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Rotten English Spans The Globe To Offer An Overview Of The Best Non Standard English Writing Of The Past Two Centuries, With A Focus On The Most Recent Decades During The Last Twelve Years, Half Of The Man Booker Awards Went To Novels Written In Non Standard English What Would Once Have Been Derogatorily Termed Dialect Literature Has Come Into Its Own In A Language Known Variously As Slang, Creole, Patois, Pidgin, Or, In The Words Of Nigerian Novelist Ken Saro Wiwa, Rotten English The First Anthology Of Its Kind, Rotten English Celebrates Vernacular Literature From Around The English Speaking World, From Robert Burns, Mark Twain, And Zora Neale Hurston To Papua New Guinea S John Kasaipwalova And Tobago S Marlene Nourbese Philip With Concise Introductions That Explain The Context And Aesthetics Of The Vernacular Tradition, Rotten English Pays Tribute To The Changes English Has Undergone As It Has Become A Global LanguageContents Raal Right Singin Vernacular Poetry Colonization In Reverse And Bans O Killing By Louise BennettWings Of A Dove By Kamau BrathwaiteAuld Lang Syne, Highland Mary, And Bonnie Lesley By Robert BurnsA Negro Love Song And When Malindy Sings By Paul Laurence DunbarMother To Son And Po Boy Blues By Langston HughesInglan Is A Bitch By Linton Kwesi JohnsonWukhand By Paul Keens DouglasTommy By Rudyard KiplingUnrelated Incidents No By Tom LeonardComin Back Ower The Border By Mary McCabeQuashie To Buccra By Claude McKayDis Poem By MutabarukaQuestions Questions By M NourbeSe Philipno Love Poems By Ntozake Shange So Like I Say Vernacular Short Stories Po Sandy By Charles ChestnuttThe Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao By Junot DiazLetters From Whetu By Patricia GraceSpunk And Story In Harlem Slang By Zora Neale HurstonBetel Nut Is Bad Magic For Airplanes By John KasaipwalovaJoebell And America By Earl LovelaceThe Ghost Of Firozsha Baag By Rohinton MistryThe Celebrated Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County And A True Story, Repeated Word For Word As I Heard It By Mark TwainA Soft Touch And Granny S Old Junk By Irvine WelshOnly The Dead Know Brooklyn By Thomas Wolfe I Wanna Say I Am Somebody Selections From Vernacular Novels From True History Of The Kelly Gang By Peter Careyfrom The Snapper By Roddy Doylefrom Once There Were Warriors By Alan DuffAn Overture To The Commencement Of A Very Rigid Journey By Jonathan Safran Foerfrom Beasts Of No Nation By Uzodinma IwealaBaywatch And De Preacher From Tide Running By Oonya KempadooFace, From Rolling The R S By R Zamora Linmarkfrom Londonstani By Gautam Malkanifrom No Mate For The Magpie By Frances Molloyfrom Push By Sapphirefrom Sozaboy A Novel In Rotten English By Ken Saro Wiwafrom The Housing Lark By Sam Selvon A New English Essays On Vernacular Literature The African Writer And The English Language By Chinua AchebeHow To Tame A Wild Tongue By Gloria AnzalduaIf Black English Isn T A Language, Then Tell Me What Is By James Baldwinfrom History Of The Voice The Development Of Nation Language In Anglophone Caribbean Poetry By Kamau Brathwaitefrom Minute On Indian Education By Thomas MacaulayAfrican Speech English Words By Gabriel OkaraThe Absence Of Writing Or How I Almost Became A Spy By M NourbeSe PhilipMother Tongue By Amy Tan An excellent collection of pieces written in different nonstandard vernaculars of English African American, Carribean, Scottish, mestiza, and many others A nice historical range as well from Twain and Kipling to the present.My one quibble It seems to me that the impact of many of the pieces has to do with what they are about than how they are written But even still, the volume showcases a wide variety of alt voices. If you have ever felt less than because your English is flawed, read this to realize how much what we perceive as standard English is simply another dialect codified and enforced on non native speakers as a tool of imperialism and domination As a Caribbean born man, it was a pleasure to see my native tongue and its variations given central status on the page I haven t been the same as a writer since then. A really interesting collection I have been turned on to many new authors and their works by reading this I love how unique each voice is, and how this book celebrates the uniqueness and power of language. This is my dream anthology vernacular English poetry, stories and essays from around the world Brilliant Combines Robert Burns, Zora Neale Hurston, Junot D az, and the essay that helped launch my thesis, The Absence of Writing Or How I Almost Became a Spy by M NourbeSe Philip A delicious read for postcolonialists everywhere. Got into this because of past avoidance of dialects.Thought this might be just a joke, but it s not Terrific anthology, fascinating excerpts, very good analysis of evolving language The title is from a comment by Nigerian novelist Ken Saro Wiwa Part of the point of it all is summed up in this quote Who is to say that robbing a people of its language is less violent than war did anyone else know that The Brief Wondeous Life of Oscar Wao was a short story before it turned into a novel It s in here So much vernacular, it s hard not to read it out loud in accents, as so much is written phonetically Fun fun fun, and maddening on train rides for that reason. Can it be treu that Tutuola s rotten english ain t hereincluded Naja.Here s a thing maybe This is a great post colonial anthology It uses the English language as its lens, revealing the oppression and cultural metamorphosis that societies who are the victims of imperialism undergo Language, here, is also a battleground Countries from around the world are represented here as they take English, the most prominent symbol of their oppression, and they change it, molding it into something different that they can claim Also, the idea of rotten English with its non compliance to standard grammar, spelling, and pronunciation sure does piss some people off. Brilliant I always enjoyed reading the mole speech in Brian Jaques Redwall series I never knew there was a whole category classifying this style of writing, and Rotten English has completely open my eyes to it.Original and pure.