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Galadir Is In TroubleTheir Hero Is Missing In Action, And The Trouble Isn T Over Yet The Remnants Of The Findoor Army, Led By Malia, Flee Into The West After The Dark Wizard Grian Usurps The ThroneGrian Is The Most Dangerous Threat The People Of Galadir Have Ever Faced With A Massive Army Of Undead, He Invades A Kingdom To The West Narshuks To The South Are Dying Of A Disease Unleashed By Grian Wizards To The East Struggle Against His Wraiths To Hold On To Their Stronghold And The Libraries WithinHope Comes From An Unlikely Source, As One Man Hatches A Plan That Will Show Galadir They Can Fight For Themselves But Grian Has Finally Found What He S Been Looking For, And As He Prepares For His Final Assault On The East To Capture What He Seeks, All Of Galadir Confronts Him, Brought Together By A Mysterious Force All Of The Pieces Are In Place, But Nobody Can Be Sure If The Resistance Will Be Enough To Defeat Grian Once And For AllThe Battle For Galadir Has Begun

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    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.Wizards and demons, dragons and monsters, a great ending to a great trilogy Galadir is in big trouble While the wizards of Galadir believe only one wizard can save them, that wizard is missing No one seems able to find the hero, and no one believes they can save the world without him.This is the conclusion to the series It is every bit as exciting and fast paced as the first two books If you enjoyed them, you will love this one The author filled this book with action and wonder There is romance, but not too blatant There is fighting, but mostly among the wizards and demons For those that really enjoy a good fantasy involving wizards and time movement, this series is it Although this is the third book of this series, it will not disappoint the reader I enjoyed reading this entire series I would recommend this to all fantasy readers who enjoy a fast paced, exciting book Of course, I think you should start with the first book, so as to not become confused by the references to what did happen already Thomas A Knight states at the conclusion of this book that he is in process of writing another series I am looking forward to the next book from him.Many thanks to the author for supporting Reglue A portion of the money received for each eBook sold is donated directly to Reglue , a charity that provides free computers to underprivileged children and families.

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    Loved thisLoved this story from the first book, it reminded me a little of Stephen donaldson s thomas covenant trilogys, with a reluctant hero discovering new powers and a land in peril, likeable characters and awful bad guys connected by a dark force wished you could have expanded on that , would love to know ,hopefully you ll cover this in the next series of books about Galadir, and I eagerly await your next series.

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    Reprisal, by Thomas A Knight is the third and final book in the Time Weaver series A Canadian, Knight is an avid DD player and understands the nuances of fantasy from the point of view of a participant.The Blurb Galadir is in trouble Their hero is missing in action, and the trouble isn t over yet The remnants of the Findoor army, led by Malia, flee into the west after the dark wizard Grian usurps the throne Grian is the most dangerous threat the people of Galadir have ever faced With a massive army of undead, he invades a kingdom to the west Narshuks to the south are dying of a disease unleashed by Grian Wizards to the east struggle against his wraiths to hold on to their stronghold and the libraries within Hope comes from an unlikely source, as one man hatches a plan that will show Galadir they can fight for themselves But Grian has finally found what he s been looking for, and as he prepares for his final assault on the east to capture what he seeks, all of Galadir confronts him, brought together by a mysterious force All of the pieces are in place, but nobody can be sure if the resistance will be enough to defeat Grian once and for all The battle for Galadir has begun.My Review The tale opens with a fierce battle, and continues on that note Malia and Ceridan desperately attempt to get their forces to safety.A terrible spell has been unleashed on Findoor, waking the dead and turning them against any and all intruders Malia Corsair has evolved into a strong, and headstrong character She fights with all her heart.Seth is still missing, and the wild rifts around Findoor have settled or stopped The evil wizard Grian appears to have the upper hand.Meanwhile, things aren t going too well in Iowa Dave McAllister has his own troubles It s an awesome opening for an awesome book Knight sets the scenes well There are many exciting twists and turns as Malia, Seth and Serrin battle to save both Galadir and the Earth as we know it.His characters are fully fleshed and real, they behave the way they should, even the bad guys Mathers is still stupid and Grian is consumed with evil The dungeons of Galadir are dank and dreary, and the forests are full of the life you would expect The cities of Earth are high tech and urban The system of magic Knight has written into this series is logical and feels natural The action is pretty much non stop, as Knight winds up all the many story threads, bringing the tale to a fabulous ending.With each book in this series, Knight has gained strength in his ability to tell a good tale All in all, I found this book to be a satisfying conclusion to an excellent trilogy A reader could purchase this book without having read the first two and be happy with the tale, but I highly recommend reading the entire trilogy.

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    The conclusion of the Time Weaver Chronicles, Reprisal, was epic, adventurous, and satisfying The closure of the rift in book 2 should have set things right, but it did the opposite Galadir was in a horrible state of chaos and danger and, of course, Seth had the difficult job of figuring out how to make things right I loved the events of the novel, especially those that took place in the land of Galadir There were so many moments where I didn t know what would happen next and if important people would die because of miscommunication and distrust It was definitely thrilling Parts of the novel also took place on Earth, since Seth had the ability to teleport back and forth without consequence I really enjoy the land of Galadir and the way the author created a wonderful setting I love the way the world works and how the natives speak I feel right at home in his fantasy world and I care about the characters However, as with the first novel, I felt less at home back on Earth The moments on Earth were clumsy and clunky The interactions between characters felt awkward and unbelievable to me, which was a shame because I enjoyed seeing those from Galadir get used to the way Earth works with all of the technology These moments were the only ones that pulled me out of the story a little bit Fortunately, not much of the story actually took place on Earth Most of the scenes were short, also The majority of the plot focuses on the land of Galadir, which is why I rate the books so highly I loved the way Reprisal ended and thoroughly enjoyed the chaos, war, and drama between the characters in the land of Galadir I highly recommend The Time Weaver Chronicles to anyone who enjoys fantasy The books are fun, adventurous, and well written Review Originally published at Love, Literature, Art, and Reason book review blog

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    Thomas A Knight s Reprisal is the third and final adventure in the exciting Time Weaver Chronicles trilogy, and readers should probably enjoy books one and two first, especially as Reprisal brings its protagonist full circle The series starts on earth with an ordinary man pursued by the thoroughly extraordinary But now this ordinary man, Seth Alkirk, returns, while the extraordinary people who have become his friends battle for lives and lands in faraway Galadir Seth hasn t deserted them though he s just seeking a way to bring an end to the conflict, while earthly army guys seek power, and distant magicians hold than this earth can imagine.There are some thoroughly enjoyable scenes, set on earth, where magicians learn the mysteries of cellphones and cars But, for the most part, this novel, like the series, is strongest when it s managing the epic battles and shifting alliances of magical Galadir Add dragons, monsters, and healthy doses of power and empathy, and you ll get the picture The evil are wounded The strong can be weak And hope is an engaging thread throughout the tale With great battles, great characters, and a beautifully imagined world empowered by a risky but nicely authentic magic, Reprisal completes the story in classic style, and leaves enough characters and situations in play for us to hope the author will write .Disclosure The author kindly gave me a free ecopy, and I offer my honest review.

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    Unfortunately it has a been far too long since I actually read this to write a proper review which I fully intended to write I enjoyed this final installment of the time weaver chronicles It answered a lot of questions I had begun to consider after the previous two books, and had of the characters that I really liked read cedric There was also quite a lot of action and travel between our realm and the fantasy realm, which I rather enjoyed However the end of the story has an authors note detailing how this is the last time weaver story, but I feel there are a lot of loose ends to not have another one, perhaps those loose ends could be tied up in another book set between the same realms but without Seth, but I m not entirely sure if that is what the author means Guess I will have to wait to find out.Regardless I will definitely try and pick up anything else I see by Thomas A Knight, as I really did enjoy this series.

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    I received a free ARC of Reprisal from the author in exchange of an honest review I really enjoyed the first two books in the Time Weaver Chronicles, and I look forward to Reprisal Epic battles, soul searching, fear, love, hope and epic battles, with some time travel and teleporting and you have an amazing finale to the Time Weaver Chronicles This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews

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    I really enjoy Knight s creativity and fresh approach to the genre.