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I love Sabrina and was a fan of the show. I’ve had this book forever, but never had a chance to read it until now. Because I liked the show this was okay, but I did find that it didn’t really flow. This included the first episode along with two other episodes from the show combined. Sabrina, you're my hero! Loved this show growing up, it was funny and full of good spirit, and the TV tiein book still holds up even now. Sabrina the Teenage Witch is fun and cute and often hilariousand am I the only one who thought Salem's friendship with Sabrina was more badass than any boyandhisdog relationship? I'm 16, I'm A Witch, And I Still Have To Go To School?

Sabrina's The New Girl In Town And She's Already Made Enemies. Jenny Wants To Be Friends, But Libby, The Most Popular Girl In School, Has Put The Hex On Sabrina. And Libby's Friends Won't Give Her The Time Of Day. Thank Heavens For Harvey! He's Really Special. And He Seems To Think Sabrina Is, Too.

It's Almost Enough To Convince Sabrina That Everything Will Be OK. Then Her Aunts Tell Her The Terrible Truth: She's A Witch! There's No Doubt About It When She Wishes Dead Frogs Back To Life In Biology Lab! But Not Even Her Newfound Powers Can Help Her When Libby Asks Harvey To The Dance -- And He Says "Yes!" What's A Witch To Do? Nostalgic fun. The writing was detailed which was great for recreating the scenes from the show (this is a novelization of the first episode and the man dough episode), but was sometimes annoying when describing the characters' thoughts and actions. Sabrina 4 lyfe. I can remember reading several books by Weiss as a kid, mostly in the The Secret World of Alex Mack Series. I hadn't read any of their work in a while so I figured I'd buy a copy of this one.

I can't say that I really enjoyed this book; it was just a synopsis of the pilot episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, written with choppy sentences and not much detail. Unless you've already watched the show, it's difficult to know who the characters are. Sabrina herself is spoiled, lazy and entitled, whining about every little problem and drowning in selfpity, even though her problems are ones that almost every kid has on their first day of high school. Sabrina, newly living with her weird aunts Hilda and Zelda after the splitup of her parents, discovers she's a witch on her sixteenth birthday. But new witches don't necessarily control their powers very well, and Sabrina gets in trouble bringing dead creatures back to life, turning people into pineapples, levitating in her sleep, and so on. At least a boy at her new school likes her. Or does he? Can nothing go right?

I never watched this show so I guess I'm probably not the audience for it, but I found the entire thing embarrassing. I've never liked stories in which a person creates havoc with magic and then can't do anything about it except cringe, and that's basically what happened here throughout the story, but what's worse is the cutesy portrayal of the witches' society and the frustratingly simplistic happily ever after wrapups (though that may be just because it was designed to fit into a halfhour show). Characters like Sabrina are frequently very passive as wellthings just happen to them and then they have to dealand everything that's played for laughs isn't actually funny at all. (If you're wondering, I read this because I managed a children's book section and liked to know what to recommend to customers. I wouldn't recommend this.) I was utterly obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a little girl.

Yeah, I realise I could have spent all that time reading more worthy novels, but what can you do? I adored Sabrina. From grade 47, I religiously followed the tv show and read all the books like the bible (ironically, I never really read the bibleand I went to a Catholic school).

Anyway, I tossed up whether to actually add the series to my goodreads, and in the end decided that they were a huge part of my lifecraptastic reading or notso in they go. The 1996 TV show was funnier than this book, but maybe I should read the second book to be sure if I like the book series. Besides, I found some outfits I liked:

pg. 27: tan slacks and black shirt with gold snowflake print (Sabrina)

pg. 60: tight denim vest, black long sleeved shirt, and pastel floral print skirt (Hilda)

pg. 120: black dress with blue midriff (Sabrina)

pg. 130131: long gray zipup vest, black sweatshirt, and jeans (Harvey) Holla back to the 90's! This TV tiein is funny, charming and adorable, and I love how much Sabrina matures in the story and learns about her powers. Great for fans of Melissa Joan Hart, too.

This was a good starter book. For those of you that are a fan of the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch television show from the 90's, then you will enjoy these companion novels in this book series. I don't consider this an exact replication of the television show. However, it is a good adaptation with all of the well known and loveable characters. It has all of the comedic relief and fun magical elements. I recommend.