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A Sweet And Sparkly Romantic Comedy About Finding Your Prince True Love Isn T Only In Fairy TalesWhen Valerie S Parents Split Up And She Has To Move To A Tiny European Country Called Schwerinborg, She S Pretty Sure Her Life Is Over That Is, Until She Meets Georg He S Smart, Sweet, And Unbelievably Cute And Even Better, He S A Prince But With Georg Under So Much Pressure, And The Press Watching Their Every Move, Valerie Soon Discovers Dating A Prince Is Not Exactly The Happily Ever After She D Been Hoping For But Georg Has Swept Her Off Her Feet And Valerie S Not Ready To Give Up Her Prince Just Yet

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    I m presuming that Royally Crushed was supposed to be ridiculous and over the top That is, after all, given in the premise It s quite difficult to take seriously that an American girl will somehow catch the eye of a European prince just because she happens to live in the palace with him Yes, the premise itself seems to be full of ridiculousness, seeming to scream Don t Take This Seriously At the same time, I did expect a certain something.The Plot Val s parents are splitting up, and Val is going to do the totally sensible thing of moving with her father to a foreign country She will, of course, bitch about this endlessly because their food is dumb and German is incomprehensible and she doesn t have friends and wah wah wah She will not be grateful for being able to experience the world or learn about a new culture She will, however, learn about Georg, the Perfect Prince, and she will then proceed to bitch about him and how perfect he is and how TheirLoveIsSoPure even though by the end of the book, they will have known each other for a grand total ofwhat, one or two months The Heroine Val Valerie is annoying As in, Here, let me shoot you in the face so I can stop listening to you At first I was inclined to let this slide After all view spoiler her mother is a Friend of Dorothy and hide spoiler

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    When I first saw the book title, I totally thought it was going to hurt my heart Once I started reading it, I realized that I was soo wrong and completely enjoyed the story.It starts off with Valerie getting her life turned upside down when her perfectly matched parents tell her that they are getting divorced I won t say why, as you ll find out in the first chapter It deals with a controversial subject, but the way it s introduced makes you laugh and feel what Valerie is feeling.Since her father has a pretty cool job working in the White House with the president, the situation with the divorce garners a transfer to a tiny unknown town in Germany where you ll finally see where Royally comes from I have never read a handsome Prince Georg yes, it s spelled correctly Valerie goes on a journey to grow up from her age fifteen and realize that she needs to make decisions for herself and start living as her friends are all back in Virginia It s an amazing story with self acceptance, and acceptance overall.Sometimes just thinking and talking about what is bugging you makes all the difference It s a YA book as the characters are in high school, but I think that anyone who likes the fairy tale idea with a prince would enjoy the read.P.S I think my fave part is when a separation is no and when certain best friends from Virginia come to the rescue for Valerie all in Germany So awesome Stopping now before I get repetitive.

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    Other than a few funny comments here and there, this did nothing for me at all For one, I didn t like Valerie that much at all She s rude to pretty much everyone around her She moves to a fictional European country and gets to live in a palace, but to her, that s the worst kind of punishment and she s constantly miserable and complaining about it I m fine with a bit of snark, but she had so much attitude that I grew annoyed with her Her character arc was nonexistent She never really grew or changed I also didn t like that it took her forever to tell Georg she went on a date with David She should have been upfront and honest with him and she didn t tell him the truth until literally 10 pages from the end of the book Her friends were constantly telling her to tell the truth and it annoyed me that she didn t heed their advice The love interest Georg was about as dull and bland as you could possibly find He s just so perfect Dare I say, TOO perfect He s smart, charming, has great manners, and of course is totally hot He had no flaws Well, he did nothing for me I couldn t stand how he was constantly pledging his love for her behind closed doors but would barely acknowledge her in public It made him seem spineless rather than responsible and conscious of his squeaky clean image I didn t get what Val saw in him He seemed like such a phony Also, instalove like crazy I liked both John and David than Georg They had some dimension to their characters Valerie s friends didn t serve much function She definitely didn t need to have 3 of them either, especially when most of their conversations were fairly repetitive and happened through email, with Jules telling Val she needs to reach out to Christie and Christie telling Val she needs to email Natalie There was a lot of stuff that was open ended too Like what happened to Val s art In book one, it was referenced that she liked to doodle and draw constantly, but then it was never referenced again I love stories about normal people dating royalty, but this did nothing for me.

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    I loved this book because it was one of those quick reads that was cute and entertaining The book was written as three Royally Jacked, Spin Control, and Do Over , but ended up being combined into Royally Crushed I would deffinetly suggest this to a girl who is into light hearted and somewhat comical books I loved how the book was written like Valerie was speaking to me and recounting what happened because, while I didn t always know the whole story because I could only see into Val s mind, it sometimes felt like I was actually part of the book I also liked Valerie s sense of humor and the fact that I could relate to her sarcasim because I myself am a generally sarcastic person Even when a situation should be serious Valerie just can t help but lighten the mood with a witty remark like when Georg Gay org was telling her that he was the prince on page 118 he asked Do you know who I am, Valerie she replies without thinking An ax murderer just because it was funny I literally laughed out loud at this part because I didn t see it coming, yet at the same time I did because I felt like I knew Valerie enough by then to believe that she would actually say something like that While I liked reading this, there were only two parts that I wish were different, that is when each book started again and we had to recap, I already knew what was going on and I didn t need a refresher because I was reading it as one book, not three The second one is the ending it just sort of ended I turned the page expecting there to be at least another twenty and found that there were none There really wasn t much of a falling action and I was pretty disapointed that I couldn t find out , I m still curious But over all I liked the book and would certainly suggest it as a summer read or for something to do on a rainy day.

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    To sum my feelings up My 20 year old self enjoyed this on behalf of my 14 year old self I first read the first two novels in this bindup when they were originally released as solo novels around the time I was 14 I enjoyed them a whole lot They were beachy and fluffy and cute and all about falling in love for the first time Now that i m 20 and have been in love, with someone who is NOT a prince c mon like that s ever really going to happen, apart from Will and Kate I know first love is all encompassing and you feel the need to be together all the time Now that i m 20 I know better And I find all the gushy ness irritating That doesn t mean I didn t enjoy all 3 novels, they were just written for a younger audience and I knew that going into it I very much enjoyed the premise and majority of the delivery, but the everpresent moaning and groaning about if Georg loves her they ve been dating for 4 days got old I did appreciate the break to read about Val s parents dilemnas, to which I could relate I could tell Val was young, hypocritical, and stubborn about the political correctness of her mother s coming out and her father s need to still be found attractive It was irritating to read, but at the same time still made her relatable.Cute, fun, but for a specific target audience, namely 12 16 year old girls.

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    This is one of those books I wish I had looked a little into before buying but at least I got it cheap at a thrift store It s been sitting on my to read shelf forever, and I was in the mood for some romance and my roommate was hogging the TV , so I started this.I didn t finish, and debated leaving a review, but I review things for myself than anyone else as I have a terrible memory , so I stopped right after starting the second book.First off, this trilogy contains language and is very physical in terms of talking about how hot guys are, how pants look on the MC s butt, and so on Not things I want to be reading about, and I almost put the book down sooner for it Also, the MC s mother comes out as gay, and has a girlfriend, so there s LGBT content Oh, and sex is brought up, but in a roundabout way, and it s of wondering if others are doing it, rather than actual acts of it So, a lot of content, yet I ve seen YA books with I would consider this series PG 13.As for the actual book Val s an alright character, and it s understandable why she s so angry at the world and wants to keep as much as she can a secret However, it felt a little contrived for her to end up in this other country I mean, I would react in a similar way if this situation was sprung on me, but I think part of it is that the story starts too late A story is supposed to start as close to the action as possible, but I think I would have cared if I had actually seen the scene with Val s mom making her announcements The emotions would have been intense In fact, that s a common problem in this book scenes I want to see are skipped, or are put off This happens especially with the emails I want to know how Val reacted to the emails emotionally, rather than just have a new scene start What was up with that I also kept forgetting Val is fifteen, as she seems to act like seventeen It s hard to pinpoint why this is, but it threw me off every time I was reminded of her age.Also with Val, she s a very judgmental person She says she s not, but then she talks about how she would have pegged a person into a category if they didn t act x way, implying that she is judgmental, since she tries to slot people into categories She also just goes on and on about how physically attracted she is to David and Georg Bleh I don t need reminded every time she s in their presence or is even thinking of them about how she finds them physically handsome We get it You re surrounded by hot guys and you re a teenager.Wow, I m really ragging on Val She s not a bad main character, but I also never grew to care about her I never cared about anybody in this book, honestly not even the love interests I m a huge shipper, but it didn t make sense to me why she was so in love with David for tenish years without ever doing anything about it It can work, to have somebody be silent about their love for that long, but there needs to be of a reason than what Val gave in that she didn t think she was his type.As for Georg, I like that they met without her knowing who he was, so that they could establish a genuine friendship before titles got in the way, but he seemed kind of boring I think he would have been interesting if the story had been from his POV, or if there had been glimpses of him struggling under the pressure of constant scrutiny, but it rarely happened.Then we come to Val and her first day of school in this new country Umm What was with that period thing I get women experience their periods differently and you want something to help with the blood as soon as it starts, but I usually go gangbusters on my first day, so an instant wave of panic is than warranted seems like a bit of an overkill Then again, she was worried she had leaked maybe twenty minutes later Not sure how you leak that fast, no matter who you are Also, she worries about getting tampons, and then the issue is never brought up again Why bring up a problem that s never going to referenced again While we re on a somewhat awkward topic, Val is super insecure about her romantic sexual experiences She seems to think everyone has had action than her I get this is a common problem with teens, but I just want to slap some sense into her Then we get to the end of the first book in the trilogy, and it s alright I honestly didn t even care about the romance going on, but just wanted to know what the big news in the email was about and then that wasn t even answered in the first book.As for the little bit of the second book I read I was really confused when I started it, as Val had just talked about how happy she was at the end of the first book, only for her to be talking about how much her life sucked at the beginning of the second I get the second book needs to catch new readers up, but it was an awkward way to do it.As for that big news mentioned in the first book Surprise, David is interested in Val Seriously, who waits until somebody moves away to try and start a relationship Plus, with all the talk about him just dating the popular people, I would be questioning if I even wanted to date him, no matter how physically attracted I am to him It just seems like an awkward attempt at a love triangle.I don t have too much to say, since I stopped reading, but I guess I had a lot thoughts than I realized Overall, I do wish these books were cleaner, and I wish Val wasn t so shallow, but I did want to know what was going to happen next, which is why I read as much as I did only to be disappointed some of the time because things were skipped over or pushed further away I never was invested in the romance, either.P.S I have no idea who s on the front cover I assume it s supposed to be Val, but it s made pretty clear Val has RED hair Also, the cover has nothing to do with the book at least, not what I read of it I hate poorly done covers.

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    This was cute Some language, but pretty clean There was a whole political element in it that sort of bothered me, but she never took a super strong stand, mostly just tried to explore how a teenager might be viewing it She did send the message that people with conservative beliefs are a bit brainwashed instead of open minded But the romance and character and plot were cute This book is actually all 3 of the books in the series all combined, which was good because of my main complaint about her books They don t really END They just stop So, after getting to the end of the 1st book, I was glad that I had the 2nd one to continue right on except the story recaps were super annoying The 2nd one just ENDED, so I was glad to be able to, again, continue on But then, the 3rd one ended Just ended I guess the loose ends were all tied up, but you didn t really feel it happening Oh well It s all silliness anyway, but sometimes that s what I m in the mood for.

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    Eh, this book is like WAY TOO LONG So if you are like me, and are bored out of your mind on one of those hot, seemingly endless summer days, go ahead and read it It made me laugh a few times, but the romance is like way not there, and the main girl bugs annoys me Also, something else that totally ticked me off was the fact that on the cover, the girl is like some totally hott like Hawiian chick, and in the book she is a pasty, pale, chubby redhead who stuffs her face with McDonald s all the time So, basically, only read this if you have nothing better to do.

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    I definately give this book five stars I was bored with Karen Kingsburys book ever whike I was at my friends house whom I swap books with at least once a week I decided to pick it up it looked like a book that would last me a whileturns out I read it in one day It was so sweet so cute yet frustrating at times I really would encourage anyone to read this book who is just in the mood for a good love story that is simple and cutez

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    ending dia..i need MOREhahahaha