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Lily Ivory Is Not Your Average Witch Her Spell Casting Powers Tend To Draw Mischievous Spirits While Keeping Normal Humans At A Distance But Now Her Vintage Clothing Store Could Give Her A Chance To Make Friends In San FranciscoLily Hopes For A Normal Life When She Opens Aunt Cora S Closet With Her Magical Knack For Vintage Fashion She Can Sense Vibrations Of The Past From Clothing And Jewelry Her Store Becomes A Big HitBut When A Client Is Murdered And Children Start Disappearing From The Bay Area, Lily May Be The Only One Who Can Unravel The Crime She Tries To Keep Her Identity A Secret While Investigating, But It S Not Easy Especially Under The Spells Of Sexy Mythbuster Max Carmichael And Powerful Witch Aidan Rhodes Will Lily S Witchy Ways Be Forced Out Of The Closet

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    Now this is my kind of a paranormal novel Real people in the real world, dealing with psychic, extrasensory or paranormal abilities and entities I intend to read of this author

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    Review posted on Got Fiction I really liked this book a lot Any of my friends know I m not much for a book without romance being the key factor I am a changed woman At least for this book It is book one in the Witchcraft Mystery series and it was great Our heroine is Lily Ivory She is an incredibly powerful natural born witch who has moved around a lot in life, never really wanting to settle down But San Francisco changed her mind, and she opened up a vintage clothing shop In fact, the tagline on the cover is Love the vintage, not the ghosts. Lily has only been open about 6 weeks when a super sexy guy walks in and the bell above her door doesn t chime as he walks beneath it HmmAidan Rhodes is a male witch who wants Lily to, well he just wants Lily, we re not really sure what it is he wants We know he worked with her father, who it was implied went over to the dark side, so that s not exactly a point in Aidan s favor We know he is powerful And he left Lily with a familiar What is her new familiar not a cat, not a dog, but aGargoyle well, he s a gnome, but he looks like a gargoyle It was a cute little interchange when Aidan left the little guy with her Lily named him Oscar after Oscar the Grouchhe can turn into a pig when he wants so he can be with Lily in her shop And of course everyone loves Oscar, and he just loves the ladies.Now in the first few pages, we ve met Aidan, male witch, Oscar, new familiar, and as Lily goes to an old Victorian mansion to scope out some old lady s clothes for her shop, we meet Frances the owner of the clothes and we hear La Llorena.La Llorena is a demon According to the legend, the weeping woman was abandoned by her children s father, and the anguished mother took her children down to the water and drowned them one by one, finally flinging herself in to join them in their watery grave And now she wails for her lost babies and lures other children to their deaths so while in Fraces basement, looking over vintage clothing, both Frances and Lily hear La Llorena wailing Frances being able to hear her means she is now marked for death Thus begins the mystery, because right after they hear her, a neighborhood girl goes missing Our next big character is Max Where Aidan is described as just plain beautiful, Max is likened to a battle weary medieval knight who had just removed his armor He comes into the shop looking for some herbs to help him in his quest to see a ghostbut Lily recognizes the name of his tour guide, and tells him not to go with the guy he s a fraud Surprisingly Max knows that Max is planning on busting the guy But when Lily hears they are going out into the bay for their ghost hunting expedition, she pleads with Max not to go But how do you convince a man you just met that there s a demon in the water Meanwhile Lily wants to get the missing neighborhood girl back from La Llorena, but she needs Aidan s help, and the help of all of her new friends.This book has the beginnings of a great love triangle, some quirky characters from Oscar the pig gargoyle, to Bronwyn who s part of the local coven, to the neighboring merchant Sandra who I soo thought was the villain of the piece , and to Frances herself not being what she seems A fun mystery with an Urban Fantasy feel, and a character who sounds like someone I d like to know, a solid 4 star book for any paranormal mystery UF lover.http

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    THIS IS NOT A COZY MYSTERYPuh lease If you have demons, evil spirits who drags anyone into the water and creepy houses, that means the book is not cozy If the heroine is a teenager, this would have been a YA thriller It s not a bad book though It s fun and totally easy to read Just don t expect this to be a cozy read because you ll be disappointed.

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    The Five W s of the Cozy Mystery ReviewWho is the protagonist Lily Ivory, practicing witch and shopkeeper of Aunt Cora s Closet , a vintage clothing storeWhat is the premise of the story Children have been disappearing, and the dreaded La Llorona might be to blameWhere does the story take place The San Francisco Bay areaWhen does the story take place present dayWhy does the protagonist become involved Can t tellmight give too much away Cozies are ridiculous, but totally fun, especially if the main character is likeable, which he she really must be to keep the series flowing I wasn t too into the idea of witchcraft and the paranormal mystery has never really appealed to me, but I like Lily and her struggles with trying to fit in, make friends, and lead a normal life I definitely plan on continuing the series, which is huge for me and the cozy

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    Currently reading in prep for recording what a delightful little series

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    i m pretty lucky with my books choices lately and this book was just perfect for a light reading basically, anything with, murder, female leads, and everything about magic are my auto buy The story started when Lily Ivory moves to a new town in San Fransisco because of some sign from a parrot Yep, a parrot Lily is a witch, and she was determined to make some new friend in her new town To get her life together, she opens a vintage store called Aunt Cora Closet Everything seem pretty good, when suddenly, her store is visited by a male witch who gave her a familiar, some kind of spirit animals for witch Not long after that, she found her client is murdered and a few people in her town is missing one by one She needs to reveal whats going on without revealing her trueself to everyone Not everyone will be pleased to have a witch in their town Juliet Blackwell is great at bringing her reader to attached to her books She can described the ambience of the store, the town, the situation without being over descriptive, which is a good thing for me The character are all very likeable and some are unique type of characters I will definitely read the next book and you should to.

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    Cute paranormal mystery I enjoyed this I listened to it as an audiobook and it s narrated by Xe Sands who has the most wonderful, easy to listen to voice The story introduces us to Lily Ivory A twenty something witch and vintage clothing expert and store owner Funnily enough, I actually have a bit of a thing for vintage clothing and period costumery myself There s this wonderful Facebook page I follow called Au fil des passions to get my daily fix It has photos of dresses, accessories and corsetry, etc from various history museums honestly, the attention to detail when you consider so much of it was done by hand is astonishing as well as elaborate modern day designs and famous Hollywood movie costumes If you have any interest in clothing as art, as I do, you should check it out Anyway, I digress sorry Lily not only sells the clothes and has a keen eye for recommending and obtaining them, but I loved the fact that she also wears them herself in her day to day life From 1960s polka dot wiggle dresses to 1940s shirt dresses She reminded me an awful lot of the character Melinda Gordon from the T.V show Ghost Whisperer, actually Just swap antique shop for vintage clothing and Ghost whisperer for Witch, and you ve pretty much got Lily Ivory She also has that same quiet yet strangely endearing personality She sweet She s likeable She s intelligent She s attractive And I think she might turn out to be quite a talented witch too once we get to know her .A lot of this book was introduction There s obviously to come in terms of why Lily is not with a witch Coven and what happened in her past, etc She meets a couple of interesting male characters in this book that make me intrigued about future romantic subplots Although, I m not certain either one of them is ideal for Lily Both could lead to heartache for different reasonsThe plot follows a missing girl who is believed to have been taken by a water demon called La Llorona The mystery plot wasn t exactly fast paced it was perhaps a little sedate for my tastes, but I understand a lot of time had to be devoted to set up and establishing characters.I did love Oscar her new goblin familiar pig He was adorable I love it when they have an animal or some kind of small supernatural creature as a sidekick I ll definitely check out the next one the next time I want a relaxing, enjoyable audio experience.3 Stars

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    Don t know why I love these short little reads from authors most folks have never heard of, but I absolutely adore them This one is a fun, quick read about a vintage clothing store owner, Lily Ivory, who has certain, shall we say, gifts when it comes to her merchandise She senses the emotions and memories within the items, good or bad, that she finds for her clothing store She runs the store with her aunt and meets quite a few very unique people along the way in this first in a series by Juliet Blackwell.Lily doesn t know her gift in inherited in her dna and not just something she learned at her family s knee as she grew to adulthood she doesn t know she s been raised and trained by witches in her family, just loving family members she isn t aware that she is a witch, only someone who s doing what she does best, which is finding quality vintage clothing with a history that often leads her into a bit of trouble now and then Such a fun read Any fan of say Madelyn Alt, Shirley Damsgaard or Annette Blair will equally enjoy these books in this series.

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    Loved this book and can t wait to get my hands on the rest of the series.

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    Secondhand Spirits is the first in the Witchcraft Mysteries series by Juliet Blackwell The series centers on Lily Ivory, a natural witch who has traveled the world looking for a place to belong, and finds it in the eccentric Haight Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco She owns a vintage clothing shop, and her magical abilities help her in her business by allowing her to sense something of the history of a garment and thereby match it with the right customer In Secondhand Spirits, Lily purchases a hoard of clothing from an old woman, Frances Potts, and soon becomes embroiled in a mystery involving Mrs Potts, a missing child, and the eerie legend of La Llorona Lily risks her new found acceptance and security by using her witchcraft to try to save the day.Juliet Blackwell has done her research into witchcraft, both the Wiccan sort and the folkloric variety that was so feared in the Middle Ages Both of them exist here Lily, as a natural witch, has power beyond that of ordinary humans and possesses the traits witches were once rud to have for example, she can t cry Her friend Bronwyn is a Wiccan witch, who worships the Goddess and follows Wiccan principles but is much limited in her power The spells in the book are based on real practices from history and from the present day Secondhand Spirits gets off to a bit of a slow start the early chapters spend a lot of time establishing Lily s character and the way her magic works, and fleshing out the neighborhood and the ambiance of Lily s shop This is both a positive and a negative It does slow the story down somewhat, but it s also quite charming and gives us something to come back for in future books If you read a lot of cozy mysteries, you ve probably experienced this phenomenon it s the mystery itself that keeps you turning pages in each individual book, but likable characters and a memorable setting are what keep you coming back to the same series next time you want a mystery fix When the mystery does get rolling, it s both spooky and poignant though there s one aspect of it that s far too easy to guess because someone s name is too obvious There s a hint of romance, too, or at least potential for future romance Lily meets two intriguing men, one of whom she s not sure is trustworthy and the other of whom thinks witchcraft is bunk sparks fly I m especially fond of the mythbuster If Secondhand Spirits sounds appealing to you, you can t go wrong with Tantor Audio s production, narrated by Xe Sands Sands has a smooth, compelling voice that seems to curl around you as she speaks, or that makes you want to curl up for storytime For Lily, born in Texas, she has a slight Southern accent that is just enough to notice without being distracting from the story Her secondary character voices are terrific too I should especially mention how funny she is in her portrayal of the gushing Bronwyn, and how utterly adorable she makes Lily s familiar, Oscar If you like cozy mysteries with a magical twist Shirley Damsgaard s Ophelia and Abby, for example Juliet Blackwell s Witchcraft Mysteries are definitely worth your time This first book has a few flaws but is a great deal of fun and I ll definitely be back for .