ePUB Herb Martinez Ç Pinstripe Planet II: More Fine Lines from the World's Best Ç

Since Pinstripe Planet's 2006 publication the pinstripe scene has grown immensely and here's the record of the scene's growth for new and old aficionados The world’s best pinstripe masters in the US Japan UK Europe and Australia have new work to show Significant new artists have emerged on the scene since the last edition and they are showcased here as well Not only are the works brilliantly photographed the book also explains how artists first found inspiration how they work and where their influence can be seen Cutting edge art galleries are now beginning to treat pinstriping as worthy of recognition by serious collectors This book is part of that trend—essential for anyone into the Kustom car and culture scene for existing pinstripers looking for new sources of inspiration and for new aficionados of one of the most visually exciting aspects of the counterculture

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