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Our Family Pictures Are Priceless And Irreplaceable, A Visual Record Of Memories And Loved Ones They Deserve And Require Special Care To Ensure They Will Still Be Around To Pass On To The Next Generations Aging, Dust, And The Wrong Environments, Among Other Factors, Put Them At Risk For Deterioration And Or Other Losses Learn To Take The Practical Steps To Preserve And Protect Your Family Photos, Both The Physical Prints, And Digital Formats Ensure That Your Treasures Will Survive

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    Preserve Your Family Pictures How To Save Photo Heirlooms for Future Generations by Amber RicharThe way we go about saving our photos from the 1900 s was to scan them in and put them on a hard drive at which point each of the kids, living in different US locations, got a copy along with their own hard drive.It s my job to update our daily weekly photos and place them on the hd and notify the kids to send theres along once a year so we all have updated photos.Like the subjects this book covers, preserving what you have I m not too concerned with that as I store them on hd s and can print them at anytime I want.Discusses methods for photo preservation Lots of different discussions in how to store them and why one method is better than another.The thing that took the longest time for me to do was organizing them by year.Has sections on digital also on how to fix photos even and suggests a local photoshop class Discusses slides and other forms of photos.Other works by the author are highlighted at the end

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    Great for people like me who are challenged when it comes to doing anything pertaining my pictures Preserve Your Family Pictures How To Save Photos Heirlooms for Future Generations by Amber Richards will, in a very comprehensive, easy to follow fashion teach you all of the techniques needed to properly preserve your physical and digital pictures.In short, I have lost pictures in the past, wither it be to travel or improper care, they have been damaged and simply lost Lately I have been taking pictures To name a few, my daughters graduation, birthdays, and of course my two little that are constantly boys growing up have been my focal point of capturing those special, unforgettable moments in time Frankly these are the memories that should be passed down generations long after I am gone That s what is amazing about this guide It has helped me preserve my dearest memories so that my children and their children can appreciate at them all the when I am gone I highly recommend it to all.

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    Being a professional photographer for 35 years, I know a thing or two about preserving and restoring photographs This book gives pretty good basic information on the topic I might add that removing photographs that have become bonded to the so called Magnetic photo albums is made easier and safer by the use of a product called unSeal available from the Seal CorporationAlso contrary to the author s information, most people will find it difficult to find a processing lab or studio that is prepared to rephotograph with film and produce a negative for you ESPECIALLY if you live in a small town Most Providers will scan the image or rephotograph digitally If you want a film negative, be prepared to create your own.I d recommend reading this book and follow the author s advice Get those photographs OUT of the attic, basement and attic and show them some love if you want your great grandchildren to enjoy them.

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    This book is very light on content You will find the same information at no cost by searching the internet There is no special knowledge or insight, just common knowledge and filler material.The book has various formatting issues, sometimes the whole paragraphs appear in title font, sometimes titles are the last line on the page There is 2 and 3 lines between each paragraph through the book Not sure if it was a typographical error and just a way to increase the number of pages This is not a high quality work.Ali Julia review

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    A very helpful guide for managing what so many of us have in storage, old family photos I am 55 and have stacks of plastic drawers full of my family photos My youngest child is 26 now When I pull out the pics, my heart strings are tugged.Amber offers up not just the pragmatic how to deal with stuck together photos but also makes helpful suggestions regarding a reasonable daily regime of working through what would otherwise be a daunting, if not overwhelming project.I live in the tropics which are notoriously toxic to photos So I am looking to the digital archiving option than the storage of the physical photos The book is not super thorough with regards to the digital option, hence my 4 stars.A word about the daring aspect of the book I would not have come up with some of the how to un stick, stuck photos ideas And frankly I ve not tried them yet I m assuming they work, but it takes a gutsy approach to submerge heirloom photos in water.Overall, an excellent book that should probably be read by everyone.