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I wish I had this book for exploring world recipes a couple of years ago, but, at the same time, out of 400 recipes, I only found a handful that I found of interest to make Most either require too many ingredients or ingredients which aren t readily available The main problem I had with this book was the copy I found was seriously dated I checked it out from the library and the publication date was 1990, so many of these countries are now independent from the old Soviet Union. I first ran across this cookbook about 16 years ago when a Russian American friend loaned it to me for a short while Recently, I was looking for some Russian Easter recipes and remembered this book, and found a good used copy on Ebay.I had saved many of the recipes years before, and it was great revisiting them here along with other recipes that will be on my to do list The author also includes chapters on various Soviet Union Republics and their cuisines, which provides some great context If you re interested in ethnic cuisines of the world, give this book a try, as it scans from Eastern Europe to Central Asia I think you ll find plenty here to try in your home kitchen. From The Robust Foods Of The Baltic States To The Delicately Perfumed Pilafs Of Azerbaijan, From Borscht And Beef Stroganoff To The Grains And Yogurts Of Georgia, Anya Von Bremzen And John Welchman Take Westerners On A Spectacular Tour Of The Many And Varied Cuisines Of The Fifteen Former Soviet Republics Anya Von Bremzen, A Native Muscovite, Grew Up On Regional Cooking And Has Traveled Extensively Throughout The Former Soviet Union, Visiting Professional Chefs, Touring Markets, And Sampling And Gathering Dishes Covering Eleven Time Zones And Hundreds Of Recipes, Please To The Table Brings To Light The Astounding Culinary Diversity Of This Corner Of The World And The Similarities Between The Cuisines, Too Here Are Byelorussion Mushroom Croquettes, Armenian Stuffed Mussels, And Dozens Of Other Zakuski The Little Bites That Are The Heart And Soul Of Russian Meals Soups From Armenian Lentil And Apricot Soup To Lithuanian Apple Soup With Apple Dumplings Dozens Of Entrees Including Uzbek Lamb Pilaf, Russian Salmon With Sorrel And Spinach, Azerbaijani Quail In Walnut And Pomegranate Sauce, Armenian Pumpkin Moussaka And Side Dishes, Salads, Beverages, And Desserts Such As Russian Cranberry Mousse And An Almond And Pistachio Paklava Plus Vatrushki, Pampushki, Halushki, Blinchiki, Sirniki, And Pirozhki Winner Of TheJames Beard Food And Beverage Book Award Selection Of The Book Of The Month Club S Homestyle Books And The Better Homes Gardens Family Book Service , Copies In Print Priyova Apetita Good Appetite This is almost a 5 star book but there s no recipe for Kymyz a fermented mare s milk beverage that has almost magical curative properties when you have a serious case of food poisoning or other digestive ailments while camping in the Kyrgyz mountains, and happens to taste just like effervescent baco bits Although kymyz is referenced in the book as Kumiss , with the omission of instructions on how to make or approximate this beverage, and the significant role it plays in Kyrgyz culture, I just can t bring myself to say it was amazing Almost, but not quite.It s also tough to get hold of a copy, as it s out of print but luckily, you can read it for free at I love this cookbook It s very comprehensive, with recipes from all the republics of the former Soviet Union The recipes are easy to follow and seem authentic I ve made a few things from this already just received it at Christmas and plan to make manyIn addition to the recipes, there are quotes from great Russian writers and others scattered throughout, introductions to some of the republics and their cuisine, and many interesting tidbits There s actually a lot to read in this cookbook aside from the recipes. This book won awards when it was first published in 1990 Maybe it was groundbreaking then, but I don t find it particularly inspiring I was interested that she feels that baba, not babka, is the real pride and joy of eastern European and western Russian cooking I was brought up on babka, which I still love I never heard of baba until I discovered the French baba au rhum Perhaps babka becamepopular in U.S among immigrant communities Her potato pancake recipe and commentary is also interesting, but I wonder why she didn t mention that potato pancakes were ubiquitous, especially among the poorer folks. This is a FABULOUS Russian cookbook I ve owned it for a number of years and cooked many recipes from it They are all great The beef stroganoff is always impressive for guests I love the sour cream pastry dough for little piroshki with cabbage filling The Mushroom Tokana is a great option for vegetarians The one recipe requested again and again in our household is the Garlic Mashed Potatoes, decadent but worth it I highly recommend this cookbook. I heard about this English language Russian cookbook while we were in Russia imagine that I only recently in the last year or so got my own copy, and I love it I should really cookRussian food, but there is one time of year that I do for sure the International Dinner at the end of Missions Conference in the spring Which is just a week or so away So this book will be pulled off the shelves shortly and used I come back to this book again and again Everything I have made from it has been interesting and delicious of course, I have not made the things that look yucky Tomorrow night I ll serve visitng friends the Kulebiaka a guaranteed crowd pleaser and showstopper and the orange hazelnut buttercream torte my wife s absolute favorite The Armenian Stuffed Pumpkin is a perfect centerpiece for a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner The red peppers stuffed with feta, the sauerkraut with mushrooms, the mushrooms with Madeira so many wonderful dishes And I love the cultural information, too Her writing is easy and enjoyable to read this is a cookbook to read in a comfy chair on a winter night. The best egg salad I ve ever had was adapted from a recipe in this book See