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These Essays Are Ultimately Designed For Long Term Members Of Step Fellowships To Help Them Be Better Sponsors And To Help Them Be Of Service To Others Without Allowing It To Become Their Whole Identity In Recovery, We Get A Chance To Help Others, But, In Attempting To Do So, We End Up Making Mistakes, And Coming Face To Face With Our Own Characters Defects Service To Other Is A Chance For Us To Exercise Our Own Personal Demons Here Are Some Essays, Written By Twelve Step Members, As They Struggle To Learn How To Lead Other By Example If You Are New To Recovery Or Questioning Staying Clean, Then This Book Probably Isn T For You There Is A Whole Myriad Of Books Focused On Early Recovery

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    A very thoughtful and critical compilation of thoughts on some contentious issues Whether or not you agree with all of the thoughts put down in these essays I believe that any recovering addict would benefit from reading them The topic of the 13th step especially resonated with me Being engaged to someone that was also in the rooms who had significantly less clean time than me was one of my biggest lessons in life I dealt with people coming at me with lots of opinions on what the hard rules of right and wrong were Based on my experience my beliefs fall in line with what is written in these pages I just don t believe I could have expressed them so eloquently A quick and insightful read I look forward to .

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    I wish I would have read this before becoming a member of a 12 Step Fellowship, but we don t actually plan it out like that I loved how the book was written by an experienced member who does not conform to the norm regarding unwritten rules of the fellowships and highly encourages individual thought, personal growth and focuses on the evolvement of the fellowships rather than the way it always has been if it ain t broke don t fix it mentality The book also challenges the member to always ask questions and challenge experienced members If the experienced member has gained freedom from the fellowships, he or she will welcome the questions of newcomers I loved the book big thumbs up.

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    The Recovery Essays book explores topics all 12 step fellowship members are familiar with, whether we admit it or not Such topics as the newcomer obsession encourages members new and expierenced alike to look at their own practices concerning anonymity , and entertain possible contradictory thoughts on it The Thirteenth Step , possibly the most raunchy and controversial topic in the Essays, is hands down the most perfectly described synopsis to age old dogma and buffoonery Take the 45 minutes and read this Book, however it might invoke hours of necessary thought and contemplation

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    Thought provoking Fresh perspectives and in depth analysis of common issues in recovery These essays will help to open any recovering person s mind to broader interpretations of service, sponsorship, spirituality and the way we interact with each other.

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    We enjoyed reading this book We found there were a lot of truths in the authors writings and inclusionsin this book As 2 recovering addicts both with multiple years clean we had never heard of the 13th Step and honestly still aren t sure about it, but it is a good read for anyone wanting to get slightly into the mind of an addict.