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I hated Mexican food until I went to Mexico with a friend.There, I discovered that I adore Mexican just not the American version True authentic Mexican food is amazingly yummy Rick Bayless is authentic Mexican food The only tacos I ve ever liked are from a Rick Bayless recipe I grew my own habaneros this summer because I was so inspired If you want to sample the true cuisine of Mexico this is the cookbook for you. I have only read this cookbook so far, not tried any of it yet, but I am optimistic Mostly I m interested in making some of the different tomato and chile sauces that reappear throughout the book Hopefully that s half the battle, because I do agree with the other reviewers who said the recipes were too complicated and time consuming I cringe when I watch some of these quick and easy cooking shows, but finding time to devote 2 hours to cooking something or track down obscure ingredients is close to impossible Kudos to Bayless for suggesting substitutions for hard to find items or pointing out when the meal is still good without them Fingers crossed the sauces freeze as well as he says they do and I can just pour them over meats and veggies whenever I feel like it Bursting With Bold, Complex Flavors, Mexican Cooking Has The Kind Of Gusto We Want In Food Today Until Now, American Home Cooks Have Had Few Authorities To Translate The Heart Of This World Class Cuisine To Everyday Cooking In This Book Of ThanRecipes, Award Winning Chef, Author And Teacher Rick Bayless Provides The Inspiration And Guidance That Home Cooks Have Needed With A Blend Of Passion, Patience, Clarity And Humor, He Unerringly Finds His Way Into The Very Soul Of Mexican Cuisine, From Essential Recipes And Explorations Of Mexico S Many Chiles To Quick To Prepare Everyday Dishes And Pull Out The Stops Celebration FareBayless Begins The Journey By Introducing Us To The Building Blocks Of Mexican Cooking With Infectious Enthusiasm And An Entertaining Voice, He OutlinesEssential Preparations Deeply Flavored Tomato Sauces And Tangy Tomatillo Salsas, Rich Chile Pastes And Indispensable HandmadetortillasFascinating Cultural Background And Practical Cooking Tips Help Readers To Understand These Preparations And Make Them Their Own Each Recipe Explains Which Steps Can Be Completed In Advance To Make Final Preparation Easier, And Each Provides A List Of The Dishes In Later Chapters That Are Built Around These Basics And With Each Essential Recipe, Bayless Includes Several Simple Ideas From My American Home Quick, Familiar Recipes With Innovative Mexican Accents, Such As Baked Ham With Yucatecan Flavors, Spicy Chicken Salad, Ancho Broiled Salmon And Very, Very Good ChiliThroughout, The Intrepid Bayless Brings Chiles Into Focus, Revealing That Mexican Cooks Use These Pods For Flavor, Richness, Color And, Yes, Sometimes For Heat He Details Thesimple Techniques For Getting The Best Out Of Every Chile From The Rich, Smoky Chipotle To The Incendiary But Fruity HabaneroThen, In ThanRecipes That Follow, Bayless Guides Us Through A Wide Range Of Richly Flavored Regional Mexican Dishes, Combining Down Home Appeal And Convivial Informality With Simple Culinary Elegance It S All Here Starters Like Classic Seviche Tostadas Or Chorizo Stuffed Ancho Chiles Soups Like Slow Simmered Fava Bean Soup Or Rustic Ranch Style Soup Casual Tortilla Based Preparations Like Achiote Roasted Pork Tacos Or Street Style Red Chile Enchiladas Vegetable Delights Like Smoky Braised Mexican Pumpkin, Or Green Poblano Rice Even A Whole Chapter On Classic Fiesta Food From Oaxacan Black Mole With Braised Chicken, Smoky Peanut Mole With Grilled Quail And Great Big Tamal Roll With Chard With The Incomparable Juchitan Style Black Bean Tamales And Ending With A Selection Of Luscious Desserts Like Modern Mexican Chocolate Flan With KahIua And Yucatecan Style Fresh Coconut Pie To Quickly Expand Your Mexican Repertoire Even Further, Each Of These Recipes Is Accompanied By Suggestions For Variations And ImprovisationsThere Is No Greater Authority On Mexican Cooking Than Rick Bayless, And No One Can Teach It Better In His Skillful Hands, The Wonderful Flavors Of Mexico Will Enter Your Kitchen And Your Daily Cooking Routine Without Losing Any Of Their Depth Or Timeless Appeal At first I was very dubious of this cookbook A book on Mexican cuisine written by a very seemingly Caucasian man A 450 page book with less than 20 pictures I have never been happier to be utterly wrong in my first impression Today I consider this book to be one of the most essential pieces of my kitchen.Reading and using this book is like taking private lessons in Mexican cooking We rarely go out to eat Mexican food anybecause I can make it better at home, thanks to Bayless This is so muchthan recipes it teaches techniques, essential seasonings and ingredients, endless improvisations and modifications based on the American palate and ingredient availability, history and regional variations, and comfort By comfort I mean this book will teach you to cook by smell, sight, touch, feel in a way that no other book I ve seen can The pictures which I usually insist on really are not needed as the instructions are so clear, so detailed, so precise, that you don t need pictures His recipes leave no detail uncovered, nothing to guess at Yet it never seems too fussy, or over explained It truly is like having a chef standing at your side helping you through the dish.Note a lot of the recipes in here are very involved, so I would not recommend this for the 30 minutes to dinner type of individual However, for those that like to cook I can t recommend this book highly enough For those that have a love of authentic Mexican cuisine, I have yet to make anything from here that hasn t been fantastic and an impressive display of the complexity and yet simplicity of most Mexican food. Rick Bayless writes about and explains authentic Mexican cooking like no other an excellent resource My favorite recipe from this book is the Mexican Style Sweet Roasted Garlic Soup Sopa de Ajo Estilo Mexicano although the Avocado Soup With Orange and Tomatillo and the Tangy Grilled Fish Tostadas were also delicious. I love Rick Bayless and have a foodie crush on him because I ve watched him on his public television show and I am a sucker for his passion for food That being said I prefer his Mexican Everyday cookbook because it s muchrealistic in fitting in with my life I imagine 12 years from now I will be able to delve into this Mexican Kitchen cookbook , and maybe even be able to give it the 5 stars it surely deserves, as many of the main dishes aretime consuming than I want right now especially because at each meal I cook for 2 vegetarians, 1 onmivore, and 1 highly selective eater and that s time consuming enough for me currently I DO plan on trying some of the many salsas presented in this book. This is one of those cookbooks you can actually read as well as cook from, and recently, while trying to find epazote in London for putting in a pot of black beans turtle beans, as they re called here , I discovered, If this is your first time using epazote, think that you re holding an herb with the aggressiveness of fresh rosemary, the pungent assertiveness of cilantro and the tenacity of anise Alas, all I could find was dried epazote, which Bayless says is not, in his opinion, good enough for cooking, but I followed his black bean recipe anyway and thought it was delicious. I love this book and use it every time I make Mexican food I love the salsas and his very in depth explanations of technique and ingredients My only complaint is that some of the basic every day Mex dishes I want to make are not in here What if I want to make simple beef tacos or enchiladas instead of Spicy Pasilla Mushroom Tacos which are great I know he has another Everyday Mexican book, so I might try that one. The first time that I saw Rick Bayless was in 2003 on his PBS show I loved the man s personality and his cooking skills, as well as his respect for and vast knowledge of Mexican culture and cuisine I would recommend this wonderful and colorful cookbook to others who, like myself, enjoy a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine. just for record keeping purposes.checked this out of the library and made a few dishes, and got a tortilla press from Ace Hardware and masa harina from Meijer, and have been working my way through.