my comedy pirate adventure fix wherever I can get it Luffy is a fun main character who takes shit from no one no matter their status or reputation and I loved every moment when he punched some big shot in the face The rest of the cast looks promising although no one truly stands out so far — it's mostly Luffy's show at this pointThe artwork looks very nice It's cartoony and a bit over exaggerated but it works really well with the tone of the storytelling I have to mention that I was reading this volume online through some not so official sources don't judge me and I had a fully coloured version — I'm not sure if this version is officially available in english but oh boy the colour really suits this manga I think if I were to read this in black and white I would have a bit trouble distinguishing between certain characters especially female ones because they all have the same face and only slightly different hair styles Other than that the book looks absolutely delightful just like a good adventure comic shouldOverall I was really pleasantly surprised by the first volume of One Piece I know it's impossible to judge such a massive series just by one volume out of 89 but I sure am willing to read And while I can't say if I'm ever going to read all 89 volumes I get the feeling that this is the kind of series that is about the journey not the destination

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    Let's get this straight I am a hardcore One Piece fan I have been since forever I remember watching it on tv as a kid Then they stopped airing the show for some reason The problem was that it was dubbed in greek and they changed the title and i had no clue from where to start in order to find it Since then i have been searching for it I was in desparare need to watch it And believe me back then it was not easy to find anything cz internet was not like today's at all I started loosing hope and i completetly lost track of it for some years but all this time i've never stopped being attached to it Then i found everything got obsessed about it loved it adored it I started reading the manga later on and there are some minor things in there that are different from the anime but it is 100% the same story I am telling you the manga is soooo good 3 This is the first volume and it contains chapters 1 8 It also contains all the feels and all the nostalgia This is the beggining of everything Oda sensei is amazing He is giving us an adventure filled with love humor values Beautiful story amazing characters Cannot reccomend If you like manga and anime read or watch this or do both ONE PIECE ROCKS 3I keep rereading this and how can i possibly express how much i love it?