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The Sixth And Last In The Attracelli Series Conservative And Serious Carlo Attracelli Vows He Ll Never Fall Into The Gentle Grip Of Love Then He Meets The Outrageously Dressed And Shockingly Outspoken Kate Avril And All Of His Previous Priorities And Carefully Laid Plans Are Blown Away Kate Is Torn Between Her Loyalty To Jamison S, Which Helped Her Mother After Her Father Left Them, And The Devastatingly Attractive Carlo Who Is Out To Assimilate Jamison S Into The Faceless ATI Conglomerate To Kate, He Is The Enemy, Albeit The Most Handsome Enemy She D Ever Had The Privilege To Meet In The Midst Of Their Struggle, Kate Discovers That The Current Owner Of Jamison S, Whose Motives She Thought Were Pure, Is In Fact The True Enemy He Is Involved In Stock Manipulation And Is Trying To Embarrass Carlo And Steal Millions From ATI In A Flash, Her Righteous Indignation Finds A New Target And Her Loyalty, And Her Love, Belong To Carlo

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    I really enjoyed reading the Attracelli Family series, the only thing i didn t like was how the same lines and situations were used by different characters from different books, but overall this series was great

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    It was good finally seeing all the siblings settled However, after everything the ending seemed rushed.

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    I loved this book couldn t put it down Katherine Avril was chosen to help Carlo Attracelli who represented ATI Incorporated, also Jeff McKenzie and Peter Ashton with anything they needed that had to do with Jamison s Department Stores because ATI wanted to acquire them David Jamison is the current owner of these department stores,but Kate feels that he s resently been acting strangly about the situation Spending a lot of time together Carlo and Kate started to feel something for each other, but Kate wanted to ignor her feelings and Carlo wante to know about her Kate over heard David talking with someone and she knew that it wasn t good, but when she tried to talk to Carlo about it he didn t answer her calls Kate started feeling really sick and she was always really tired so when she started thinking she realised that she was late When Kate went to see Carlo at his office to tell him about David, she became sick in front of him and when she woke up in the hospital he knew her secret.

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    Enjoyed it till the last page Carlo and Kates chemistry was good and it was nice to read it full

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    I love reading Elizabeth Lennox s novels My only rant about her work work is that sometimes the endings are not satisfactory The thing is she gets me hooked in the story by fabulous characterization,awesome scenes between the leads So when i am so involved in the novel if i don t get appealing ending.I don t like it enuf of my rantReview.Loved it It started out slow and then took the pace and ended nicely.THE backdrop is hero s company is trying to takeover the Jamison s store chain in which heroine has worked most of her life.She helping the Hero and his executives with the takeover.Kate is lovable but has hang ups abt having sex But she cannot deny the chemistry with Carlo The sexual tension between them rises As story unfolds the her relationship with Carlos develops is shown with a side story of some corporate suspense.All in all nice read initially for few pages i found the hero kind a old school novels cardboard hero 2 dimensional , but later he won my heart showing alpha yet caring sideGo for it

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    This book is great, you really get to know the Heroine, who is very intelligent and responsible, but does some kookie stuff, like dressing in her own particular style The story is told from her point of view The Hero is very serious and romantic, with a couple bouts of jealousy.This book is the last one of the Attracelli series books, but I had only read the first one prior to reading this, and it all made sense.

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    A good story Liked the characters