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A brand new eBook original crime novel from bestselling author Walter Mosley Parishioner is a portrait of a hardened criminal who regrets his past but whose only hope for redemption is to sin again   In a small town situated between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara a simple church of white stone sits atop a hill on the coast This nameless house of worship is a sanctuary for the worst kinds of sinners the congregation and even the clergy have broken all ten Commandments and Now they have gathered to seek forgiveness Xavier Rule—Ecks to his friends—didn’t come to California in search of salvation but thanks to the grace of this church he has begun to learn to forgive himself and others for past misdeeds One day a woman arrives to seek absolution for the guilt she has carried for years over her role in a scheme to kidnap three children and sell them on the black market As part of atoning for his past life on the wrong side of the law Ecks is assigned to find out what happened to the abducted children As he follows the thin trail of the twenty three year old crime he must struggle against his old lethal instincts—and learn when to give in to them

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    The nameless church was a safe harbor were a sinner was free to brand himself Rich men and even royalty resided inside Father Frank's walls But there on the hillside of Seabreeze city all congregants were eual under the Sun and Moon They didn't mention God because just the word was a weapon in the mouths of menEgbert Noland who also goes by the name of Xavier also known as Ecks by most people you may find him donned in attire of a chocolate shirt and lime jacket cranberry socks and grapefruit shoes don't let this mislead you a bit He can be a cold blooded killer he has crimes to his name in the past killed and pimped but since meeting with Father Frank of the church of no name he has become a parishioner he and any many others like him have had a new lease of life and a chance to turn around their lives through the help of FrankHe fixes a few things for Frank some jobs aiding a few desperate souls who want to find missing people or remedy a wrongAt Frank's behest one job is undertaken by Ecks it uncovers all kinds of unspeakable crimes mainly involving the kidnapping killing and selling of childrenThere is a warning here of adult content contained within various women throw themselves at Ecks and there are some very serious crimes discussed awakened and uncovered from the past of characters in this taleThis is a gripping narrative with great dialogue hypnotic readingMosley can write so well with sentences with the right words that deliver the moment and pace efficiently he keeps the reader in the unravelling of mysteries the characters are felt and seen in your mind due to his well crafted writing You will learn of characters from different walks of life and of their wanting to do right out of wrong and some just plain badWalter Mosley has a great way of showing you the characters and the scene read this passage describing a ParishionerThere were two skinny women with huge breasts and in impossibly small bikinis sunning themselves in beach chairs on the upper deck of Charlie Mother's yacht; white girls with blond hair red lips and skinny legs that looked like they could crush walnuts the size of pillows Ecks A man shoutedHe was at least a demigod Six six with bronze skin and yellow hair His eyes were the colour of the ocean and the muscles beneath the skin of his bare chest and arms undulated like huge snakes under a stain sheet This defied man strode easily from the pilot's dais onto the upper deckHe wore dark blue sweatpants cinched tight to his thirty inch waist and his smile belonged to a presidential hopeful white and contagious Ecks is definitely a character I would love the author to take further and I am sure we will hear from the parishioners This is a read and an author that many may not know of but needs to be known ofhttp2readcomreviewparishioner by walter mosley

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    Rating 35 starsShades of Leonid McGill Despite beginning as the story of reformed criminals seeking redemption through guidance from a church leader Parishioner is not too far removed from a McGill mystery The services of a former gangster known as Xavier Rule have been called upon by his mentor Father Frank to look into or investigate a woman at the heart of a child kidnapping scheme dating back decades Rule’s street smart maneuvering and repartee with cops and people in general closely mirrors another former underworld figure turned sleuth created from the mind of Walter MosleyIn the spirit of The Man in My Basement Mosley is once again colouring outside of the lines of his two detective series His writing remains of a high caliber though there’s a noticeable difference in tone Something sinister is at play with Parishioner Darker and twisted details surface as this tale progresses Sure this is fiction but a fiction nonetheless based on real happenings in our morally conflicted worldThere’s good very good and then there’s masterful As an author Walter Mosley deservingly belongs within that latter category There are attributes to his writing that are unparalleled within the literary space Whether it be the internal and external dialogue of his characters or his wildly original descriptions of people places and things And then there’s the output Two sometimes three titles per year When I interviewed the author back in 2012 he disclosed that he wrote no than three hours per day Those must be very productive daily sessions

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    Parishioner is a well written compelling tale of a man looking for redemption of past deeds that explores the uncommon depth of the dark side of humanity Mosley’s distinctive mark of flawed complex characters that often need to examine their darker nature against their personal moral agenda coupled with good old fashioned storytelling is present front and center in this book The story builds tension with the twists and turns as the crimes past and present are revealed Some uestions were answered at the end but others are left opened but I am hoping this means it is a start of a new series with these intriguing characters I recommend to Walter Mosley fans and those who enjoy a dark gritty mystery

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    Xavier “Ecks” Rule is the 46 year old eponymous protagonist in this standalone from Walter Mosley the author of several novels most notably the Easy Rawlins series holds the title of Deacon in a nameless church in Southern California led by a self ordained minister It should be said that the church has no denomination and the 96 members of the congregation deacons all have backgrounds as thieves murders rapists and one state certified anarchist But they have either been drawn to the “church” or been recruited by Father Frank its leader who then at some point gives each “missions” in which the skills acuired in their violent pasts are put to good use all as part of the redemption they seek “The church was like a prison that worked on the honor system You were free to repent but always as an inmate serving a life sentence with Father Frank as both warden and confessor The one rule of their church was to refrain from passing judgment on one another”At its heart this is a tale of human trafficking and three lost boys and tracking them at the behest of another Parishioner is the mission assigned to Ecks a former Harlem gangster now making his living delivering newspapers as well as taking a correspondence course studying religion and literature The book is replete with unrelenting violence sex and brutality seemingly as natural as breathing to the continually growing cast of characters this last making the book freuently difficult to navigate and at times to distinguish one from another Needless to say there are numerous murders and much other violence throughout the bookThe often poetic writing is typical of this author’s work I particularly liked the descriptions of many of the characters eg “he was so thin and wan that he blended into the washed out fabric like a chameleon might subtly come to resemble branch and leaf” A dark world is portrayed here one that I suspect is foreign to many if not most readers but that said there is much to enjoy here and with that caveat it is recommended

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    DNF 92% If you can buy the central conceit of a church of reformed criminals then the story is an unusual detective story that has Mosley's typical eye for detailed characters But at 92% when the depth of the plot is being revealed there were too many twists for my little mind to follow as if often the case for me with Mosley novels and I wasn't invested enough in the victims to care about the final outcome

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    Strong ReadWalter Mosley always write very good books and the Parishioner is no different A new character but there were too many parts that felt like other characters with a new name

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    Another snappy tale from the master about Los Angeles and its mean streets and the transplants and locals that inhabit them Rough raw lyrical

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    This is vintage Walter Mosley abundant characters good story and suspense aplenty The Parishioner centers around Egbert Noland aka Xavier Rule who goes by the name Ecks There aren't many who are better than Mosley when it comes to creating depth in his protagonists He does this with Ecks to great effect He fills in the contours of his life throughout the course of the novel so you never get the feeling that Ecks is somewhat fanciful This is very important to this particular story because there is a lot going on and many crazy individuals doing many kooky thingsThe Parishioner is a busy novel and honestly it may be a bit convoluted You may need a scorecard to keep up with all the murder and mayhem There is a church of no denomination a kidnapping scheme a killer for hire scenario and some porn thrown in for good measure So you may find yourself saying what? Mosley tries to wrap all this around Ecks a parishioner of the church who is asked to find 3 boys who were stolen at a young age Mosley mostly succeeds in this endeavor mainly for the reasons I mention below If there is a failing it is in the ending It's like Mosley got tired of writing and said let me tie all this together and bring it to a close The conclusion feels rushed like he was running out of time I've experienced this before with other Mosley books and I find it problematic Not that I expect a nice tidy feel great conclusion but you can't seemingly have everything come together and details rushing from everywhere in a conversation between two characters that feeds the feeling of clumsiness and hastiness Every time I finish a Mosley novel I find myself people watching I mean really watching and noting details about strangers The way he depicts people their color features style and disposition is uncanny And so in real life I find myself often wondering how Mosley would describe a particular individual I absolutely love this about Mosley that skill of vividness really puts you right in the book and keeps you interested in all the various characters you meet in a Mosley novelThanks to the ebook revolution authors are able to be productive without waiting for the traditionally slow publishing cycle I hope authors of Mosley's stature take the opportunity to write ebooks The consumer will be the ultimate winner As for The Parishioner it is definitely worth reading and despite the busyness of the novel and the hasty ending I will go 4 stars because I can't go 35 and it's closer to 4 than it is to 3 so enjoy

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    The Hero is a member of an unusual church consisting of parishioners that have committed numerous crimes and have a variety of illicit skills They are lead by a charismatic pastor that sends them on missions to promote their healing and self awarenessOne such mission is assigned to the H and the story begins filled with amazing secondary characters and an intriguing mystery to be solved Each character is so well written that I could see them each having their own book The author is smart and doesn't allow these characters to detract from the main story line but uses them to enhance and give depth to the storyThe dialogue is rich and it is wonderful to read a book written by an author that understands the English language I was held captive by this story and found myself unable to put the book down The ending fulfilled my need for a HEA but not one that is overly neat and tidyARC provided by Netgalley

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    This is a long and somewhat apocryphal tale of redemption about an former uber criminal who has joined a mysterious cult like and secretive church for outsiders and reprobates like himself he is tasked to undertake a fantastic mission that involves a long standing kidnapping and child human trafficking network Most of the characters encountered are major league bad actors and the story involves some incredible machinationsMore of a parable than a realistic depiction of routine criminal activities it was still an enjoyable read I prefer the Easy Rawlins level of local crime story but this variation from that norm was worth the effort