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Nicole Marie Handy has loved all things French since she was a child After the death of her best friend determined to get out of her rut she goes to Paris leaving behind a marriage proposal While there Nicole chances upon an old photo of her father lovingly inscribed in his hand to a woman Nicole has never heard of What starts as a vacation uickly becomes an investigation into his relationship to this mystery woman Moving back and forth in time between the sparkling Paris of today and the jazz fueled city filled with expatriates in the 1950s Passing Love is the story of two women dealing with lost love secrets and betrayaland how the City of Light may hold all of the answers

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    This was a perfect Memorial Day weekend read for me I knew Jacueline Luckett's name was familiar she was interviewed for her role in The Finish Party a group of black women writers in O Magazine years ago I liked the use of epistolary correspondence to move the narrative forward and I have convinced myself that the French lessons that open most of the chapters is a sign that I should not be the last black person in America to learn French Just like Shay Youngblood's book though so I think this book made me want to get on a plane to Paris immediately The writing puts you there though Of course romance and mystery also made this hard to put down A well done book with some good detailed history and intriguing characters

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    This was a 4 12 star book for me I really enjoyed Jacueline Luckett's writing style fluid engaging and descriptive PASSING LOVE is the tale of two women Nicole Marie a 50 something divorcee involved with a married man and Ruby a girl growing up in segregated Mississippi When Nicole's best friend dies she feels compelled to keep a promise She'd always dreamed of going to Paris and now she has nothing to hold her back In fact removing herself from the situation with her married lover is probably the best thing she can do So she packs up tells her parents she'll be away for a while and she heads overseas to the City of Light In the meantime we learn about Ruby an impetuous teenager who falls in love with an older man a saxophone player in whom Ruby sees promise for a future outside her small town She leaves her family for her man ending up in Paris a city she comes to adore Only her life becomes complicated than she'd ever envisioned when her lover dies and out of sheer loneliness she takes up with another Down the road these two women's lives converge Their connection brings a host of things to light particularly for Nicole PASSING LOVE is a well written tale of relationships and survival and love in all its contexts

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    I wish we were in a postracial place in the US but we are not Race relations still color everything here This book centers on the present and also post WWII in Paris where there was simply no racial differentiation This book helped me imagine the freedom black Americans mostly soldiers must have felt or still feel there and makes me long for that in the US With that said I had trouble finishing this book as one of the main characters is very unlikable and it took a long while for the plot to developI'm glad a read the book mainly for a new understanding of race and for the beautiful descriptions of Paris

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    Overall I appreciated the authors sense of place Paris and her character development My issue is with her sentence structure which at times felt awkward I caught myself rereading sentences and paragraphs to discern the meaning I have caught myself thinking about the characters in the days since I finished the book which says a lot about how embedded they were in my mind In summary an enjoyable read

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    Passing love is everything a novel should be It is a story as complex multilayered and rich as a French pastry and just as deceptively simpleuntil you take a bite Settle back get comfy and enjoy the journey Nicole Malvina and Ruby and their men take you on through Post WWII and contemporary Paris You will feel like you were thereyou will wish you were therethen and nowPassing Love Paris on t'aime

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    Romantic love story where to two women have the same man in common but they are decades apart I got lost in the French lessons and took me a while to see the connection between the characters The character development was awesome but it was the slow storyline that made this a 3 star read

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    35 is my truer rating for this book It was a slow start but it eventually got and held my interest For me it ended short of answers It's a sad love story on multiple accounts Its lessons are very real which is what I liked most about this book

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    An extremely enjoyable read The unlikely coincidences that occur were my only real problem with this book I liked the author's style ans the alternating voices of the chapters I will definitely read this author's next book

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    An incredibly lush read The story transitions back and forth in time between Paris present day and the 1950s It explores multifaceted aspects of love from romance to heartbreak uite beautifully

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    Lame Took too long to get to the good bits All the characters are unlikeable and selfish