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The Blacksmith Would Marry HerThe Woodcutter Would Run Away With HerThe Werewolf Would Turn Her Into One Of Its OwnValerie S Sister Was Beautiful, Kind, And Sweet Now She Is Dead Henry, The Handsome Son Of The Blacksmith, Tries To Console Valerie, But Her Wild Heart Beats Fast For Another The Outcast Woodcutter, Peter, Who Offers Valerie Another Life Far From HomeAfter Her Sister S Violent Death, Valerie S World Begins To Spiral Out Of Control For Generations, The Wolf Has Been Kept At Bay With A Monthly Sacrifice But Now No One Is Safe When An Expert Wolf Hunter Arrives, The Villagers Learn That The Creature Lives Among Them It Could Be Anyone In TownIt Soon Becomes Clear That Valerie Is The Only One Who Can Hear The Voice Of The Creature The Wolf Says She Must Surrender Herself Before The Blood Moon Wanesor Everyone She Loves Will DieBased On A Screenplay Written By David Leslie Johnson Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the death of Gray s love for fairytale re tellings, we can only hope that her love for such books will pull a Jesus miracle and resurrect in a few days Seriously Is this book joking Is this a joke whispers Is this the Bee MoviePETER AND VALERIE HAD NO CHEMISTRY ZERO NONE GOOSE EGGS.And Valerie no thank you.This book had promise, I saw the trailer for the screenplay it is based off of, and it looked so beautiful and aesthetic, I hoped that this would be just as good when I picked it up in my library I WAS DECEIVED BY THE TRAILER, THE PRETTY GOTHIC COVER AND PAGE ART XD And the ending What ending There s none It wasn t even a cliffhanger, it was just unfinished shudders This was aMAJORfairytale re telling turn off I m sorry for all of my friends on here that were excited for this book when they saw that I was reading it I thought it was going to be a hidden gem, sadly I was wrong Maybe y all will still enjoy it though but for me it s a let down Disappointed. Okay, it was a quick and interesting read But there was several things that hit my boiling point.1 Peter Valerie NO CHEMSITRY So, apparently, Peter was a creepy weird kid in the village and left and he came back liked a decade later and Valerie is all like, OMG he s so hot It s him All my feelings I didnt know i had has appeared in less then two seconds blah blah blah, They hardly say two words to each other Example would be when she first say him The only said this, Valerie Do you remember Peter, How could I forget Cute, right That s what i thought but 30 pages later, he decides to RUN AWAY WITH HER Okay, let s take a step back Yeah, they want to run away together She hasnt seen him for 10 YEARS and she ll just go off a run away with him WTF HE COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEONE IN 10 YEARS He could be a freaking pedophile for all she knows I really hate dumb people 2 Valerie Valerie was just annoying The whole time she s like i want peter and only peter Ugh it was like i was reading Twilight all over again.3 The Ending THERE WAS NO ENDING You might say, what How is there no ending Well there ISNT You dont even find out who the freaking wolf was That s was all i was thinking about WHO IS THE WOLF The last paragraph really aggravated me over the top It said this, She didn t care if he was the Wolf or not And if he was a Wolf, then she would be one, too And then she freaking kissed him The FREAKING end WHAT Is he the wolf or not How the hell do you end the story like that It s like my sister stealing a cookie from me and then leading me up to believe my brother did it and in the end telling me, i might have taken it Like seriously What was Sarah Blakeley Cartwright thinking Who does that Ugh and why did she capitalized the W in wolf It s not a name The only thing I liked about this story was Henry Lazar He seemed like the only person that did make sense Even after his father died, he went a bit drunk but i still liked him because he was the only one really trying to find the wolf This brings me back to WHO THE F K WAS THE WOLF After I finished this book, i wanted to slap it across Sarah s face.I think I m done with my long rant Overall I say dont read this I m going to watch the movie and HOPEFULLY there will be an ending. The book from what I understan is written by Sarah Blakley Cartwright Author , and David Leslie Johnson Author Hardwicke is responsible for the introductionI bought this book last night, and was unable to put it down The writing is absolutely lovely, it does a great job of really capturing the fairytale feel of the world, and overall I just really loved this book Just read the first chapter you ll see EDIT So I finished it And yes, there is no ending Goes down a star just for that And ok, she falls for her love interest way too fast She goes from I knew him as a kid to Oh hey, I guess that means I love him , which was silly.But lack of good characterization, and horrible terrible lack of an ending Which really is unforgivable Like I wasted my time to reach an end that wasn t there aside, it was still interesting, and the writing was beautiful.If you can get past the lack of ending, I would still say it s worth a read. The only reason she s really getting a 1 star is for effortAnd I can t rate it any lower.Just a warning, this has spoilers in it, but I figured no one would see it if I click the has spoilers button I wasted my money on this book Wish I hadn t But me being me, I was too stubborn to give up.No offense to the author, but this was the WORST book I have ever read I m gonna address each problem While the plot sounded good, there were holes and inconsistencies everywhere in the story, and it was full to the brim of cliches Characters did things outside of their normal personalities, and somehow knew things that were never explained to them.One thing that bugged me personally sorry, have to get this out is that PETER IS A JERK He s supposed to be this great, selfless, hot guy, but he s a badword I would have slapped him about a million times during this book I mean, at the festival WHAT He was grinding with Rose did they even have that kind of dancing back then and then the next second him and Valerie are making out And Valerie hardly even asked, What the heck was up with that Not even a slap She said, what were you doing with Rose, anyway and then let it drop Peter is a jerk Henry was by far the nicer guy, and I would have VERY happily married him Henry is kind, thoughtful, doesn t pressure Valerie and allows her to be herself He respects her space But she throws that away for the jerk Uh, no Not me But that s of a personal issue A major issue related to that, though, is that Peter and Valerie s relationship is RUSHED Here s the timeline They played together when they were 5 or 6, Peter and his dad left town Peter comes back when they are 17 Valerie sees Peter at harvest They say, and I quote Valerie Do you remember Peter How could I forget walks away Then, the next day, Valerie goes to give water to the woodcutters Peter is of that profession and he s like run away with me and they re going to but find out that her sister died before they can and they never bring up the subject again It just dies So there you have it In one conversation they are in love Another problem The story was full of holes, inconsistencies and just plain stupid details For one, Peter, who ends up being the Wolf, has a personal thought about the evil of the Wolf, and how he would not allow it to take her Why is this important if HE is the Wolf He doesn t need to disguise his thoughts The author wants to fool us, but she should do it other ways The only way for Peter to have thoughts like this would for him to have no idea he was the Wolf, if he never had any memory of what he does on full moons But the book never explained that, gave that as a fact And you would think you might begin to notice a pattern, blacking out every full moon in a town plagued by a werewolf Also, Valerie begins to doubt and suspect everyone around her, including her family members However, Soloman explained to them that the curse of the Wolf is hereditary Therefore, that should eliminate any suspicion she has of her family, because she would be a wolf as well But she still suspects her grandmother and her mother She suspects multiple other people for a plethora of reasons A big cause of suspicion is the eyes She think multiple people s eyes look like the Wolf s She becomes just plain paranoid I won t go into it all, but there s a lot Cliches This was a MAJOR problem in this book I got so annoyed with how many utterly over used scenes there were in this book I had to scream at the poor thing Here s some of the worst Valerie follows Peter into an alley He is trying to stay away from her this will come up again Gah for her own good He says that he will never be able to provide for her like Henry the person she is arranged to marry will be able to, blah blah blah She says she doesn t care about money And then this is said Valerie, he said, giving her another chance to back out, I m wrong for you So what Finally he turned to face her, daring to believe and then they make out, basically Which was disturbing That whole scene was over dramatic and CLICHE You know what I thought when I read that Twilight Ew Another of the bad ones is that she is accused of being a witch and the whole town including all of her friends turn on her gasp They lock her up and then leave her outside at night with a humiliating wolf mask on as a sacrifice for the Wolf, since he wants her Then she gets freed, yada yada, gets to the church, confrontation, gets on holy ground where the Wolf can t go but the Wolf says he ll just come back She decides to oh so selflessly rolls eyes go with him, and then, one by one, ALL THE VILLAGERS STEP UP AND REFUSE TO LET HER GO The villagers that, 2 PAGES AGO, were talking behind her back, calling her a witch, and leaving her for a sacrifice for the Wolf to save their own butts And NOW they re standing up for her When she s going WILLINGLY That is an ultimate cliche and very, VERY unrealistic Another problem was characters acting outside their personalities, and in a couple instances, having sudden mood swings or something For example, kind, sweet Henry, who has stayed pretty much fine the entire book except for when his dad died and he got drunk and tried to randomly fight with Peter, which was the author trying to add tension, I guess decides at the end to leave with the Wolf hunters and spend his life hunting and killing themUh, WHAT For one, he s been portrayed the entire book as sweet and gentle, NOT as someone capable of killing I mean, he failed miserably in his fight with Peter And, secondly, why would all those well trained soldiers decide to take on a 17 year old, untrained guy as their leader Especially when, in addition to being untrained, he has never killed and failed at the one sort of fist fight he s ever been in Uh, none And as for mood swings, Valerie was unafraid when the Wolf was stalking her and Roxanne, she was calm Which interested the Wolf And then it looks at her and she gets all scared very suddenly, too and you know what pops out of her mouth in that moment of terror Whatbigeyesyouhave exactly that, too I understand that the author wanted to put this in, since that was a part of the fairy tale, but here Not good How she did it later, in the dream, is fine Though after that isn t, but okay Another thing that irked me was that characters randomly knew things that were never explained to them, and Valerie always knew what the other person was thinking and what she needed to say to appease them For example, Suzette, Valerie s mom, opens the door to someone when Lucie has died and people are paying their respects It s Peter, and it s the first time she s seen him since he came back to town by the way, where s his dad the only mention of him is in the memories, and I think you d ask your father first before you randomly moved to another town Without getting your things, I might add Valerie has mentioned to no one how she feels about Peter, and vice versa However, she takes one look at him, even after he says that he s just there to pay his respects, and tells him that he is not right for Valerie, could never provide for her, blah blah, cliche, over used, ew She magically knows about their relationship And another cliche, yay he decides way too easily that she is right and that he should leave Valerie alone rolls eyes and bangs head into hardest surface available Ugh And when Valerie is talking to someone, she knows when they are doubting her, or not satisfied, and then says exactly what they want her to say to get her way Last problem I think I keep thinking of I mentioned whilst ranting to my poor friends At the end of the book she has been hit in the head and knocked unconscious She wakes up after having a dream about her grandmother She jumps up, puts on her cloak, grabs a wicker basket for no reason and then runs out the door She s running all the way to her grandmother s house MIND YOU SHE HAS JUST BEEN HIT IN THE HEAD AND WOKEN UP FROM BEING UNCONSCIOUS She even mentions she feels light headed and the world is blurring in and out of focus She wouldn t be able to run that far, if at all She s convinced her grandmother is in danger Then Peter shows up quite randomly, and she without coming to the conclusion, having absolutely NO evidence to back up her claim, and without being told is like She didn t care if he was the Wolf or not And if he was a Wolf, then she would be one, too Seriously Okay, let me get this straight So, even though less than five pages ago Valerie was talking about how horrible and evil the Wolf was, she now doesn t care Despite the fact that the Wolf killed her sister and scarred her mother for life And Peter has the you know what, or let s just say, nerve, to have done that and still say Oh, I love you What And that s the end of the book Valerie decides to contradict herself and love Peter, and completely forgets about her grandmother, who she was convinced was in mortal danger literally less than a page ago No mention of her Instead she s kissing her sister s killer and mother s attacker Fun This, and the inscription at the end of the book that says Is this truly the end of Valerie s story Go to blah blah to find out leads me to believe there s going to be another one I pray that s not the case It s a waste of paper, ink, and money No offense. Some Spoilers 2.5 stars I really wanted to love Red Riding Hood since the movie looks really good and I m looking forward to watching it, but the booknot so much.While the writing is strong, almost poetic at times, I didn t like the style of writing.I can live with the fact that the story is told in thrid person, but I don t think it was necessary and it only distracted me then anything from an already slow moving pace.In a nut shell It felt like reading a very plot driven scrip where everything is described all at once through various random characters.It lacked flow, emotion and most importantly fascination.I can t say that I particularly liked any of the characters, in fact I think it was only the Wolf who provided real entertainment with his killing spree and fixation on Valerie, but then again it could have just been the writing.Valerie and Peter is what really just killed me I ve always been a reader who doesn t mind love triangles or even instant romance, but this It was comically hilarious just how rushed it is for these two.Valerie and Peter were childhood friends till Peter left the village after a tragic mishap Ten years later Peter is back in town, they see each other and there bond is newly reformed When Valerie is promised to the rich and handsome Henry, she goes to Peter and make there plans to run away together, but the Wolf had other idea s.I felt like there was absolutely no time to feel any chemistry between the two whatsoever and that goes for Henry as well I wouldn t call this a triangle really, since the girl would have to have some kind of inner battle within herself, but Valerie has always known who she wanted.With that said, I started liking it around 160 pages in, once Father Soloman came into town to fix this Werewolf problem he s a real ass btw I liked the dark Gothic twist to this tale and once the lore started taking real shape and the whodunit finger started pointingit got better.However, the ending has no resolution, so just in case your expecting to know who the big bad wolf isyou don t Sure, there are suspects but no real closure, so I m guessing sequels are being planned for both book and movie, cause really, they can t leave it here.Overall, it wasn t a terrible terrible book, it was just seriously lacking, which is a shame since I could see a lot of potential.While I didn t love the book, it wont stop me from seeing the movie This may be one of those rare cases that the movie is actually better then the book I guess we ll have to see, in any case I m just hoping that it will be delivered a helluva lot better then this. Not gonna lie, this was bad I was honestly sucked in by the pretty cover, and who doesn t love a good re telling of an amazing fairytale iwillneverbetoooldforafairytaleThis just didn t cut it Messy, boring characters and the plot was just so not very entertaining Read 28 12 20111st rating 1 starGenre sub genres Re telling fairytale romance YACover 3.5 stars POV 3rd person Will I recommend No Not even the movie I absolutely hated every second of this book, and it might just be that it was to girly for me There wasn t a second reading this book that I wanted to tear my eyes out The book began boring and ended, well it didn t really have an ending This book left you wondering and was just terrible If you read this rating, don t let it discourage you from reading because you might like it I m just saying that I thought it wasn t good. For lovers of supernatural coming of age thrillers involving werewolves and hot, brooding guysI CAN T BELIEVE I STAYED UP PAST MIDNIGHT FINISHING A BOOK THAT HAS NO ENDING Literally, this book has no ending Internet rumors say that the ending will be released online when the movie is out WTF We are teased with the identity of The Wolf and maybe it is this one person, but maybe Honestly, this ending makes Charlaine Harris look like M Night Shymalan the Good Years Still, I am willing to recap what was good and compelling about this story The plot moves along at a brisk pace, and this is a quick and fun read Valerie is a wonderful heroine self aware and strong Her suitors are equally deserving no secretly evil Yuppie schmuck here My complaint would be about the interchangeable supporting girls , who will probably be easier to tell apart onscreen The character of Father Solomon is a wonder The savior with ulterior motives is a unique and wholly interesting character I gather that Gary Oldman is playing him in the film, which makes me really want to see it Julie Christie as Grandmother Sign me up Oh, HI, in case you Twihards were not adequately compelled to see this film, Charlie from the Twilight movies plays Cesaire the dad here Because what this film needed was yet another Twilight connection Jeremy Irons son plays Henry, Valerie s fine upstanding suitor From his IMDB pix, he is no Jeremy Irons My point, and I do have one, is that this is a fun throwaway read but SERIOUSLY, THERE IS NO ENDING I want to follow Sarah Blakely Cartwright home and make her tell me the ending Not in a Kathy Bates iish stalker y way I d be happy to bake her chocolate chip cookies, and I wouldn t be scary In exchange for an END to the BOOK I BOUGHT So buyer beware. Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there is a village much like other villages in the time of yore In this village is a girl named Valerie, her older sister named Lucie, and their parents, Suzette with unrequited love for another, and Cesaire, the town drunk who carries sorrow in his heart In a different house lives the grandmother who has been accused of being a witch.The village has an agreement with a very big, very bad wolf Full moon comes and a goat or some other poor creature is sacrificed for the wolf s meal And the wolf leaves the villagers alone But then the wolf kills Lucie At the same time, Valerie s childhood friend, Peter arrives He has secrets Coincidentally, Valerie becomes betrothed to the village hottie, Henry And this is the requisite love triangle I read on the internet so I KNOW it must be true that this novel started as a screen play In fact, the movie will be released in March Along with the final chapter of the book So, yes, the book ends with a cliffhanger but I m pretty certain I know who the wolf is and it s none of the usual suspects In fact, the speculation will definitely drive up the hype for the movie release But even with my knowledge of the wolf, there are still unanswered questions I m just going to put my suspicions in the envelope here and let you open it after the identity is revealed Hint It s not someone that Valerie or any of the other characters suspect If I m wrong, I ll buy you all ice cream Also found on the internet very reliable source , I found that this book stands alone The answers had better be in that final chapter I reserve the right to change my star rating Including up What I loved The imagery evoked is astonishing Although a little slow in the beginning, I enjoyed the quiet tale reminiscent of M Night Shamalayan s The Village Particularly the moment when the wolf slips down part of its face to reveal human eyes as it talks to Valerie with a voice both male and female, beast and human I heard We are the Borg You will be assimilated Resistance is futile Continuing with the imagery, this is a bloody book The wolf really is big and bad What I didn t love Character development I wouldn t go so far as to accuse any of the characters of being one dimensional, but a couple come pretty close I would have liked to know what qualities both Peter and Henry possessed to be of interest Also, something happened to make Peter and his father disappear all those years ago Is that when Valerie and Peter bonded Then what is the attraction now Then there s Henry with better character development which leads to me wonder why Valerie isn t leaving Peter in the dust Suzette and Cesaire have secrets that need to be revealed for me to have closure I believe that Valeries parents and grandmother know much about the wolf than they let on Also what I didn t love The non ending However, since the book was supposed to coincide with the release of the movie as per internet gossip , I can see this as a great marketing tool to boost sales for the movie which looks FANTASTIC, by the way Catherine Hardwicke of Twilight fame is directing it I ve made no secret about my disappointment for the first Twilight movie which nixed the next three but this is not Twilight This is not a Chick Flick Back to my love The writing and the story is compelling I went into it without expectations and found it to be a compelling page turner I would not suggest the reader skip the book and just read the last chapter when it is released on the internet It is a truly unique and enjoyable read Ammendment I hate to do this but I just read the last chapter Maybe I lost the magic of the book since I read it and then finished the last chapter at redridinghoodbook.com but I was so disappointed The wolf is revealed Interesting Not expected at all Not a bad ending But it didn t end there.I know the Brothers Grimm were morbid and the real fairy tales have been greatly composted with unicorns pooping rainbows I didn t expect an ending that brought all the dead back but I did want a little satisfactory feeling at the end Instead it went something like this Big reveal.More death.Explanation why Valerie s sister was killed which was a great big HUH That doesn t even make sense Why would he kill her for that Fight scene.Someone dies.Someone gets bit.Yet even after all the trauma, let s throw in a gratuitous sex scene.Nobody lives happily ever after.